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  • Sun G3 – not such a big turn out today, can’t understand what put people off, oh, that would have been the crazy weather! But, three hardy Avantis headed off for the cafe at Horley – Sadie B, Tony LeV and me. The wind was pretty tough going for most of the ride out to Horley, following one of Alan’s great magical mystery tours. But we made it t…[Read more]

  • Thanks Nick. Glad you enjoyed the coffee and cake. Nick had chosen a not too hilly route for our last Sat ride, and the second group “whizzed” round with plenty of chat. Neale did comment that there was more chatting in this group than the ‘faster’ group! Thanks to all for a lovely ride, especially those on the front taking most of the wind. We…[Read more]

  • Old Ports RR Sun – a good turnout from the Avanti at Knockholt village hall for the start of the reliability ride. What initially looked like might be a bit of a wet start turned out to be a decent day with the sun even appearing occasionally, and amazingly mild for the start of Feb. A group of us set off just after 9am to do the 100km route and…[Read more]

  • Thanks Neale. GSat 2 consisted of: Steve B, John C, Julian S, Simon C, Ashley P, Tom S, Tony LeV, me and potential new member Ian, nice to meet you Ian and hope you decide to join! I tried to make the route a bit different to usual and introduced a new hill for some, not steep but goes on a bit. Didn’t want to shake things up too much, so we c…[Read more]

  • Thanks Simon. Great ride today at the West Kent RT-good conditions, not too cold and the roads were the most dry I’ve seen them in ages. After a bit of a split in the G3 group me, Ian G and Tony LeV formed a nice group and managed to ride round the route together at a decent pace, considering it wasn’t the flattest of routes. Nice to see G3 and…[Read more]

  • Thanks Alastair for the Sat write up, and thanks to Steve, Julian and Alastair for forming a great group-very enjoyable ride at a good pace that meant I managed to ride again today without struggling!

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    Thanks Alastair for the Sat write up – made me laugh! Welcome to Henry who is indeed now a fully paid up GSA member.
    I also ventured out on Sun with G3, under similar wet conditions to Sat at the start. The hardy riders at the ‘G’ were: Claire W, Sadie B, Ian G, Alan E, Dennis M, Carl B (who timed his arrival perfectly as we were just leaving). He…[Read more]

  • Some of us ventured out this weekend-anyone want to share their story?!

  • Marek, great read, thanks for taking the time to write it. And, great effort in all the TTs-well done. Happy Christmas to you and the family too.

  • Sun G3 – I think we had the following start off for another Alan special route to Lingfield and the lovely Red Rum cafe: Sadie B, Simon (no mudguards and dodgy gears) L, Alan E, Jo S-S, Russ K, Wasiq R, Ken I and me. Carl B caught up at the cafe and did some of the return route with us before peeling off to visit his sister. The route took us out…[Read more]

  • Thanks Nick for the route and write up. The second, I’m guessing slightly slower group, had a good ride too without too much incident until not far from home Martin had a puncture. It was quickly repaired though, despite the nasty thing that caused it not wanting to be removed from the tyre, and we were on our way. Apologies no-one stopped for c…[Read more]

  • Sun G3 – another lovely dry day for cycling, if a slight nip in the air. A good turn out today at the ‘G’ – 2 x Simon, 2 x Keith, Andy, Carl (who chased us down after having early mudguard issues) and me. On our return journey we also picked up Alan. Another lovely Alan route today took us out via Ide Hill, Chiddingstone, up to Chiddingstone…[Read more]

  • Sat ride – the England v Australia rugby was obviously too strong an attraction for a number of Avanti riders today! But 5 dedicated riders were out for the Sat morning hills around Kent – Nick P, Simon V, Colin P, Alastair W and me. A nice route was set by Nick which took us up Rushmore, down Star, through Dunton Green and onto Ide Hill via Back…[Read more]

  • Sun G3 – 7 started on our trip to ‘Magic Lane’ and teapot: Carl B, Tony LeV, Toby M, Keith C, Rebecca W, Ian G and me. Yet another great route set by our ‘coach’ Alan. We all dutifully followed it out to Plaxtol and on to the nice flatlands beyond. A good 65’ish km of riding before we got to our cafe stop at Teapot Island. So far so good in t…[Read more]

  • Sat group 3 – with a large turn out at the ‘G’ this morning (possibly something to do with the weather forecast for tomorrow!), Nick made the very sensible decision that we should split into 3 groups. I set off with the last group which consisted of Claire W, Ashley P, Rebecca W, Simon C, new member Alastair W (welcome to Avanti), and me. We…[Read more]

  • Well done Paul, what a great effort and write-up! Enjoy some rest now.

  • Great write up Adam, and great achievement, well done. Really bad luck with the puncture, although didn’t seem to hold you up too much! Enjoy a few days of rest now!

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    The girls were joined by Russ, an honorary girl for the day, as he came racing down the A21 towards the ‘G’. I sent him ahead to catch the guys but he couldn’t see where you had turned off Shire Lane, so he joined us. We followed Adam’s route via Downe, Jackass Lane, Layhams Rd before reaching the Ridge and on to Gangers. Unfortunately just b…[Read more]

  • Sat – I’m hoping it was the windy conditions and the fact that it’s holiday time, and not something I said, but we only had 5 takers today: Simon V, Adam D, Steve B, Bert H and me. We headed out to Eynsford via Worlds End Lane, Well Hill and Crockenhill. We’d just started heading up Bower Lane when the ‘puncture’ shout came, from Steve. He set a…[Read more]

  • Sun G3 ride – a slightly longer ride was planned for today, and once again Alan came up trumps with a lovely route out to Ardingley. The group was made up of: Claire W, Sadie B, Alan E, Andy C, Keith C, Simon L (until Edenbridge) and me. We headed out via Ide Hill, Bough Beech, Edenbridge, Lingfield, Turner’s Hill and then our destination of a l…[Read more]

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