National 24 Hour Time Trial

On 20 July I am competing in the 24 Hour Time Trial. It’s the only official event of it’s type in the UK, and it’s been organised by the Mersey Roads Club since 1937. I’ve wanted to do it for several years, but the odd crash and related health challenges means I’m doing it at the age of 56 ‚though I’m not the oldest competing, by any means. I think I’m the first current or past GS Avanti member to do it, so I will hold the club record for a bit😊.

I hope to smash my Age Target of 332 miles/531km , though my first objective is to still be riding 24 hours in. My other objective is to raise finds for the 25 year old son of a great friend of mine. Craig was a competitive outdoors sportsman until, a year ago, he was paralysed chest down following a near fatal accident on his bike. We are looking to fund a specially built off-road hand bike for him. You can see a lot more detail about his story on my just giving page –

At the event I have a three strong support team that includes fellow members Sam Dorkings and Lee Staples. The 24 Hour is impossible without dedicated support. A few facts:

  • There are 100 entrants. It includes the elite of endurance cycling, such as Michael Broadwith who smashed the LEJOG record.
  • I’m the 13th oldest competing, but there are several over 70 (so I have a few more years to hone my skills).
  • Assuming I finish (many don’t) I will use up 18,000+ of calories. Feeding while on the bike is one of the major challenges. You can’t do that just with gels.
  • I am doing this as part of an established Endurance Challenge. I will also be doing a 100mile TT (crashed at last one!) and a 12 hour. I did 220 miles in a 12 hour last year (with Rob G also competing). My aim is to finish in the top 15 nationally under the Veteran Handicap.
  • The current CTT competition record sits with Andy Wilkinson from 2011 – at 541.17 miles (different course). The course record is held by Michael Broadwith at 537.35 miles.
  • Weather plays a big part. The winner in 2014 did 482.92 miles.
  • Full start list and results will be posted here

You will be able to follow my progress on my twitter account – please follow – @DieselDines!

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