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      Lee Staples
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      Neale Napier

      Blimey, that sounds like great fun!

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      Steve Rodgers

      Nice one Lee!
      Has HHV still got its own accreditation process, or has it been updated to support BC?

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      Lee Staples

      On Saturday 25th May took park in round 2 of the Herne Hill Velodrome Sprinter League.

      Have never previously taken part in 200m sprint racing and the shortest distance previously race being on the 10 mile TT variety, you would assume that would be warmed up, raced and back in the bar in an eighty of the time (less than a minute). However, the event is run over 3-4 hours dependant upon number of entrants and with a grand stand for spectator and bar (not sure if open) make its a sociable event.

      The format of the racing is simple and lean, starting with each rider being timed individually over a flying 200m, if a rider is on the optimum path will be brushing their right upper arm on the grandstand railing, before attacking at maximum speed on the back straight and onward to the finish line in-front of the spectator grandstand. For the my first every competition 200m recorded a time of 12.08 seconds (Average 59.6 kph).

      The next round is one lap match sprint heats (500m) which has the riders split into groups of 6 riders based on seeding from the flying 200m TT, luckily (or unluckily) my time seeded 6th so this put me in the A group, but as the slowest of the 6 riders was head to head against 1st ranked ride Albin Geneix (fyi – 2nd v 5th and 3rd v 4th). To beat Albin was going to be tough, he draw the Ace from a deck of cards which meant he was to leadout, which was good news to me as I knew my only chance of winning the heat was sprint into his draft and carry the speed. Halfway round the bend was closing gap to his rear wheel but run out of leg speed when moved out of draft.

      Losing the first heat placed me into the 3-way Repechage (French for fishing out / rescue) against the losers of the other two heats. Pulling the Ace meant I was leading out so planned to keep it as slow and push up the banking to stop an early attack, this failed as both attack underneath earlier and all I could do was follow closely to the line.

      For the final round was to race head to head to against 2nd place from the Repechage Tom, but since winner of Repechage retired, other riders of the repechage got promoted by one slot so no official final round for me and finished 5th overall. But just for Fun Matt took advantage of the vacant head to head slot to race, initially I was to leadout but pushed slowly up the track to get myself behind and whilst in turn 2 with as much height as possible saw an opportunity for a long attack down the banking, underneath and along the back straight. Almost manage to hold the lead but was pipped for the win at the line.

      Was a great 1st experience of sprinting and will be back for next round, weather permitting, on the 29th of June.

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