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    Johnny Edwards

    The Time Trial results have now been posted online.

    Time Trials – Results

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    Steve Rodgers

    Thanks for the summary, Dave.
    The conditions were pretty good – but a word of warning – as we’re running the TTs earlier in the evenings now – as well as being harder to get to for those of us that work in London – the traffic on the course is busier.
    Frustratingly – looking at my garmin stats I was held up twice by busy traffic for a total of ~45s.
    I know that lots of other riders were also held up in traffic.
    I know it’s pot-luck but take care out there and don’t take risks to make up time if you get snarled up in traffic.
    I don’t imagine it will be any different next Thursday – so be careful.
    Thankfully next Saturday at Grain – the traffic is much less of a problem – looking forward to that one – will be good to see a big Avanti turnout!

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    Another strong turnout by Avanti members helped the club to victory at Thursday’s Interclub Time Trial at Polhill.
    16 of us faced the clock in warm and sunny weather, not much wind on this summer evening, so times on the whole were very reasonable.Lee Staples on his road bike was in fine form, finishing just 8 seconds behind our fastest Avanti rider Rob Grunfeld.
    Steve Rogers was also in the mood, finishing 6 seconds later. Avanti enjoyed seven riders in the top 10, with another nine finishing off the opposition, leaving us with a powerful score. Avanti 40 points, Sevenoaks 19, Sydenham 12. In addition we supplied 4 route marshals.

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