wax bathing

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    Lee Staples

    I’m sure it works, but is a lot of faffing for I guess minimal benefit.

    Also are already wax based chain lubricates already on the market that are applied wet from the bottle/can and dry to a wax finish
    Dry PTFE Chain Lube
    Others are avaliable 😉

    Far simpler and quicker (More time riding than maintaining).

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      Steve Rodgers

      Yeah it seems a faff.
      There’s a company that do a whole pre-mixed bath for about £20 you can heat up in water.
      But I’ve been pretty happy with Squirt lube the past 4 years – one of the better bottled wax lubes.
      Only on the winter bike in nasty conditions I use a different lube.

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        Lee Staples

        If you really really like spending money on your chain try the ceramicspeed UFO chain

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          Steve Rodgers

          Or AeroCoach CustomBlue? It makes your chain blue too 🙂

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    Steve Rodgers

    no – not for your legs – for your chain.
    Anyone tried this?
    A mate of mine in Japan swears by it!

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