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    G4 To Lingfield went very well. Six of us set out at a medium pace until Oxted. No riders were dropped, although cars split us up at Oxted Village, we re-convened and pushed on to Blindley Heath on the only decent road in Surrey.The pace had heated up but no one got left behind.We turned for Lingfield, which brought us into more dreadful Surrey…[Read more]

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    G4 made Tonbridge at last (despite the rain) I could not belive that the rain decided to return exactly 7 days later to threaten our ride to Tonbridge.
    Fortunately not as heavy as last week, with the forecast set at zero precipitation by mid-day the five of us moved out at a brisk pace, with me on the front. 15.5mph to the bottom of Ide Hill. I…[Read more]

  • G4 to Tonbridge ? not a chance ! Ian Soper was pleased to greet me at GSG, otherwise it would have been a hard slog with G3. I reassured Ian that with an on / off rain forecast we should go somewhere local for a coffee. We both agreed the cafe at the top of Ide Hill would be perfect.
    We were about to disrobe at the bottom of Back Lane when the…[Read more]

  • G4 really were G3.5, hence Jenny took one look at the riders and left to do her own thing. Eventually we settled down and changed our destination from Tulleys Farm to Horley. Similar mileage but no Turners Hill to climb. Good eatables as always in the Italian Cafe where we arrived earlier than expected Average speed 15mph(that used to be the…[Read more]

  • G4 startwd as 5 riders including new member Gary. Jenny quickly decided the rain was not for her and turned for home. Oxted was the destination, via Halsted and Knockholt. A steady climb to Grays Lane produced the first donning of the cycle capes this was followed 10 minutes later as the rain had stopped, and “boil in the bag” conditions…[Read more]

  • G4 to Hartfield was sensational, (if you like hills !) eight on the way out starting with Ide Hill via Back Lane. The magnificent 4 along the ridge completed the set leaving all 5 of us with happy smiles as we sat in the warm sunshine enjoying our refreshments.We all needed substantial intake of calories , although Lee Powell (the lightest of us)…[Read more]

  • What a deadful start to Sunday’s ride, seeing Mick Coulton lying in the road after a car had hit him sufficiently fast to send Mick and bike flying through the air. On inspection the nearside crank arm was bent under the bottom bracket.Police were in attendance, but fairly ineffective as club members had to stop traffic from attempting to push…[Read more]

  • G4 were only four after Jenny turned for home at Badgers Mount RAB with painful knees. We agreed Horley rather than Tulleys Farm as we would be short of front runners. I lead until Oxted where Steve Chivers and I shared the front until Blindley Heath.Steve then did a big push until Copthorne, where we shared again until the Italian Cafe at Horley.…[Read more]

  • G4 to Lingfield enjoyed the warmer conditions, although the riders discipline left a lot to be desired.By the time we reached the top at Grays Lane, two riders had had enough. Although the group were not going very fast, we had a tryout new rider with straight handlebars who I new from experience would find the distance a problem. So it was as…[Read more]

  • G4 with a loop was all that was promised. However at The Plough Inn I jokingly promised the group of 7 riders more than a sweety when we undertook the LOOP. As we descended down the long hill past Ightham Moat we were engulfed by 70 tractors going on a 2 hour tour in the lanes of Kent. Mesmerized, we past perhaps up to 30 modern and ancient farm…[Read more]

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    G4 to Lingfield was my first club ride on English terra firma for more than 6 weeks. very cold but not unbearable compared to Australiaat 31C. Only 3 of us were available Jenny and Rita abstained as they thought the ride would be too far and too fast.The pace out was very reasonable which I lead most of the way via Halstead, Knockholt and…[Read more]

  • G4 were up to strength on Sunday, 7 in total, although we shed two at offam as they needed to get back home. (we had run late due to a front wheel puncture, the victim had forgotten his tyre levers) Excellent food at the Spadework Food Shed Cafe was soon spoilt by the headwind home.Ian Soper volunteered to help, and the pace was maintained, all…[Read more]

  • G4. Nothing much to add to Charles report. Yes indeed the Council had at last repaired (with new tarmacadam) the stretch of road from the railway bridge along Dwelly Lane to Merle Common on one side of the road (cheap skates) The reamaining road to Holland and Hurst Green remains poor but not dangerous.As Charles commented, we had stopped using…[Read more]

  • Determined to make a start after suffering a harsh cough and mucas attacks Jenny and I did a short non stop to Biggin Hill. Unfortunately the fog at the top of Westerham Hill was really thick. Despite front lights both cyclists and cars mistook us for Pheasants (not the glorius 12th you know) Return to base was our desired intention. Good shout…[Read more]

  • G4 to Hilden Golf were again small in numbers. Jenny and Sandra joined me in the fairly uneventful ride until Jenny got her second puncture in her rear tyre just outside of Leigh. I pumped it up and repaired it at the golf club two miles away. Unfortunately the chef was abcent so no hot food was available. No explanation was forthcoming.…[Read more]

  • G4 were again short in numbers, ( sorry but unless you spend big bucks to go into the Southern Hemisphere ) you won’t get much riding done this winter. A warm dry day greeted many club riders at the Green. Four of us headed for Hilden Golf with Jenny showing great fitness up Ide Hill. Although the roads were wet, with considerable flooding in the…[Read more]

  • G4 were only four at the GREEN. However, Jenny decided she was not to be the only female to brave the wet conditions.With rain in our faces Charles, Chris and I set off into the gloom towards our planned destination of the Cyclopark. WRONG CHOICE!, all other cyclists we met were going in the opposite direction, towards the brighter skies in the…[Read more]

  • G4 to Brookside worked according to plan. Two cyclists passed our group along Pilgrims Way, big mistake, we collectively had more power.
    Several overtakes later Steve Chivers gave it the big one to Ightham, with me and several others. Unfortunately we had to stop to regroup at the next junction and bade them farewell.Just before Basted Hill Chris…[Read more]

  • G4 will negotiate a dry route to Brookside (hopefully) via Ightham,Basted Hill,country lanes. Excellent food and service will refresh us for the more conventional route home. 42 miles Usual pace, Dave B ride leader.

  • G4 were down to 2 riders, the second time in recent weeks! The weather was dry and warm, the sun was out, the stiff wind was drying many of the roads.If members want to ride in perfect conditions, start saving for your air fare.Charles and I set off with Andy and colleague who were chasing after their G3 group who had left a few minutes earlier.…[Read more]

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