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    Chris Dines

    14 October is now a club open day – so the more helpers and leaders the better. Richard and Toby are down for that at present.

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    Neale Napier

    Thanks for organising. Soz but I’m away on my slot on 25/11. I’m also away on 18/11 and 30/9 (just for the record). I’m happy to swap for an earlier slot as my next one is going to be swallowed up by the open day on 7/10.

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      Neale Napier

      As discussed on WhatsApp. Neale to swap 25/11 with Adie on 16/12

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    Tony Le Vey

    First, but not the last I hope…. i’m Away next weekend at my school reunion (some classmates I’ve known for 50 years!). Could somebody swap?? I could do 7th October, then I’m away on holiday for 2 weeks so we’re into November…. I’ll also put this on G2 WhatsApp. Apologies all…

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      Chris Dines

      I will step in for your double act with Hamish next week – no problem.


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    Chris Dines


    We have 10 people committed to ride leading for G2 Sundays. I will continue overall coordination – and also deal with any feedback and issues that crop up on G2 Runs. However, we have a great group willing to do this. As you can see from the table below, I have allocated two individuals for every Sunday. It’s great to have two helping each other out when needed – and sometimes people need to withdraw at short notice. I don’t have everyone’s diaries, but if you can’t do a particular Sunday, it’s your job to find someone to swap with. Please use the G2 What’s App group to do that – and if you are not on that, message me if necessary. The What’s App group is brilliant for quick comms.
    The second task is to post up a ride for your event date – people really appreciate seeing what lies ahead. If you don’t know how to do that, again, message on whats app. There is a good range of rides if you are stuck for ideas on the club’s Ride With GPS Account – follow the link.
    The club already has guidance on ride leading. The notes below the table are guidance on pace/standards expected.

    Sunday Lead One Lead Two
    23/09/2018 Chris Dines Neale Napier
    30/09/2018 Hamish Brown Tony Le Vey
    07/10/2018 Neale Napier Chris Moss
    14/10/2018 Richard Bingham Toby Middleton
    21/10/2018 Adie Crothall Hamish Brown
    28/10/2018 John King Chris Dines
    04/11/2018 Tony LeVey Jim Nightingale
    11/11/2018 Chris Moss Richard Bingham
    18/11/2018 Jim Nightingale Chris Dines
    25/11/2018 Toby Middleton Neale Napier
    02/12/2018 Chris Dines Adie Crothall
    09/12/2018 Hamish Brown Tony Le Vey
    16/12/2018 Adie Crothall Chris Moss
    23/12/2018 Richard Bingham Chris Dines
    30/12/2018 Neale Napier John King

    I’d say G2 is for people who are capable of doing a hilly 80 mile sportive at decent pace (certainly sub 5 hours) and can spin “reasonably” quickly up most hills in our area. Averages always tricky, but flat routes 18mph, mixed at 17mph and very lumpy (Kentish Killer stuff) at 16mph. G1 can be a couple of mph more, though it’s really speed up hills and maintaining power which is the difference. G1 can get competitive and you need to be able to maintain quite a high pace in order to not get dropped – particularly on hills.

    People won’t get dropped on G2 (aside from the odd hill and then regroup), and will never be left behind. The focus really is on enjoyable group riding at a good pace. However, Ride Leaders need to tell people if they are pushing too fast for the group, and also politely feedback if the individual needs to work on their fitness to stay at this level. We really want to encourage members to move up and down groups. I am an example of that – when very fit I can participate in G1. Most of the time that speed now stretches me too much – but I still like a reasonably quick ride!

    Thanks in advance everyone.


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