• Steve Rodgers posted an update in the group Group logo of Club ChatClub Chat 1 year, 5 months ago

    is anyone actually making use of the groups on here?
    We’ve started to used WhatsApp groups to communicate about the various groups of activity so it’s not really used here.
    So just this club chat feature remains – I’m proposing we drop the group chat features completely from the site and move to WhatsApp groups – where we’ll post links to them on the forum.

    • I’m also suggesting that posts that would normally go here, go into the forum…

    • If I understand correctly, we would have one general forum – club chat – with everything else on Whats App.
      I am OK with that.

    • Club chat and whatsapp gets my vote. Group, clubchats and forums seems a little overkill/confusing. “Make things as simple as possible, but not simpler” 🙂

    • WhatsApp sounds good to me- how do I get an invite to join the group(s)?

    • My preference would be that it is kept on the website, accessible for all via a browser rather than hidden behind a tech wall. This means that people with dumb/windows phones or don’t agree to the WhatsApp T&Cs/permissions can still see club related conversation. As an alternative is there any way of making these WhatsApp conversation viewable (without being able to contribute of coues) via the club website?

    • I agree with Johnny, I don’t think we should limit ourselves to Whatsapp (however I do like the convenience off it). But I guess as long as we have club chat on the website – groups could go. Regarding having whatsapp viewable, they haven’t release there API I don’t think so you can’t have a stream on here like you could do for twitter.

    • The only real concern I have is how its used. If we have one group then we’d all see chats not necessarily directed at us but if we have multiple groups people would need to be very disciplined to ensure they kept on topic for each group. I think most communication is already happening outside of Club Chat and going by the response times for all Club Chat groups here we could have posted letters to each other faster. I’m up for using apps that are free and instant.

    • I propose we keep the current forums, strip away some of the noise, make the forum updates more visible on the home page if logged-in – a bit like the club chat area. And then drop club chat in favour of whatsapp groups for instant comms.

    • glad to see people are reading and responding 🙂 7 out of 160+ members

    • Sounds good to me Steve. For me it just has to be “in your face” without having to look around or figure out if there is anything new. So a list of current forum topics on the home page (like now), showing and ordered by the latest message timestamp? For key forums we could make them sticky and appear at the top, but we probably wouldn’t want too many sticky ones as they might become “noise” as well, meaning you might miss an update.

      For chat (adhoc/last minute/banter) like the Tuesday night ride, whatsapp works well. It’s useful but optional. The main event on the website can be used as it is now for attendance and key messages that all need to see for the event.

    • I think it’s worth sorting one way or another – it’s becoming difficult to know where my online relationship with other club members sit. Forums? Strava? What’s App? Email? Club Chat? Facebook? Other communities have the same challenges, so we are not alone.
      For me, it’s getting the balance between visibility to all (members and non members) and ensuring relevance. I think the website is great for club news, story telling (really important and fairly useless on whats app, strava!) and perhaps a single comment/chat stream. Personally I like whats app when it’s really focused – great for club ride groups, TT info and so on. People switch off when they go off topic though. The other challenge with whats app is it can feel very cliquey – so, think we need to make access very visible indeed.
      So for me, keeping up the good work with the site, coupled with a very accessible set of whats app groups is probably as a good a route as any.

    • I’ve removed the forum feature for groups on here.
      I’m discussing with our website designers removing the groups completely – including this club chat group – and making the forum contents more visible.
      Gathering list of WhatsApp groups and ideas for more:

    • I’ve just made several of the forums private so you need to be logged-in to see anything other than the club runs and race news forums.