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  • The early Saturday ride attracted 15 this week, with Hubbards clearly being the big draw.

    The group split sent six off first, with nine preferring to dodge what I understand was perceived to be a faster group.

    The six were Dave B, Adam D, Simon V, Julian S, Russ K and myself. Sorry but I can’t now recall the remaining nine.

    I’m not sure but a…[Read more]

  • Eight gathered for a windy adventure in the local tree lined lanes. At the G this morning we’re Claire C, Ashley P, Steve B, Jim N, John C, Will T, Andy Mc and Me.
    We set off straight up Old Hill (very popular), but that pain lead to the gain as we made our way up to Downe and on to Shampan dodging the worst of the wind.

    Turning left at S…[Read more]

  • The Early Saturday Ride attracted 16 riders this morning, drawn to the G by the flattish route and the promise of some early Spring sunshine no doubt.

    Group One – John C, Andy Mc, Simon V, Russ K, Neale N, Julian S, Ed W and Me

    Group Two – Steve B, Tom S, Claire W, Claire C, Jamie L, Grant R, Rob G (Briefly I understand ?), and one other ???…[Read more]

  • The early Saturday ride riders were not put off by the wind or the hilly route this week, with 12 arriving.

    Group selection was fought over to be in a slow group or a slower group, with the attendees split as follows…..

    Neale N, Dave B, Chris M, Will T, Simon V, Jamie L

    Ashley P, Darryl H, John C, Steve B, Tom S and myself

    In the end there…[Read more]

  • 18 arrived for the Saturday ride, an amazing turnout once again, and necessitating three groups on the road.

    There were too many to mention by name, but in bunches of six we set off. First away was a group lead by Adam D, then my six, with Claire C leading the final group away.

    The route was hilly, and started up Cudham lane before dropping down…[Read more]

  • Early Saturday Ride.

    Two groups again, quite remarkable this week given just how cold it was.

    Off we went along the A21 to Polhill, then down to Otford. A quick bonus run up Pilgrims Way
    was taken by four of us, while Claire C was providing brilliant support of new member Stephen, who was finding his way back onto the bike after a recent knee…[Read more]

  • The Saturday rides finished 2018 with a re-run of a route first ridden on NYE 2016. It’s a hilly adventure, but still 12 arrived at the G keen to tackle it (and the extra kilo or two round now sitting around the waistband).

    Additionally, a second Saturday ride was meeting, with Claire W, Mick C, David H plus Mr S and Mrs S Parker heading out for…[Read more]

  • The chilly weather forecast hit the numbers attending the early Saturday ride this week. A hardy six assembled at the G , Claire C, Simons V and K, Steve B , Tom S and Me.

    The route was changed to a Saturday friendly 40 mile version of the winter gritting route. In the end , whilst cold, the conditions were okay with the roads being dry and few…[Read more]

  • The attendees this morning just about stretched to plural, with Andy Mc and Neale N joining me in the rain at the G.

    Our route for the day took us along as many tree lined lanes as possible in an attempt to defuse the rain and provide a degree of protection. It was never going to keep us dry, but maybe it helped a little. What it did do however,…[Read more]

  • Apologies Chris, you did of course join us just after we’d met with Mick and Will 👍

  • Two tales to tell this sunny weekend….

    Saturday we had 11 (I think), head off for the 40 miler. Starting up Rushmore with a route across to Old Oxted, accessed by a rarely selected left turn between Oxted (new), and the end of Barrow Green Road. Do you know it ? its worth exploring.

    The ‘new” lanes meandered their way on a slight downh…[Read more]

  • Like a rose between two thorns a Saturday ride bathed in sunshine squeezed itself in-between some serious rain overnight and this afternoon. Enjoying the good weather today were Claire C, John C, Lee S, Daryl H, Steve B, Claire W, Andy Mc, Grant W, Roy and Me.

    Whilst having been fortunate enough to dodge the rain, we did however have to contend…[Read more]

  • Post your riding stories here…

  • It’sounds like a good weekend to have missed.
    I’m sure It’ll be back to glorious sunshine by this Saturday despite the forecast !

  • The house on the lorry….

  • What a lovely day, cant quite believe its the middle of October !

    15 at the G this morning, so two groups.

    Claire C, Ashley P, Neale N, Patrick N, Steve B, Martin D and Daryl H and me.

    Simon V, Andy Mc, Adam D, Grant W, Sean C, John Caine and John’s buddy Neal.

    The route today was “inspired” by the Fools Errand sportive, and had been sitti…[Read more]

  • Prior to the big Open Day, the early Saturday ride rolled out with 14 riders set to enjoy the warmth and sunshine. Sadly this morning hasn’t offered up quite so nice conditions, but I hope all who rode today have enjoyed their ride.

    Two groups were formed in short order after my late arrival at the G. With me were Simon V, Steve B, Neale N,…[Read more]

  • The early Saturday attracted 11 this morning, and there was a pretty wide spread of attire on show ranging from a rather lightweight shorts, short sleeve top and open finger glove combo, right through to leggings, thick jackets and winter gloves.
    In the end, those arriving at the G feeling slightly cold probably had it closest to “right”, as we…[Read more]

  • The early Saturday ride was attended by 17 this morning, the numbers presumably boosted by the Sunday weather forecast ?

    Two groups were formed, one of 8 and the other 9. I took the smaller, Claire Clarke the larger (thank you to Claire). The route was the deceptively hilly one that avoids any of the big hills, but rarely hits the flat.

    First…[Read more]

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