• Andrew Spencer posted an update in the group Group logo of Club ChatClub Chat 2 months, 1 week ago

    Hi All, who here has ridden the Mallorca 312?
    I’m hoping to get a place for next year and am after some advise around training and how to pace/fuel on the day.


    • Hi Andrew,
      Did it a few years ago before the route changed.
      If you have time try and get to Mallorca beforehand, and split the route up into practice section.
      Split it up into approximately 3 100km sections, you can use something like to pick you up in the morning and/or afternoon dependant on where you stop/start each 100km section. WhatsApp me if you want to grab a coffee and chat more.

      • Hi Lee, cheers for the feedback. I am heading out there next weekend for the CicloSol camp so should get some good miles in over there.

        I’ll drop you a message when I get back for a chat/coffee.