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  • Sorry to hear about your crash Roy, hope you and the bike are OK and you both heal quickly. At least you were well looked after by club mates and the restaurant staff. Take care. Claire

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    Sat ride – only 5 today, Simon C, John C, Andy McS, Jamie L and me. I had posted a rather hilly route as part of my training for an upcoming cycling trip to Sardinia. Cudham, Brasted Chart, over to Hever and Mark Beech then Baileys and a roundabout way home via Shoreham, Well Hill etc. Everyone was riding well and I was the one holding people up…[Read more]

  • Thanks Nick for good route, I need all the hills at the moment! In the second group were: Grant R, Alastair D, Andy McS, Steve B, Simon C, Neale N, Jim N, Ed W and me! Thanks to Alastair for leading and all for good company and riding.

  • The posh mince pie is called an Eccles Cake, originating from Eccles in Lancashire – up north!

    Thanks all for great ride.

  • G3 Sun – only 4 of us turned up at the ‘G’ to tackle Alan’s 105km route to the flatlands of East Peckham, Marden and back to Yalding for tea at Teapot, where else would you go! Joining me were: Claire W, Ak L and Bert H (new member, welcome to G3). Although we had a relatively large flat section in the middle we still seemed to manage quite a lot…[Read more]

  • Sun G3 – amazing turn out at the ‘G’ this morning, funny what a bit of sunshine does! I think we had about 12 G3 riders, too many for my brain to remember all the names, sorry. Luckily a few other volunteers stepped forward to lead a second group so we split into two smaller groups of 6. Thanks very much to Claire W etc for leading the other…[Read more]

  • The ‘other’ in the 2nd group was Jim N! Thanks for the route Nick and glad to hear your 4 made it back OK, bad luck with the punctures. Thanks to my group for a great ride especially those who took big turns on the front. The sun eventually appeared as we were on our way back!

  • Sat ride – thanks once again to Nick for sorting out the Sat route, it must have been one of the flattest 40 mile routes you can get from Orpington, much appreciated by quite a few of us who were doing the HOTA the next day. I think we were 8 (Nick, Neale, Julian, Martin D, Simon V, Simon C, Ed and me……sorry if I’ve missed anyone). The route t…[Read more]

  • Sun G3 – Claire W was unfortunately not well enough to lead today but kindly posted a route for us to follow. Weather wasn’t the best, but it ended up being a lot drier than I thought it would be. I was surprised to see 4 other G3’ers sheltering under the cover of the garage at the ‘G’. We had: Simon P, Ian G, Phil H, Sadie B and me. Straight up S…[Read more]

  • Sat-90mins on the turbo, nothing else to say on that one!
    Sun-couldn’t face anymore turbo, but also wimped out of the Old Ports RT. But with a beautiful sunny day forecast, although still very cold, I persuaded a few folks out for a 40 miler on the main roads. The group consisted of Sadie B, Paul A, Ash and me. Nice to see Ash after a long time!…[Read more]

  • Thanks Nick for a lovely route, just a touch on the hilly side! But my group of Mick C, Claire W, Ashley P, Martin D and Denis M battled through in strong form making it back to Poppy’s for a very well earned coffee and late breakfast for some. Thanks all for keeping us going.
    I opted out of the G3 ride on Sun to go to cyclopark and watch the N…[Read more]

  • G3 Sunday. For a Sunday morning in early January the turn out at the ‘G’ was quite amazing. We had 10 takers for G3 so decided to split into 2 groups as Simon P kindly volunteered to take a second group – thanks very much Simon. The role call was:
    With me – Nick P, Keith C, Jim N, Simon L. With Simon – Mick C, Tony LeV, Andrew S and friend (sorry…[Read more]

  • Two amazing days for cycling this weekend. Some new lanes for me on the Sat ride – thanks Nick, great route. Then the Bexley CC RT on Sun – what an amazing Avanti turn out for that. Thanks a lot to Chris D for organising all our entries, and to the club for paying. And thanks to my little group of 5 that formed, I thought we all cycled well…[Read more]

  • G3 to Lingfield: the threat of some very mixed weather didn’t put off the tough G3’ers. Today we had: Mick C, Simon P, Simon L, SadieB, Phil H, Keith C, Alex N and me! Despite the rain I watched from the warmth and dry of my front room at 8 o’clock this morning we headed off on our ride in some lovely sunshine. Lingfield and the Red Rum cafe was o…[Read more]

  • Sat ride – winter has landed! Rather chilly start to the ride, but turned into a beautiful day. 14 turned up at the ‘G’: Adam D, Grant R, Graham C, Simon V and Rich W formed one slightly quicker group, couldn’t persuade anyone else to go with them! Leaving: Steve B, John C, Mick C, Simon P, Tom S, Neale N, Daryl H, Jim N and me to form the s…[Read more]

  • Write up your weekend jaunts here!

  • Thanks Nick for the route and to my half of the Sat riders for an enjoyable, dry ride. Which is more than can be said for this morning; I wimped out of cycling but went for a run – OMG, I was just a bit wet when I got home!! In my Sat group were: Simon C, Martin D, Denis M, Claire W, Jamie (first time out on a Sat-fitted in very well), Adie (who…[Read more]

  • Good photos Neale! Thanks to all in the G2’ish group, I thought we had a great group and managed to find our way round the course without any real problems!! Big thanks to those who did pretty huge efforts on the front and keeping the pace just about sensible enough that I could hang on. I really enjoyed the ride, a great group and decent weather.…[Read more]

  • Sorry I didn’t see you Patrick. Well done on doing the ride after only a week back on the bike. In no time you’ll be back to your usual form riding into the distance with us trying to follow!

  • First off – thanks to Nick P and the Sat gang for another great Sat ride. Nice route, for those who managed to find it!

    As for Sunday – my turn to lead the G3 gang. Alan Else had once again provided me with a great route, which I studied carefully before going out, but still managed one wrong turn. Not a problem as realised straight away, quick…[Read more]

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