Club Rules


Each rider understands and agrees that they participate in Club rides and events entirely at their own risk, that they must rely on their own ability in dealing with all hazards and that they must behave in a manner that is safe for all others and themselves. They are aware that when riding on the public highway, they must observe the rules of the Highway Code. They agree that no liability whatsoever shall attach to any Member or Official of GS Avanti in respect of any injury or damage suffered by them, or any third party, or by reason of any event, however caused.

The wearing of HELMETS is COMPULSORY on all Club Rides

The club is affiliated to British Cycling. This affiliation provide third party public liability insurance for the club and everyone representing the club in some capacity. This includes officers of the club and, for example, ride leaders on club rides. However, this affiliations does not provide the same benefits at an individual level. All members are required to have their own third party liability insurance. A popular way of obtaining this cover is to join British Cycling as a member.


1. Club Identity

a. The cycling club shall be known as GS Avanti, (hereinafter to be referred to as “the Club”)
b. The Club colours shall be blue, red and white, in accordance with the design adopted at the 2015 Annual General Meeting.

2. Objectives

The objectives of the Club shall be:
a. To promote participation in cycling within the local community by coordinating cycling activities for Club members.
b. To support the development of Club members by providing training and coaching.
c. To organise teams to represent the Club in regional leagues and other such events.
d. The Club shall cater for the following cycling disciplines: Road cycling, Time Trials, Road Racing and Mountain biking.
e. The Club shall seek to be affiliated to national and regional cycling bodies as the Committee consider appropriate in order to carry out the objectives of the Club.

3. Membership

a. Membership of the Club shall be open to all adult members of the community regardless of sex, age, disability, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, religion or other beliefs. Children under the age of 18 attending cycling activities must be accompanied by their parent or guardian who must be a club member and will be entirely responsible for them.
b. All Members will be subject to the Rules of the Club and by joining GS Avanti will be deemed to accept these regulations and codes of conduct that the Club has adopted.
c. There shall be one class of membership which will apply to all members.
d. Applications for membership must be via the Club’s official on-line membership system and are subject to the approval of a designated club official.
e. Club membership renewal will be effective from the anniversary of original application. Any member who has not renewed their subscription fee within two months of their renewal date shall be deemed to have resigned.
f. Members will be required to have third party insurance. Details of this membership may be required when applying or renewing club membership on line.
g. Any allegation that a Club member is acting in a manner objectionable or prejudicial to the interests of the Club will be considered at a Committee meeting at which the member who is the subject of the allegation can attend with any person or persons who can contribute to the Committee a full understanding of the circumstances of the allegation.
h. The Committee have the power to suspend or expel any member for acting in a manner objectionable or prejudicial to the interests of the Club, but such member shall have the right of appeal to an extraordinary general meeting on payment in advance of the expenses incurred in calling and holding the meeting, such payment to be refunded if the Committee decide the matter is not upheld.

4. Committee

a. Subject to these Rules the Committee shall have responsibility for the management of the Club, its funds and affairs.
b. The committee shall consist of the Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary who shall be officers of the Club, together with a maximum of ten other members.  In addition various Club members may take on responsibilities for organising club activities in line with the objectives of the Club and will attend Committee meetings to report on these events.
c. The Committee will have the power to fill any position that may fall vacant during the year;
d. The Committee shall have the power to establish any Sub-Committee deemed appropriate to assist in meeting the objectives of the Club, and to delegate such duties that are deemed appropriate.

5. Committee Meetings

a. Five members shall constitute a quorum at Committee meetings. One of whom will be the Chair or Acting Chair.
b. The Club will hold regular Committee meetings which shall meet at least once every two months. The Club Chairperson will officiate at meetings however, in his absence the Chair will be elected from those present.
c. Decisions shall be agreed by a majority of those voting.
d. Minutes of all Club meetings shall be taken by the Club Secretary, or delegate and distributed to the full membership within one week of the next meeting.

6. Annual General Meeting (AGM)

a. An annual general meeting shall be held in January/February each year. At each AGM;
b. The members will elect Club Officers, Committee Members and an Honorary Examiner to serve until the next AGM.
c. The Treasurer will present accounts of the club for the latest financial year for formal approval.
d. The Chairperson will present a report of the Club’s activities since the last AGM.
e. Consider proposals submitted by the Committee or by any other member.
f. Approve an estimate of Club expenditure for the coming year.
g. Proposals submitted by members shall have been seconded by another Club member prior to submission to the Secretary.
h. Resolution will be passed by a majority of those present.

7. Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM)

a. An extraordinary general meeting (EGM) may be summoned at any time by the Committee or by a requisition signed by not less than 15 Members. The EGM shall be called by the Secretary within 14 days of a request from the Committee. Such an EGM shall be held on not less than 28 days’ notice at a place decided upon by the Committee.

8. Finance

a. The financial year of the Club shall end on 31st December each year.
b. All funds belonging to the Club shall be deposited with a bank in the name of the Club. All accounts shall operate on two signatories, one of whom will be the Treasurer and the other either the Chairperson or Secretary.
c. The Treasurer has discretion to approve expenditure in excess of approved budgets up to a total of £300 if deemed to be in line with previous approved objectives. Written approval from two Committee Members, one of whom should be an officer will also be required.
d. The Committee have the power to appoint Budget Owners who will be responsible for spending an agreed sum of money in order to meet assigned objectives .
e. Budget Owners are not authorised to  commit club resources in excess of their budget without prior authorisation from the Treasurer.
f. Budget Owners are required to provide receipts for all expenditure. Prior approval is required from the Committee in any instance where a receipt cannnot be provided.
g. No member of the Club shall have the authority to pledge the credit of the Club, or incur any liability whatsoever, without the previous authorization of the Committee.

9. Winding up the club

a. An EGM shall be arranged in order for Club Members to vote on a motion to wind up the club.
b. A vote to wind up the Club will pass if more than three quarters of those present support a motion to wind up the club.
c. The Committee will have responsibility for the orderly winding up of the Club’s affairs.  After settling all liabilities of the Club, the Committee shall dispose of the net assets remaining to either a registered charity or another Cycling Club with similar purposes which is CASC registered.

10. Alterations to the Constitution

a. The Constitution may be altered but only by a resolution passed by two-thirds of the votes cast at an AGM or an EGM called for that purpose.