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    Anyone entering the ballot for the Fred Whitton? Ballot open now until Sunday 22nd Jan and places should be notified the week after. Event date is Sunday 7th May. You only get charged if you get a place so no downside to registering. Registration link:

    • That’s a mahoosive ride! 4,000 meters – mentioned it to our resident mile muncher Sefi and he said he’ll never do it again! (UK heatwave syndrome). Downside is as entry is a lottery I wouldn’t do it on my own as it’s a furking big drive! Might be something better to organize perhaps as a club trip which would be great – drive up Friday night – ride Sat return Sunday?

    • Yeah it is big, a few hill reps on Carter’s required beforehand! You can enter the ballot in groups of up to four. Then either all of you get in or none of you do. You up for that? It’s a must do event and none of us are getting any younger!

    • If we can enter as musketeers “all for one and one for all’ then I’d be interested. I did a similar ride off-road called the lakeland loop – so tarmac appeals ; )

    • I wouldn’t do it – the Hardknott is hard enough when the road is quiet – but with 1000s of people scrabbling and weaving up it on foot it’d be a nightmare.
      You can do a Fred Whitton any time of the year with an official timing doodah – I’d much rather do that.

    • Its a bit if an icon so well worth the effort. Definitely compact chain sets given the last 2 hills are 25%+. Lots of folk walking or crying!!! If you need someone to make a team of 4 up please add me in and happy to help with organising and driving etc.

    • Good luck chaps! I rode it 2015 and am with Sefi. Hair raising descents in the rain with a lot of sheep sh*t equalled a fair few nasty prangs. No sitting on your top tube down these Richard S!

    • Hmm – like I mentioned to Rich and backed up by Steve perhaps a good one to organise a club outing to?

    • Could be a good idea to do a club trip on a date other than the 7th. May make logistics easier – drive up Fri afternoon/evening, ride Sat, recovery beers and food Sat night (nightclub for Graham), then drive home Sunday. Will definitely make finding accommodation less of a challenge too as presumably will be rammed on the actual weekend. Let’s continue to canvass interest and make the call. So far I think we have Graham, Colin and me – please anyone else who’s interested let me know. Would be nice to have a big group and make our own event out of it.

    • I am out, Iā€™d rather have my head blown apart by a 12 bore shotgun for fun than climb the double bill Hardknott Pass and Wrynose for the 3rd time!

    • I would be up for the challenge but only as a separate club trip as I am sure other more mellow majestic riders would be and those who don’t mind being half an hour behind you. Agree with the points you make Richard on the logistics. If you’re canvassing for votes to form other groups – would be interested , most def.