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    Russ K

    Beautiful day for a ride on Sunday!

    I rode the 10miles from Sevenoaks to the G a bit too hard and then paid for it during the first 10miles with Richard B’s G1 group! So, I peeled off to catch my breath, and then rode the rest of the ride with Graham C’s golden G2 group! So 65 miles for me, 1550m climb and just under 16mph. Beautiful route too! A big thanks to both Richard B and Graham C for leading a lovely (hilly) route.

    I’ve not been doing any training for a month or two and it shows! I think if I want to keep 17mph for more than 90mins-2hrs then I need to start training again! Now there’s a New Year’s resolution for you….(thanks Marek for your encouraging texts!)
    Take care,

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    Steven Butler

    Nick, I can only offer an uncorroborated report for the polhill lorry incident. As we, (myself, with Claire C a few metres behind and the rest of the group a bit further back) approached the single lane section of the carriageway – a couple of cars and a Travis Perkins (low loader with hiab) lorry overtook and cut in front to line up behind John C and your good self. Then the lorry just stopped dead for a few seconds blocking the whole lane, causing all of the group to catch up and unclip; plus a tail back. We thought the worst momentarily as it all went quiet, but we could then see you two just ahead (blissfully unaware) as the cars moved in front off to overtake you, the lorry started off again a few seconds later and we were on our way again. We can only surmise that the lorry and/or one of the cars changing down the gears and braking could not match your hill climbing pace, and stalled. Shame really, just as we were catching you up – ho ho ho.

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    Richard Liston

    My apologies for all the tyre/puncture hold ups, offending tyres are now in the bin and new treads fitted. Thanks all for your patience in waiting for me (on several occasions while I fitted yet another tube). Mechanical issues aside, great ride. Thanks Dave and thanks to the six/seven intrepid souls who made up the G3.

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    Denis Moriarty

    G4 had a great ride with 6 riders (Alan J, Pete B, Charles L and Brian B) led by Jenny head out to Ragamuffins at West Malling. One puncture and bit of celeb spotting (well reality TV star if I’m honest) some fine food and a quick return home without incident. 45ish miles at 13mph

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    G3 Started as it meant to go on! Richard Liston telephoned his puncture problem on the way to the start. He even sent two cycling messengers to recall his progress. A brisk pace ensued with Simon Lumsdon sending out his G2 credentials. Another delay at Ide Hill with Richard’s tyre, followed by another at the farm shop cafe confirmed a shorter ride was necessary to embrace Sunday Lunch commitments. Alan Else joined us at Hartfield, just as well, as Alan kindly offered me his wheel back to Edenbridge as my legs were suffering after the 7 hills we had climbed previously. (Why did I choose this route?) After shipping my chain up Ide Hill, the recovery lengthened by speeding cars preventing me from a safe remount, I crawled to the top with a major back problem adding to my sore legs. The group had kindly waited with Simon insisting another 5 minutes to ease my back was no big deal. By the time we reached Polhill, I was a different person, finishing in fine style. An exhilarating ride, six riders to start, seven to finish. 47 miles 15mph 3571 ft. climbing (Simon’s Garmin not mine)

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    Steve Rodgers

    What a beautiful day it was out.
    After a month of nothing but careful recovery on the turbo, I finally made it out into the real world on the bike.
    It was only an hour and a half, but it was great to watch the sun go down on Ide Hill.

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    Bill Fitzgerald

    On call for work again this week so had to miss the club ride.
    Decided to do some local Loops.
    4 Loops totalling 51 miles. With a brief coffee stop at Poppy’s cafe.

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    Marek Sasura

    G1 followed a great, picturesque and sunny route to Frant & back led by Richard Bingham (with RichardS, JamesH, myself and Russ who peeled off early). Many lanes were new to me.

    I will let Richard to write his story but many thanks for leading and picking a very nice route!

    Some of the views were truly stunning. Especially a meadow submerged in the winter sun during a “service” stop.

    Apologies for a confusion at the top of Ide Hill. I need to look up where the Brasted Hill is.

    My ride was about 70m, 16.5mph and 5000ft of climbing.

