Chris Dines

  • That sounds brilliant Lee – I’ve been away, but would have love to have watched. Trying to persuade my son to get back in to the Herne Hill stuff when he gets back from Uni this summer. He got in to the Sprint stuff when Woolwich were organising some friendly competition.

  • Thanks for leading Bill. Some quick paced riding down to Tulleys, as you say – and a great group of five. Good to cycle with James, Simon and Andy – our paths rarely cross! Heading home solo (into a head wind) was much harder going.
    After a week of cycling in the Italian/Swiss Alps I decided to do a detour up Hog Trough – surely I’d find it easy?!…[Read more]

  • As some GSA members know, I am attempting to complete the Time Trial “Super Bar” this year. Basically that involves doing a BAR (Best Amateur) qualifying 100 mile TT, the National 12 Hr TT (August). and the National 24 Hour (July). I will get round to doing a more detail piece on this.

    Endurance time trialling is a bit mental really, but I get a…[Read more]

  • Wow
    Brilliant write up Paul, and what an effort mate! Knowing cramp is on its way is just sh*t. A brilliant time achieved, but all’ sounds pretty stressful.
    That’s quite a challenging time cut off for the over 50’s!

  • Hi Mick – really sorry to hear you’ve had a bad accident. You obviously hit the deck with a bang. I hope the plate fixing goes well – you are in good hands at that hospital. Catch up soon.

    I had a long weekend in Flanders – more beer than planned, but plenty of miles in the wind. Carbon and Calorie neutral 🙂

  • I’d second all that. Great route Mr Moss, which I plan to do again. I’ve been struggling with a cold for a couple of weeks, so after going up Cudham, Toys and the climb near Hever I was happy to drop back a bit and do the hills at my own pace…….which in the case of the “Wall” was spectacularly slow. Not sure what the opposite of a KOM is, but…[Read more]

  • Hi
    10th March is going to be Otford Hilly Day – supported by the Club.
    24th March is going to be ride to the coast (Rye probably), but with a 55mile option (turn at Horsmonden). Chris leading.

    17th March – Chris Moss/John King – any thoughts?

  • Here is the DRAFT rota covering January, February and March 2019.

    Date Lead One Lead Two

    06/01/2019 Chris Moss John King
    13/01/2019 Hamish Brown Adie Crothall
    20/01/2019 Richard Bingham Neale Napier
    27/01/2019 Chris Dines Toby Middleton
    03/02/2019 John King Tony Le Vey
    10/02/2019 Adie Crothall Jim…[Read more]

  • Brilliant day today – amazing weather for the CC Bexley RT. Used to be held in January – often one of the grimmest rides in the diary!
    Today saw over 30 GS Avanti members taking part, out of a 100 in total.

    I love the route, though forgot about the hill that comes before Gangers – tougher than the latter, which I find harder getting down in one…[Read more]

  • Just bumping this up the page! Please can everyone check they are still available on this rota (unless already notified). Thanks, Chris

  • Open Day
    Dreadful weather forecast – and no guests for G2! However, a surprisingly large group assembled for a G2 (ish) ride. Actually it was a bit of a light spin in the end with almost as much time at Speedgate Cafe as on the bike! I cycled from home and we then went from the G to Poll Hill, Otford, Pilgrims, Old Terry’s and then Speedgate Hill.…[Read more]

  • Hi
    14 October is now a club open day – so the more helpers and leaders the better. Richard and Toby are down for that at present.

  • Tony
    I will step in for your double act with Hamish next week – no problem.


  • Hi

    We have 10 people committed to ride leading for G2 Sundays. I will continue overall coordination – and also deal with any feedback and issues that crop up on G2 Runs. However, we have a great group willing to do this. As you can see from the table below, I have allocated two individuals for every Sunday. It’s great to have two helping each…[Read more]

  • 7 of us did a ride out to Box Hill early Bank Holiday Monday. 8am start and out via Downe to the ridge above the M25, then through places like Purley, Coulsdon. Traffic not too bad – but a few nutters (more below). Nice lead in to the bottom of Box Hill, and a great ride up. Best road surface south of London, and much quieter than normal.

    Route…[Read more]

  • Hi Dave – thanks for the kind words! The achievement by Bob and Maris is quite something. Really pleased for them. It took me a while, but I’ve mentally switched to recognising my age and competing against age targets. Thinking you’re “competing” against those 25 years younger gets a bit pointless. Having said that, the times that many Vets put in…[Read more]

  • On a hot sunny day back in August 2017, Rob Grunfeld and I both competed in our first 12 Hour TT on the relatively flat and quick ECCA 12 Hour Course (it includes long stretches of the A11 – quick though a bit scary). Having learned from that experience, we both vowed to have a crack at the same event in 2018, so we registered many months b…[Read more]

  • Great pictures, and well done to all of you taking part. Looks a bit too mad for me! Some serious bursts of energy required.

  • Great 7am turnout. I led a G2 pace group down to Dymchurch – me, Simon Vaughn (who turned half way), Neale, Jim, Sean, Nick and Paul.
    Great ride down, no stops and lots of sharing the front. We got down to the cafe about 10 minutes after G1 – all pretty stress free.
    We were joined by Chris Moss on route back. All going great until Neale hit a big…[Read more]

  • I’ve not been around for a few weeks – Pyrenees (cycling), Italy (site seeing) and Belgium (work, sort of). Over this weekend I’ve been out on my TT bike in the Flemish heatwave – just the same as here, if not higher temps. Fantastic cycling conditions, with traffic free canal side roads, with a beer cafe every few miles. Doesn’t matter how many…[Read more]

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