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    Tony Le Vey

    It looks like we have twenty five riders signed up for the Sportive on Monday!
    With all the twenty places assigned by the club a while ago remaining filled at this time, on this occasion, the additional five riders will need to enter via the SFA web site (I think some have already…).

    It also looks like transportation issues have been sorted out, so unless anyone pipes up in the meantime, there is no need for anyone to stop at The G on the morning – please head straight to Marden, aiming to be at the hall for 0830.

    If you do need a lift, act now!!


    Reminder – website for directions / where to park / the route: (http://www.sanfairyanncc.co.uk/event-2783552)
    See you Monday!

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    Tony Le Vey

    Still waiting for a response from Phil Gray and Treasurer Lee Powell.
    If I don’t hear, I assume you are IN… OK?

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    Alan Else

    I have just entered so will be there.

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    Marek Sasura

    Hi Tony,

    I will be driving to Marsden with Graham and Dave.


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      Chris Dines

      Marek – think I’ve just agreed to pick you up, then Graham and Dave. I could fit one more in, but the Eltham-Bickley massif looks sorted.

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    Alistair Drysdale

    I’m in and can offer a couple of seats in my car, an estate, although the riders would need to supply bike carriers that fit on alloy aero roof bars. I mean I have the bars, but not the cycle carriers.

    Failing that one rider and their bike in the boot. I could prob do two people and bikes in the car instead actually, front wheels off and a few strategically lobbed blankets. Knockholt and back but happy to go via the G and collect people / then drop them off on the way home, if necessary. Alistair.

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    Martin Rowling

    I’m in, will sign up on the website tomorrow.

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    jo stephens-smith

    I’m not in the ‘Hot 20’ but would like to attend. I’m just not organised!

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    John Caine

    Thanks Mick that’s great. I’ll be there.

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    Michael Coulton

    I will be attending hopefully, I think John Caine is jumping in the car with me.

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    Chris Dines


    I’m definitely on. I also have a big car with five racks, so happy to take people down, probably with a pick up at the Green. Don’t forget club tops are a must if you are in the club funded slots. We must also get a picture done of all 20 at the Hall, after we meet.

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    Claire Watson

    Hi Tony,
    Rob and I will both be attending. Looking forward to it!

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    Russ K

    Hi Tony, I’m still good to go too! Looking forward to it. Russ

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    Nick Patow

    Hi Tony, I’m still good for this event. Thanks for your continued efforts in organising us 😊

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    Steven Butler

    Hi Tony, thanks for organising and I can confirm that I am still planning to attend. I have a space in the car for one other plus bike leaving from GSG area at c.0730hrs.

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    Johnny Edwards

    I’m in.

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    Keith Cooper

    Hi Tony.. Thanks for including me on your first list of Participants. I know at the time I had only just broken the collarbone… but things have gone well.. I have dodged the operation.. and recoverd speederly.. 10 weeks .. still have some nerve damage.. but hay.. let’s get on with it.
    I would like to say I’m attending .. count me in..!
    Cheers… see you there.. !

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    Claire Clarke

    Hi Tony. Thanks for all the organising. Simon and I are definitely still doing this sportive. We’ve done it before and I think your estimation of journey time is correct. We have room for one person (and bike!) in our car. Cheers, Claire

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    Tony Le Vey

    Alan Else replaced by Ian Daley some time ago…

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    Tony Le Vey

    Hi Bill,

    Not all applicants marked themselves as attending – bit of confusion here… will do better next time! I have two reserves – Colin Pearson (who I believe has entered himself) and you. Stay tuned – with 20 people, things may change!

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    Tony Le Vey

    01 Tony Le Vey
    02 Claire Clarke
    03 Simon Clarke
    04 Michael Coulton
    05 Johnny Edwards
    06 Alan Else
    07 Graham Channon
    08 Dave Barker
    09 Marek Sasura
    10 Claire Watson
    11 Rob Grundfeld
    12 Lee Powell
    13 Russ Kearton
    14 Nick Pattow
    15 John Caine
    16 Alistair Drysdale
    17 Phil Gray
    18 Chris Dines
    19 Keith Cooper
    20 Steve Butler

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    Bill Fitzgerald

    Hi Tony.
    Can you confirm who the hot 20 are?
    I was in the first 20 to show attendance on the website event as directed to, but my name didn’t appear on a subsequent list.
    Should my name be on the list?

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    Tony Le Vey

    Dear All,
    With a little over a week until we take part in the SFA Sportive, I’m just checking round to make sure everyone is OK for the 7th. If we have any other participants not in the ‘Hot 20’ please put a message here also.
    Please see the website for directions / where to park / the route: (http://www.sanfairyanncc.co.uk/event-2783552)

    Can I suggest we meet at the Hall between 0815 and 0830 (according to my map, it takes 45-50 mins to get there, but I will be guided by those who have done this event in the past – please comment!). We can then be ready to start as soon after 0900 – groups can be formulated on the day…

    Last question: Transport
    Does anyone need a lift down there? / anyone have space to take some bikes and riders? It seems a little silly to all drive down individually, so I thought I’d put it out there…
    (I don’t have a rack, but I could squeeze one more bike and person in with me and the Idol)…

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