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      Richard Bingham

      No worries Marek. G1/G2 to Frant. Beautiful ride on a beautiful morning. Large number at the start so 2 groups and I led off the first with 6 riders. It turned out that Bill was not riding with us and Russ peeled off at Godden Green so we were four. Richard S, James H, Marek and me.

      The ride was punctuated by fantastic descents and punchy climbs. Down Star and up Park Lane to Godden Green followed by the descent of Carters and through Poult Wood to Tudely. A sharp blast up the Crittenden Tester into Matfield with Marek remarking on the distracting aroma of fried breakfast emanating from The Wheelwrights Arms

      Over the A21 and up to Frant. We stopped in the sunshine to refuel and take in the panoramic views from this most elevated of Kent villages before a blast down the A267, Bunny Lane and through Broadwater Forrest before another short sharp shock of a climb into Langton Gn and down to Penshurst. Just Ide and Brasted to go and the pace drops off. We ride our own pace up Ide and somehow lose Marek so are just 3 for the final very slow grind up Brasted Hill. I had 67miles at 15.7mph with 1,650m

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        Dan Lewington

        I wasn’t able to join you guys this week but thanks Richard B for the route planning. I manage to make it out a little later in the day & followed the same course. Some great roads.

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        Marek Sasura

        Hi Richard, I was about 10-20m behind you, I shouted I was turning right at the cafe but somehow it got lost in the transition. Apologies again for a confusion.

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    Nick Patow

    Sorry we missed you Patrick. We did wait a while for you and hoped we might pick you up along the A21 as we started. I hope you still had a good ride though. Do you want to take my mobile number in case of delays another time ?

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    Patrick Norman

    Sorry for missing the Saturday ride Nick. I got a double puncture in the dark out by Ash village (lots of thorns in the road from hedge trimmings). Once repaired I raced to the G for the start of the Saturday ride but got there too late.

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    Nick Patow

    Marek, I love the new picture, is that some new winter cycling gear ?

    The Saturday ride once again took on the weather forecast, and came out on top, for whilst it was damp and misty, we dodged the rain and enjoyed the morning’s mild temperature. Our starting number today was eight, made up by Claire, Ashley, Sadie, Paul, John, Steve, Dan and myself.
    Seemingly publishing the route on the event details was what had drawn Dan to the start this week, as he had had a similar ride planned as a solo effort. The power of advertising !
    The ride was a hilly one to Blackham, taking in Rushmore Hill, and Church Road out of Sunridge in its early stages to bring us to the top of Ide Hill and a thick mist. From there we dropped down to Hever, before turning onto Uckfield Lane and the climb to Markbeech. By this stage it was clear to us all how strong Dan is on the hills, although as a group we ourselves were strong enough to keep him in sight to the crest of all the climbs (The only problem being Dan was hitting the top for the second time, having been up once, gone down again and then come back past us !).
    A few more downs and ups brought us to the turning point, which offered a nice long descent to Blackham before a rise towards Chiddingstone Hoath, and on to Chiddingstone itself. At this stage talk in the group was switching to Baileys Hill, with both Sadie and Ashley closing in on the target for the first time. Dan peeled off as we made our way up Bore Place Road to take on York’s Hill, leaving the magnificent seven to our own devices for Baileys. Having assured Sadie and Ashley Baileys wasn’t as tough as last week’s venture up Hubbards, we all dug in to rise up into the mist to reach the top. The well ridden route home down through Dunton Green, up Polhill and along the A21 was taken to bring us to Belmondos for coffee, with only a single incident on Polhill interrupting the group’s flow. I’m not quite sure what happened, but seemingly John C’s overtake of Steve B caused a large lorry to come to a complete halt part way up, bringing the rest of our group to a standstill too ! Can anyone add some detail to this ?
    Well done to the group this week who rode well together, and thank you as ever for the good company. Further thanks to Ashley for buying coffee for us all.
    The ride was 69km, @ 24.3kph and 900m of up.

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    Marek Sasura

    Please post your weekend cycling experiences here.

    If you want to share other experiences, feel free to post them as well. 🙂

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