How to Join

New members can join GS Avanti and existing members can renew their membership through Rider HQ.

The first year’s fee is £47 and includes a fantastic club jersey.

Once you are signed up via RiderHQ – please email the admin team – and a new account will be created for you on our Discord server and you will be notified within a few days.

Thereafter renewal costs just £32 per year and is paid by Direct Debit.

We have three minimum requirements before you can join:

    1. All riders must be over the age of 18.
    2. Third party Liability insurance is now a common requirement of many cycling clubs. The purpose is to provide both you and other members of the club with protection in the unlikely event that you cause an accident. All members are required to have third party liability insurance provided by individual membership of either British Cycling or Cycling UK.  British Cycling offers a discounted rate for the first year of membership with up to 20 off.
    3. All members need to agree to our Club Rules. In particular, please be aware that all members must volunteer to help out with at least one club event each year. There are opportunities to help out at a time trial event or local road race.It is great fun and very rewarding to be involved.

Feel free to contact our Membership Secretary if you have any questions.

Renwal instructions

  • Login to your RiderHQ accounts using the following link
  • Under memberships click on GS Avanti CC, this will take you to your ‘Membership’ page.
  • Under the expires on date you will see RENEW MEMBERSHIP , click on this text.
  • Click the RENEW button, this will take to you the ‘Extend Membership’ page.
  • Review all membership details and update if necessary. The expiry date of your insurance will need to be updated.
  • Ensure you answer “Are you joining GS Avanti for the first time correctly?” correctly.
  • You will notice the Auto renew tick box will be selected, this will trigger the Direct Debit set up process.
  • Click the Extend button, this will take you to ‘Your Basket’. Click on ‘Pay by Direct Debit’
  • A Direct Debit set up form will appear, check your details and add your sort code and account number.
  • Once complete click Continue
  • The Direct Debit will not be set up, this will take a couple of days, once complete you will receive an email,  the money will be taken from your account and your membership will be renewed.