• Chris Dines posted an update in the group Group logo of FlandersFlanders 3 years, 10 months ago

    Registration Opens tomorrow (Sunday) beautifully clashing with KK Registration!! At present the Organisers have not posted up information about Group Registration or, indeed, the actual routes that are finalised.

    The routes showing are actually last year’s – when they trimmed 25km off both the Medium and Long. Assuming the routes are teh same, then they are 127km and 239km – which is quite a gap. They used to be 259km and 156km, which kind of made decisions easier.

    Assuming the routes stay he same, the long route is 150miles – like going to Rye and back, then going to Rye again (but with lots of sharp climbs). I suspect most of you could do that – it’s very challenging, but the main challenge is that you will probably be in the saddle for 9 hours excluding stops. A good day, setting off at 7am, gets you to Oudenaarde by 5pm and back to Bruges by 7pm to 8pm (end of ride beer tends to intervene).

    The 127km route is packed with climbs and will be busy – far more people do it. It’s 80 miles, with plenty of cobbles. If doing at a G2 pace, allowing for stops and traffic jams on the (Koppenberg!) , it would take you 6 to 7 hours. Starting at, say, 9am in Oudenaarde, you’d be back to the start by 3pm to 4pm. Allowing for beer at finish etc, back in Bruges by 6pm at latest.

    I have booked a dinner out (optional – but everywhere will be booked) at 10pm .