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  • In attendance for the G2 ride today were HamishB, SimonH, GaryP, SamD, yours truly and a guess appearance from a masked
    man who bore a striking physical resemblance to MartinR. It was the fluoro yellow and pink overshoes that gave him away. After a bit of chat confirming that Martin wasn’t needed on the set of the latest Lone Ranger movie or…[Read more]

  • Sun G3 – I think we had the following start off for another Alan special route to Lingfield and the lovely Red Rum cafe: Sadie B, Simon (no mudguards and dodgy gears) L, Alan E, Jo S-S, Russ K, Wasiq R, Ken I and me. Carl B caught up at the cafe and did some of the return route with us before peeling off to visit his sister. The route took us out…[Read more]

  • Thanks Nick for the route and write up. The second, I’m guessing slightly slower group, had a good ride too without too much incident until not far from home Martin had a puncture. It was quickly repaired though, despite the nasty thing that caused it not wanting to be removed from the tyre, and we were on our way. Apologies no-one stopped for c…[Read more]

  • The early Saturday ride met before the rain, but that “better than forecast” reality wasn’t to last !

    Ten in total, two groups, and off we went

    Group one on the road were John C, Andy Mc, Simon V, Sam D and Me

    Second away from the G we had Alistair W, Claire C, Martin D, Tom S and Claire W

    On a significantly different route to last week (err),…[Read more]

  • Yup eventful ride today. Simon’s stuntman-like roll over the back of the Skoda the highlight, he almost managed to roll back onto the bike and keep going, but bike and rider ok so that’s the main thing. Enjoyed a quick expresso at the top of Ide Hill with a quick gel and no other main stops until lunch at Poppies at the end of the ride. See…[Read more]

  • The G2 Cowden Loop should have been called the Simon Heaton show….

    At the Royal Oak I was met by Alan, a potential new member, and set about telling him a little bit about the club, the days route and his ride companions. I made a crucial error here as I stated everyone down to attend was strong and reliable…. Dave B, Hamish and Gary then…[Read more]

  • Saturday attracted nine riders this week, Tony LV, Colin P, Grant R, Steve B, John C, Andy Mc, Simon V, Julian S and Me.

    The route stuck to more established roads to avoid any possible ice after a damp and cold night. The A21 took us to Polhill as a single group, before splitting for a while to negotiate the section down to Sandridge. A closed…[Read more]

  • Dave Barker replied to the topic Club Rides. 2/3 November in the forum Club runs 1 month ago

    Avanti G2

    This weeks hooligans in attendance were MartinR, GrahamC, HamishB and yours truly. Not long after leaving we came across JohnnyE hoping to intercept the G2 group and join the fun. A welcome addition to the G2 party.

    Was a newly stitched together ride from Martin: Out via Poll Hill to Westerham, Pootings, Bough Beech, Leigh, Igtham…[Read more]

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  • G4 had a select group of 5, Ian, Chris, Dave, Steve and Alethia, on a cold but bright ride out to the Gravesend Cyclopark. I was the designated leader but I had heavy legs after a week in Mallorca so the leading was shared by all. The ride out avoided my usual narrow lanes around New Ash Green as we expected them to be wet and muddy so we took the…[Read more]

  • Avanti G2

    The Avanti G2 assembled mob handed at the G. This weeks gangsters in attendance were MartinR official ride leader, HamishB acting assistant deputy ride leader, SimonH recently back from holiday in Greece while we all suffered here in the rain (jealous) and AndrewS showcasing his new Colnago super bike acquired from a race team in…[Read more]

  • Missing the rugby with me this week were Claire C, Alistair W, Simon V and Grant R.
    After the recent rain and some heavy winds we dodged the narrower lanes and bigger hills for a speedy loop on some more established roads.

    A21 to Polhill, down to Sundridge and up to Ide hill got us started, before the descent to Bough Beech. The strong winds were…[Read more]

  • Thanks for the story of Saturday Claire, and well done for getting out today too.

  • Sun G3 – another lovely dry day for cycling, if a slight nip in the air. A good turn out today at the ‘G’ – 2 x Simon, 2 x Keith, Andy, Carl (who chased us down after having early mudguard issues) and me. On our return journey we also picked up Alan. Another lovely Alan route today took us out via Ide Hill, Chiddingstone, up to Chiddingstone…[Read more]

  • Sat ride – the England v Australia rugby was obviously too strong an attraction for a number of Avanti riders today! But 5 dedicated riders were out for the Sat morning hills around Kent – Nick P, Simon V, Colin P, Alastair W and me. A nice route was set by Nick which took us up Rushmore, down Star, through Dunton Green and onto Ide Hill via Back…[Read more]

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  • Sun G3 – 7 started on our trip to ‘Magic Lane’ and teapot: Carl B, Tony LeV, Toby M, Keith C, Rebecca W, Ian G and me. Yet another great route set by our ‘coach’ Alan. We all dutifully followed it out to Plaxtol and on to the nice flatlands beyond. A good 65’ish km of riding before we got to our cafe stop at Teapot Island. So far so good in t…[Read more]

  • G2 had four takers today with Gary, Hamish and Dave joining me at the G. 50% saw fit to add mudguards to their steed, Dave made a half arsed effort with a rear only, while Gary was trying to convince us it was a dry ride as he smashed his way through the puddles up Cudham Lane. His argument would have been more convincing had he not been the only…[Read more]

  • What a difference a week makes…..

    Just five at the G for this week’s instalment. Colin P, Andy Mc, Simon V John C and myself.
    We were all sporting “the rain is coming” mudguards, but in the end it wasn’t too bad as we beat the weather and escaped with just damp conditions.

    As a group there was a resolve to get round ahead of the expected rain,…[Read more]

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