Group Ride Guidelines

Guidelines for attending Group Rides at GS Avanti

The aim for all our rides is that they aim to be safe, welcoming and rewarding.

Preparing for the Ride

  • Choose a ride level that you believe you can cope with.
  • Helmets are a must.
  • Carry some cash for café stops or emergencies. 
  • Wear clothes that will cope with forecast cold/wet weather.  
  • Check gears, brakes, wheels, tyres. 
  • Wear a club jersey if possible.
  • Mudguards are preferred in winter.
  • Arrive on-time.
  • Carry spares and tools (multi-tool recommended) including inner tubes, tyre levers and pump.
  • If you have a Garmin (or similar) download the planned route from the website 

On the ride

  • Always respect the ride leader(s) – they’ll always discuss the approach to the Ride with the group, but their decision has to be final.
  • Observe all aspects of the Highway Code.
  • Be courteous and do not shout abuse at other road users or cyclists. 
  • Ride as a group – it’s safer, quicker and more fun than being split up.
  • Stronger riders should wait at the soonest opportunity if the group fragments to avoid missing a turning.
  • The group should wait or assist those who experience punctures or problems. It does not matter how near to home the ride maybe, it is discourteous to leave a fellow rider stranded. 
  • Communicate with your fellow riders of any road defects and hazards.
  • Ride at a maximum of two abreast, but be prepared to single out where necessary, warn other riders of approaching traffic. 
  • Slow-down in the presence of horses – make sure the horse’s rider is aware of your presence.
  • Ride in a manner that is predictable and safe. 
  • More experienced members should set an example to the new or younger riders.