Kentish Killer Feedback

Year after year, the toughest cyclists come back to tackle the Kentish Killer – here’s what they say about it…

“I just wanted to say a big thank you to you for the great organisation of the Kentish Killer. It was my first time doing it and will definitely be back again next year. The marshalling was brilliant, the red flags at the bigger junctions were such a good idea. Best marshalling I’ve seen at a sportive and in that weather as well. Top respect.”

“It was our 1st Killer. We travelled from Southampton & we commented on how well organised the event was. Safety was paramount & we personally saw a motorcycle marshal at least every 30 minutes. We’ve paid a lot more to enter other sportives run by national organisations but get half as much. Free hot drinks & food were a godsend in such atrocious weather conditions. Hopefully see you next year. “

“A soggy-arsed ride” but……. really worth it. No two years seem to have the same weather – freezing two years ago, cancelled due to icy roads last year and fine rain but not cold this year. 
As always, very well marshalled with friendly encouragement at each turn. Well-organised and cheerful – masochists need a positive mind-set to continually tackle those hills and crank up the pain. And pasta and pizza? What more could a cyclist want? 🤗”

“Yes the weather wasn’t great but it made it more challenging. As if it wasn’t challenging enough LOL!!!!! Very well organised event and a massive chapeau to all the marshals standing in the rain all day. Hopefully see you next year.”

“Thanks for not cancelling and thank you to all your support  staff. Great day and TBH I think the weather could have been a lot worse!”

“Hi, this is the first time i have done the KK – awesome loved it, training for next year already, thanks for a great event!”

“A very well organised event, food was amazing, volunteers and signs on each part of the route made it easier”

“Great event today….Kudos to all the marshals out on the course who braved the weather and made it possible for us to enjoy the moment 😀”

“Thank you for such a brilliantly organised event yesterday, especially under the extreme weather conditions!!”

“My first time at this event and just a short note to compliment you on such a well organised event. I thought the support of all marshals deserve a extra thank you for standing around in those awful conditions and must have needed more effort than riding 😄 fantastic effort.”

“Would like to say a big thank you to all the volunteers who helped out today and those standing out in the wind and rain directing us”

“Great event. Thanks to all the Marshalls who kept us on the right route. Not a nice day to be standing around with a red flag! Much appreciated.”

“Thank you to the Marshalls, feed station volunteers and the organisers!!! Loved the sausage rolls 😍”

“Savoury food on a sportive is really appreciated.”

“Great event, massive thanks to all the marshals organisers and mechanics for their time and enduring the weather 👍
Enjoyed it….”

“Thx to all organisers and marshalls…grt event as usual…”

“Marshalls were fabulous, thank you all.”

“Thank you to all the Marshalls and organisers who made this possible, riding in those in those conditions was probably marginally easier than standing around in it. Well done to everyone taking part in a what was a tough day out on the bike.”

“Great event, great food, amazing amazing marshals. Thank you!”

“Awesome event. Marshals did a brilliant job today. Thanks”

“Thanks for brilliantly organised event. Especially to the marshalls seemingly totally unhindered by the conditions…”

“Brilliant event, if brutal. Well marshalled, signed, good mechanics (I had a ton of problems) and good food. But I have to say the route organisers are a little evil 😂”

“Thanks for everything particularly the marshals and pizza at Ide Hill!”

“Thank you for a well organised event, pit stop staff, Marshalls, mechanics etc. That was bloody brutal 💪”