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    Hello all!
    I hope that all of you enjoy of summer cycling and you are very well. I have a plan to get new bike and I need some advice please. I have a budget about 2000/ 2600£. I mean for road bike but I need to find the best balance –
    Carbon – Alloy or 105/Ultegra, disk or no not. I pick some bikes like this :
    Cannondale SuperSix EVO Ultegra 2018
    Cannondale Synapse Carbon Disc Ultegra 2019
    Cannondale Synapse Carbon Disc 105 2018
    Giant Propel Advanced Pro 2 2018
    At the moment I use Cannondale CAADX 105 2018 with tyre 25c.
    So something light and quick 😊😊😊. Much appreciate any advice.
    All the best.
    Kind Regards!

    • Boardman works for me and a few other people have Boardman bikes. You’re not paying money for a big name, so very good value for money. Cycle Republic are the main outlet, or Halfords for the cheaper models. I got mine from Purley.

    • I’d personally check out Canyon you get a pretty decent spec bike for the money. Only problem being that you can’t test ride them unless you go to one of their events.

      I’ve got an endurace and the ride is awesome. Much better than my old Cannondale synapse.

    • Neale’s right – Boardman offer excellent value.
      One other thing to add to the mix is that there are loads of frames in the adventure/gravel format now – ie road styled but with clearance for bigger tyres. These are great options and with a setup with 1x, big tyres, disc brakes, plenty clearance for mudguards can be a do-it-all bike for winter, summer and off-road.
      Mason Bokeh 105 Hydro, Specialized Diverge, Reilly Gradient.

    • Boardman are excellent value – the higher end look like a good choice, don’t know anyone who is not pleased with their Boardman.
      Steve also makes a good point but you are already on a CAADX 105 2018 with tyre 25c (probably got clearance for bigger) so I’d say you have you cross bike/winter bike covered.
      If you are happy with your 105 then probably stay at that level and spend more on a frame, but Ultegra obviously the next step up and you sound like you want something a step up from what you have now. I see we have some good cyclist in the club on Cervelo’s, maybe you should seek them out and see what they think, the Cervelo’s are catching my eye at the moment.

    • Hello guys! Thank you so much for all the info. It is much appreciated.

    • If you want “light and quick” then stick to Carbon for the frameset. You can save a bit of cash on the groupset as there’s hardly any difference between Ultegra and 105. With you budget though, I would build my own and optimise the components for weight savings as well as quality – a lot of off-the-shelf bikes use fairly heavy bars, stems, seatposts, saddles, and of course wheelsets, and not to mention probably not sized correctly for your body. That said, if you don’t want to build there’s some decent Scott and Cervelo bikes reduced at Sigma Sport at the moment. Big savings.

    • What do you think about brakes : Disc or Rim. Obviously the aerodynamic is not very good with disk but is it a significant problem? Some one said the disc is a future. I prefer Rim but I am not sure ti is right??
      Thank you !

    • There are pros and cons 🙂
      Disc brake are the future, for sure. They can be a pain to ensure the pads are just right, but stopping power and modulation is great – especially on long, twisty descents. I hate waste and your wheels will last a lot longer if you have disc brakes – the rims won’t wear out – just the rotors. It also means issues if you have rim brakes on your older bike and want to benefit from switching wheels.
      Also – carbon clinchers are way better in disc as they don’t have to have the brake track there.
      Aerodynamics – less of a hit than you might think – you see them used a lot more in the peloton now.

    • Thank you !