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      Sam :D

      That’s awesome, well done Lee! That’s really bad luck with the shorts though…

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      Neale Napier

      Nice one and well done. Sounds like fun. Shame about the wardrobe malfunction 🙁

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      Lee Staples

      Another visit to Newport with a car full of bikes and other bike stuff.

      But this time for a smaller 4-day event.

      Once unpacked at Newport it was time to get warmed up and ready for the 1st event match sprint

      For the seeding/qualification of the match sprint seeded 1st for flying 200m. Which was most definitely a surprise, as the front wheel was all over the place in the bends. Once back at the put found this was due to not enough PreLoad on the front axle so tightened this up.

      As seeded 1st meant was going to be easiest route to the final; ie 1st round heat (so didn’t need to take part in Reprecharge), the semi-final was riding against the Reprecharge winner Paul. Paul drew man one but on the start of 2nd lap whilst lower than me slowed so I attacked and gapped him and rolled over the last 150m to win.

      In the final was riding against John McLellan (Current master national champion) he drew man two, but always prefer to ride man one and quick snuck into man 1 position on the first lap. So I kept height and speed on the and each time he accelerated just dropped down and back in behind him. When John jumped to start the sprint I jumped and rode straight past on the outside, gapping him. But when I went to sit down and drive to the line my shorts got caught up on the saddle and wasn’t able to put any power down and got retaken, finishing seconds overall.

      The next event I took part in was 750m TT finished 2nd overall, more than happy with that as the only rider in my group without ski poles on the front of the bike.

      Medal Haul

      Team Turtles was looking for a 3 rider to complete their team for the sprint, so offered to ride man three, but did warn them had never ridden a Team Sprint before. Although we initially held a podium place after the dust settled and all team had run Turtles were 5th overall but still in the top half of the finishers.

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