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    Chris Dines

    That sounds brilliant Lee – I’ve been away, but would have love to have watched. Trying to persuade my son to get back in to the Herne Hill stuff when he gets back from Uni this summer. He got in to the Sprint stuff when Woolwich were organising some friendly competition.

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    Lee Staples

    Herne Hill Velofete is a new fund raising event run over the of weekend 15th-16th June, the event is very social and spectator friendly. There are loads of events across the two days including Crit, Fixed, Track, Road, Cyclocross racing; introduction for 1st time riders and scooting; as well as loads of stand with food and other refreshments.

    Click here for full details of the event.

    I arrived in the Sunday morning rain to sign on for the Sprinter Races, only to be greeted by the GS Avanti Legend Roger Hornsby, although not racing this weekend Roger is a keen racer and currently supporting a very successful VCL squad of racers.

    Once signed on joined the other competitors, sheltering from the wind and rain by the bike sheds to perform warmup routine and discuss the big issues of the day: Is it too windy for a disc wheel? What gear are you running? My simple answer to both of those question: Will find out soon enough and 52×12 (114″) as is already on the bike.

    The first sprint event, flying 200m TT was schedule for 12:00 hours by which time the sky had brighten and the track begun to dry, I managed to seed 2nd in this event with a time of 12 second exactly, a personal best by 0.08 seconds. After a brief pause to recover and gear down a little was back out for a 2 Lap match sprint against the 1st seed rider James. James led out the sprint but didn’t pin me on to the fence so I slowly built the pace up keeping as high as possible on the track for the 1st lap. On the final lap in turn 1 and 2 faked a couple of dives to try and get James to take up the sprint, he finally did as we came on to the back straight. Coming into turn 3 was picking up the draft behind him and moved out to pass him on the final turn when he was hit by a big gust of wind and pushed out of the sprinters lane requiring me to run wide. The BC commissarie ruled this as impeding my sprint and gave me the win.

    The third sprint event a 3 lap dash has all sprinter on the track at the same time and the 1st across the line the winner. However, there were two endurance rider pretending to be sprinters so they used this too their advantage setting a very high pace from the gun and the two opened a gap. With the rest of us trying best to jump across the gap. Once the sprint train was up to speed the gap was closed and the endurance riders passed but I was out of the picture and only just able to hold the wheel in front to cross the line in 4th place.

    Next event the Team Sprint, as I have not managed to convince anyone in GS Avanti to join me in sprinting (yet) and most of the other riders did not have a team mate there, each man was team up with a partner from the women’s event. As there were more men than women some of the women were lucky enough to race twice, but this also gave me the chance to watch my team mate to be Yewande absolutely leave her first team mate miles behind. After a very quick team talk with Yewande to both praising her previous effort and ask for another massive effort, we then lined up on the home straight; once the gun went, Yewande rocketed off into turn 1 and opening a whole bike length gap; coming out of turn 2 was starting to close the gap, as she peeled off at the pursuit line past her I’m told at the perfect place. We timed 37.42 seconds from the 450m lap and placed joint 1st.

    The penultimate event MaryMoor Crawl as feeling fatigued dropped the gear down again; also hoped this would improve my chances of surviving the event. The event being a one lap sprint from an unsupported started, i.e. you track stand or crawl until the gun goes without crossing the start line, putting a foot down, holding the barrier or falling off. Although I can track stand on a road bike, BMX and MTB; I can’t do it on a track bike, so my tactic was to ride as slow as possible without falling off and hoping the gun went before I crossed the start line. First to go where the two endurance riders who both crossed the start line too early, then another over confident sprinter fell off whilst track standing on the line; next to go out was me as I cross the line. (Something to practise for the future).

    The final event an 8 Lap Scratch, this is most definitely not a sprint event so suggested to the other riders we ride thru and off for the first 4 lap at a reasonable pace to stop attacks. This off course didn’t happen but nobody went full gas, however 4 of us got a good gap, this was soon closed down as no one want to pull then after another spurt of small attacks was quickly followed by a sprint for the line, I crossed the line in 3rd.

    With the points from all the events added together I was awarded 2nd spot on the podium and received a lovely Herne Hill T-Shirt as a price, which you will probably see at the next GS-Avanti social function.

    Click here to see some photo of the sprinter and the sprint event on Facebook.

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