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    Garmin vs Wahoo?
    My Garmin 800 came off my bike on Friday and got squashed by an HGV that was behind. I’m now debating Wahoo (e.g. Elemnt Bolt – £175) or Garmin (e.g. 520 (£170) or 520 Plus (£250)). I was actually edging moving away from Garmin and over to Wahoo because I like the idea that you can configure the entire device from a smartphone app and I don’t have to spend ages configuring pages/fields on the device (or delving into a gazillion unintuitive sub-menus) like Garmin. The only downside I see to the Wahoo devices at the moment is lack of support for 3rd party apps that Garmin offers via Garmin/Connect IQ. The other curveball I’ve got is a friend at work has offered to sell me his Garmin 1000 for £150. He downsized from the 1000 to an 820 as his TT rig didn’t fit his 1000… Thoughts on Garmin vs Wahoo and whether the Garmin 1000 is a steal at £150 regardless.

    • I moved from the 520 to the Bolt – it’s great. Charge lasts well, maps are faster and the integration with ridewithgps and strava is superb. The main downside is having to adjust or replace all of your garmin mounts on your bikes.

    • Thanks Steve. Yup, very tempted by the Bolt. Will be a shame to have to replace mounts but not a massive issue. Just not sure if the Garmin Edge 1000 at £150 is a steal vs the Bolt though.

    • My Edge 1000 has come off my bike twice now with no real reason and so is now partially damaged. Given your experience too I’d be wary of these larger Garmins tbh. I know if mine comes off and gets squashed I won’t be getting another.

    • You can get a safety string on the Garmin I believe. A bit like a wrist strap on a compact camera.

      £150 on a 1000 does sound like a steal if it is in good condition. I too keep returning to the Wahoo v Garmin debate, currently been using the 810 for ages. I agree with the menus on Garmin, they are a bit hideous, are the newer ones any better?

    • This is quite a comprehensive discussion on this subject (Garmin 520/820/1000 vs Wahoo Element):

    • This is quite a comprehensive discussion on this subject (Garmin 520/820/1000 vs Wahoo Element):

    • This is quite a comprehensive discussion on this subject (Garmin 520/820/1000 vs Wahoo Element):

    • Dc rainmaker is always good for stuff like this. I switched to a bolt a few months ago and would never go back. Better battery, more intuitive setup of data fields, great integration with strava, training peaks, maps work and load well. I know nothing of the 1000, might be amazing.

    • Thanks all who responded. In the end I went for the Wahoo Bolt. If anyone’s interested to know how I get on flipping from Garmin to Wahoo I can report back in the coming weeks.

      @grant-rendle Good shout re: the safety string, might be something for me to look into going forward. Indeed £150 for a Garmin Edge 1000 is a good deal and actually cheaper than a brand new Wahoo Bolt. However, for me the concept of being able to completely configure the Wahoo Bolt via the Smart Phone app did it for me along with it being a lot smaller than the Edge 1000. The guy who is selling it downgraded/scaled from his 1000 to an 820 because it didn’t fit between his TT bars and I don’t want to end-up in the same situation when I eventually get back to TT’s.

      @sasura-marsas Thanks Marek, the Wahoo Elemnt is different dimension-wise to the Wahoo Bolt. The bolt is like a 520 whereas the Wahoo Elemnt I believe is more akin to a 1000 in size. Also, the thread is quite old (2016) and the Wahoo devices have *tons* more features now (via firmware/software upgrades).

      @richwilson Good shout. I read through a fair bit of the DC Rainmaker posts and it really was a very close thing between the Edge 520 and the Wahoo Bolt. Per above, the idea of configuring my device completely via the smart app won me over in the end. Also, Garmin software can be quite flakey despite having more functionality. The Wahoo devices just seem ‘to work’.

      Will see how it goes!

    • Lastly… if anyone *is* interested in a Garmin Edge 1000 for £150 I can put you in contact with my work colleague. It’s apparently in very good nick, never been dropped etc. Doesn’t come with any sensors, just the head unit.