• Due to very low temperature and possibility of snow there will not be a G4 Sunday ride on the 18th March. Dave B

  • G4 were well represented with 6 riders. We decided to change our destination to Brookside Garden Centre as Hadlow College had a special event and would be difficult to enter the facilities.Brian was recovering from some nasty hospital examinations, Jenny benefitted as we kept the pace quite low as some riders had not ventured out since before the…[Read more]

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    G4 to Hilden Golf went as smooth as silk.7 riders in total, fortunately no mishaps. Warm sunshine meant several of us stripped for lunch (winter jackets only) Refreshments a little delayed due to staff shortage, but we kept to the schedule as Dave in black had to get home for family lunch. No boasting from me this week as I had not recovered my…[Read more]

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    G4 will take the shorter route to Hilden Golf in order to reduce the possibility of inclement weather as currently forecast.This should give us time to return via our normal passage without getting wet.However we will make the decision on Sunday. 35 – 40 miles at usual pace. Dave B your ride leader

  • G4 to West Malling never happened, we turned at the bottom of Exedown Hill and headed for Brookside Garden Centre, the home of quick and polite service.After our excellent refreshment we headed home into the awful North biased headwind. Dave in black was in a hurry to get home for his family lunch, so none of us were silly enough to challenge him…[Read more]

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    G4 will sample the delights of Ragamuffins Menu (smile) if the weather permits. Alternative route if not. 40 miles, at correct pace. Dave B your ride leader.

  • G4 to Hadlow College Tea rooms did not disappoint. 11 starters, Jenny & Rita turned to an alternative ride as they were feeling the pace.Again the climbing was the same pace as the flat, culminating in a series of stop and goes which were unusual. However this did help Lee Powell to make contact at the cafe, to join us for ” elevenses” With this…[Read more]

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    G4 to Cyclopark proved different for one of our newer riders. Let me start at the begining. 10 of us started at the Green, two disapeared at Badgers Mount, not Jenny and Rita but Peter and Brian. We kept the pace steady this week and all arrived together at Cyclopark for refreshments.Steve Chivers spotted a new Williers cycle for sale at a very…[Read more]

  • G4 to Hilden Golf was an excellent start to 2018. Well almost – I took an incorrect left turn at Bagers Mount RAB(despite being reminded by Steve Chivers) we then passed through Shoreham Village to get back to Dunton Green. Jenny was not amused and promptly left the group at the foot of Polhill. Cutting through by The Bullfinch allowed Brian…[Read more]

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    G4 will take refreshment at Hilden Golf. If roads are frosty we will take safe route via Sevenoaks return via lanes Shipbourne, Plaxtol, Bat and Ball etc. Dave B your ride leader,40 miles, usual paace.

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    Hi Yvona, Welcome aboard to our fantastic club.Will meet you on Wednesday Night at THE MANOR at BICKLEY. You must contact me immediately as I need your menu selection by Tuesday 19th December. I have tried to email you but constantly get bounceback. My telephone number at home is 01689 835494. David Bettinson

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    G4 + G3 After Phil Hookway (G3 ride leader) had a serious mechanical at Badgers Mount RAB Andy and Keith Cooper joined us for the ride to Brookside Garden Centre. All went well until Ivy Hatch where the serious freezing fog engulfed us all. My full light set saved us from any hairy moments with oncoming traffic, but didn’t help with the…[Read more]

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    Weather permitting will attempt again to ride to THE GARDEN CENTRE. route undecided, either via Ivy Hatch or Ightham.Ride leader Dave B,40+ miles usual pace. Start approximately 9.15am Home by 1.30pm.

  • G4 to Kelly Holmes at Hildenborough was as predicted, safe roads, no frost or ice. 6 of us commenced from GSG, Jenny and Rita turned early. (perhaps the thought of Tubbs Hill made the decision for them.) We arrived very early at 10.20am. Hardly any other customers of note, probably all shopping in Tonbridge (Black something or other) There were…[Read more]

  • Looks cold so a frost free route via main roads to Hildenborough via Polhill, Sevenoaks,Riverhill, and Hildenborough. After refreshments / breakfast (they serve hot porridge ) we can take our usuak route home via Plaxtol, Bat & Ball, Otford, Shoreham (perhap sEynsford and Crockenhill) 40+ miles Usual Pace Dave B to lead.(Wrap up warm)

  • G4.5 to Brooklands Garden Centre went well. 5 made the journey via 2 groups, all arrived cold despite the reasonable pace and warm clothing. I know Prince Charles liked the 3 Degrees,( from the comfort of his Rolls Royce ) We had coffee and refreshments quickly served despite the hords of Xmas shoppers giving Santa sore knees no doubt. (Not sure…[Read more]

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    G4 to Hadlow College proved ideal, after I carpeted the over enthusiastic ! With the tail wind everyone could keep a nice tight bunch, arriving early enough to select premier seating.Nice refreshment and good coffee we set off into the very cold headwind. The chosen route home gave us good wind protection due to high hedges. I lead a resonable…[Read more]

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    G4 will ride to this well known venue, via Badgers Mount, Shoreham, Kemsing, Seal, and refreshments at Hadlow college. Return via Golden Green, Blackmans Lane (weather permitting), Plaxtol (half way) Ightham, Pilgrims Way, Shoreham, “Pig Farm Hill” at 10% STOP at top , Badgers Mount. 42 Miles, usual (slower) pace )Dave B.

  • G4 started with seven riders, reducing to 4 as Jenny, Rita and Mike headed off to Oxted as they were wary of Greg pushing up the pace as per last week.No problems, as Greg agreed to toe the line. As we aproached Kemsing, there were G3 huddled by the hedge still fixing a puncture/s having started out fron GSG 15 minutes earlier than us. Dave in…[Read more]

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    Comfortable ride to Raggermuffins cafe via Wrotham, Trottiscliffe and Addington. You should not be too tired to enjoy any family Guy Fawkes celebrations. 40 + miles Dave B to lead

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