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  • G4 had 4 takers to start with: Sandra and Chris returning from Prudential duty and Ken back from an injury layoff. We met up with Ian on the way as he’d picked an early puncture before getting to the G. We headed off towards Polhill where it was good to bump into Brian Bulmer who was back out on his bike.

    We carried on to Ide Hill and then. t…[Read more]

  • G4. I was a late substitute for Dave B who unfortunately couldn’t ride due a nasty accident on Thursday at the TT. Get well soon Dave.

    I posted a ride to go to Brookside with a caveat that we could extend to Tea Pot if the mood took us. 5 riders; Laura, Steve, Keith, me and new rider Liam.

    Well paced ride out via Shoreham, Pilgrims Way and…[Read more]

  • A contingent from G4 put in an appearance at the SFA ride. Bit of a dodgy build up as Chris managed to leave his helmet and glasses on the platform at Orpington Station. Fortunately a very helpful ticket collector on our train phoned Orpington and arranged for them to pop it on the next train to Marden. However………….all his good work was nea…[Read more]

  • G4 Sunday. 7 of us set off for Oxted via Edenbridge. Rita, Sandra, Chris, Steve and two new ladies Millie and Ash. Good to see Steve back and fit after his recent lay off.

    Despite the weather not being a nice as the week before we enjoyed a good incident free run out via Ide Hill and Hever. Fabulous scenery, so much so that we had to stop to…[Read more]

  • G4 Sunday. Fabulous weather and a good turn out of 9 (new rider Elliot, Rita, Sandra, Daves M & H, Chris, Ken, Subhash and me.). Lovely ride out through Shoreham and Eynesford. Dave H turned early to get in some TT practice. The rest continued up the School Lane climb out of Horton Kirby with me leading from the rear. We arrived in good time at…[Read more]

  • G4 Sunday. 6 of us set off for Hilden Golf. Rita, Alethea, new member Jade, Dave C and Chis. Weather was much kinder than of late but there was the odd gust of wind that took us by surprise. Despite the recent poor weather the roads were ok and we made good time to Hilden only to find we were locked out of the cafe. After a few minutes head…[Read more]

  • G4. Six riders set off for Teapot, a destination we don’t visit often enough. The route took us through Shoreham, Pilgrims and down Plaxtol, Poult Wood golf course and East Peckham. No instances on the way out but when we arrive at Teapot, Alethea found a puncture which was a bit of a sod to fix. Thanks to Keith for stepping up! Refreshed we…[Read more]

  • G4 Sunday. Nice to see a lot of folks at the G on Sunday. 9 riders set off Dave B & C, Jenny, Sandra, Ian, Steve, Chris and potential new member Spencer. We made our way down Polhil to Chipstead and up Back Lane to the top of Ide Hill. Jenny had already turned back and then Dave C stopped at the Ide Café. To do some homework?? He’d brought…[Read more]

  • G4 Sunday. 6 riders waiting at the Green (Alethea, Rita, Chris, Steve, Dave and me). After exchanging completely valid seasonal excuses (over ate, drunk too much, recovering from a cold, not been out for weeks etc etc) we set off for Brookside. The roads were pretty greasy but quite quiet and we made good time along Pilgrims Way to Ightham and…[Read more]

  • G4 Hildenborough. 8 of us set off from the G on a beautiful if chilly morning. The route was Shoreham, Pilgrims, Kemsing and Plaxtol. Lee turned early as he wasn’t feeling too good and the rest carried on to Hildenborough. There were 2 coffee stop choices and we opted for Hilden Golf rather than 1809. At the café we were surprised to see the…[Read more]

  • With Dave and Jenny sunning themselves in Majorca a group of 10 G4 riders (including a few G3’ers looking for a gentle leg stretch) set off to Hadlow and back. After the usual weather w/wardrobe conversations we set off on a beautiful morning, out through Shoreham and along the Pilgrims. Quick regroup following a unscheduled comfort break and we…[Read more]

  • Hi Dave, I can’t make it this week. Have a good ride.

  • Good turn out of 12 for G4 on Sunday with two new riders (Brett and Ak). Given the numbers we split into two groups, Dave B taking the other. Didn’t work as well as it could due to varying speeds and there was an element of leap frog – I was overtaken at least 3 times by Dave’s group. Unfortunately, Brett had had a mechanical at home which…[Read more]

  • It seems G4 was the place to be. 13 including 9 guests. The large group was a bit unwieldy but we got most of the way to Speedgate with the only incident being a puncture. However near Hook Green a gap had opened and the rear group lost sight of us, missing a turn. Not a problem as they made their own way to the café and arrived before us.…[Read more]

  • 6 attended for the G4 ride to Brookside. Usual route out to Crouch where Brian took over and led us through West Peckham, Mereworth and Wateringbury and on to the garden centre. Very pleasant ride only marred by a couple of punctures. One going up Polhill which presented an interesting dilemma of where to carry out the repair. Solution – c…[Read more]

  • What a horrible morning. Only 2 G4 attendees Brian and me. A quick chat as the snow started falling and we decided the best thing would be a short loop to Downe, Biggin Hill and back via Knockholt. It didn’t seem too bad as we started but as we climbed the snow got heavier and heavier. By the time we got to Knockholt the snow was settling in…[Read more]

  • A few of us missed the start time today as while we were making our way to the G we came across a very unfortunate (but lucky) Dave Scudder lying in the road after being hit by a car on the roundabout by Belmondos. Ambulance and police attended and after a thorough checking over Dave was able to go home. Bruised and very sore but luckily nothing…[Read more]

  • G4 had 5 riders. Brian, Peter and myself plus Lee and Ken from G3 who’d missed their earlier start. Our destination was the Hilden Golf centre via Back Lane.

    Bit of excitement going down Polhil where we came a across a fresh car accident. A car coming up the hill seemed to have run across the road and collided with another coming down. There…[Read more]

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