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    Chris Dines

    Steve – if this Sunday goes well I might enter something on the Sunday. Not sure what yet. Also want to do the 4 Up this time.

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    Bill Fitzgerald

    I’ll double check with my social secretary at home (LOL), but I should be fine for the 4up.
    Need to earn some brownie points for the 6 hr the next day though. Will see what I can do Steve.

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    Steve Rodgers
    This year we’re going to do our end-of season 4-up TTT at Brands as part of the Revolve24 weekend on Saturday the 16th September. I’d like to enter into the 6 hour endurance event on the Sunday – which tags onto the last 6 hours of the 24 and 12 hour events. 2 years ago I raced in the 6 hour as a solo – there is a single competition for solo or pairs – I came 4th overall as a solo – with just 2 very short pit-stops to change bottles. I don’t think I could’ve ridden any harder. It was a lot of fun – and I think it’d be more fun as a team of 2 – and even more fun – if like Big Dog – we have more than one team. When you’re not on the circuit you get to hang out in the garage and can see the progress of your team-mates on monitors. Bill’s interested too – so we might have one team – anyone else fancy it? It’s £30 per person in a team of 2 – but we will get club discount – so before you enter get in touch with me. Steve

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