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      Jonathan Harris

      As Lee said, I did the endurance races (scratch and points) later in the weekend in the C age group (40-44).

      Unfortunately, after a 2018 where pretty much everything went my way, the pendulum swung the other way in 2019. In the scratch race, a couple of riders went with about 2k to go. I hesitated waiting for someone else to take up the chase and by the time someone did, it was too late. Crossed the line for 3rd, which wasn’t what I was hoping for but I was fairly philosophical – you can’t control everything all the time and the legs had felt good.

      On to Sunday and the points race. First sprint, I picked up points for second, but for the second sprint I found myself in a slightly awkward position on the front with 2 and a bit laps to go. Decided to sit on the front and wind it up. This worked ok and although I got jumped on the line, I still took second. Unfortunately, immediately after, when I needed a bit of respite, attacks came in thick and fast and three very strong riders went off the front. I leant on a couple of guys to bridge but they just let the gap grow larger and then I was then left chasing solo lap after lap. I just about made it across, but couldn’t hold the wheels and I just blew up. I knew that that was the race gone and sat up.

      So, some tactical errors and a couple of races that didn’t go my way. I also need to get used to the idea that as World Champion in both disciplines everyone’s looking to attack me and make me do all the work. It did, however, mean that I got to wear an awesome custom World Champ’s skinsuit :O)

      Anyway, onwards and upward. Now looking to the Worlds in October…

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        Lee Staples

        Nice ride, great podium photo and good luck for October.

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      Simon Clarke

      Great stuff Lee. More than holding your own at national level. Well done.

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      Claire Clarke

      Well done Lee, fantastic effort.

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      Simon Parker

      Well done Lee. Great write up and some good action shots.

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      Lee Staples

      This is the big one for the year a 4 day event in South Wales and my first real race event on an indoor velodrome.
      To level the playing field the races are split up into 5 year age groups with the sprint events held on the first two days and the endurance events held on the last two days. I’m only doing the sprint events but another of our club member Jonathan Harris will be doing the endurance events.

      The 1st day of the Sprint events is the Time Trial 1000m for under 40’s; 500m for over 50’s & Ladies; my age group falls in the middle with 750m. I’ve only ridden the 750m TT once before been at LVV with all of my training being the virtual 500m Fuego Flat Sprint section on Zwift. So know how to pace it, press on the pedals as hard as possible until you go pop and then keep pressing as hard as possible on the pedals until you cross the finish line. The real weak point is not having has much experience of Velodrome Gate start but have a rough idea, give the starter a nod to say your ready, try to relax whilst the clock counts down from 12, wait for the beep of 5, 4, 3, Stand Up, Bum Back, throw yourself forward and Go!!!

      Managed to press on the pedals for the 1st lap and most of the 2nd lap before I popped but just hung in there setting a PB for 750m TT of 54.086 seconds an improve of 2.1 seconds from last attemp and enough for 5th place overall. But to get on the podium would need to improve start technique and also ride in TT position rather than drops.

      Click here, here and here for pictures from the event.

      The 2nd day of the Sprint events is the Match Sprint, this starts of with a Flying 200m TT. Being my first visit to GTV although it is standard length 250m indoor velodrome but can clearly see a difference in the transition of the banking from straight to the corners when compare to our local LVV. This basically means the ideally drop down from the top to black TT line is further into the first corner. Not having a helper to push me up the banking meant I had to get myself to the top of the banking not particular easy when riding 52×12 ~113″, didn’t help when rolling out half way up the first corner Tom of SESRacing wishing me good luck, as I looked over slipped down the bank a foot or so. The rest of the build up was fine, jumped out the saddle at the top of banking between turn 1 & 2 sitting down as crossed the start/finish line, getting as low as possible before turning down the banking with a final acceleration towards the black line the starting of the timing of the 200m. Another PB for the flying 200m TT 11.479 seconds and seeded 3rd overall for the Match Sprints.

      First Match Sprint Heat versus John of Bush Healthcare, being my first indoor match sprint and knowing John has years of experience was definitely showing as I unclipped and almost fell before even getting setup on the start line. After a very short delay was back at the start line with gloves saturated in sweat, once the starter set us off John took up a swift pace requiring me to chase, I got into his draft too quickly and had to go high on the track a couple of times to let the gap open again, but was not paying attention as when john started his sprint I tried to pass too early on bend 1 so end up requiring to go a long long long way round the outside. Click here too see too close and here to see long way round.

      Repechage Match Sprint versus Leigh of PDQ coaching, was a lot more relaxed this time round as knew Leigh is also new to sprinting. I held him slow and high on the track for the first lap, he eventually cut under and set off on his sprint which I closed down. Having learn from previous sprint let the gap open a little on turn 1 & 2 on the last lap before going to pass on through turn 3 & 4 and taking my first Match Sprint Victory.

      Semi-Finals Match Sprint versus Tom of SESRacing, who is a previous winner of the Match Sprint and yesterdays winner of the 750m TT. I drew the straw and got the lead out position, I went for the same tactic that had work for the previous match, however was not confidence to ride slow enough on the 42′ banking to keep Tom close to my right hip. Click here for Photo. As soon a gap open Tom took the opportunity to dive under and sprint to the line for the win.

      Minor-Final Match Sprint versus Richard of Blackline, another previous winner of the Match Sprint. Having seen Richard lost his previous Sprint to John by John going hard from the start line for 3 laps, click here for photo, thought I would try the same but Richard just nosed his front wheel across the Finish line first.

      Final position for the Match Sprint 4th, not a podium finish but lots of fun.

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