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      Steve Rodgers

      First time out with the club other than cross races since Revolve back in August!
      I had busted my wrist, shoulder and ribs back then and now I’ve been working my way back to longer rides.
      My first 100k ride since the summer – 13k to the start, 13k home and about 75k for the RT.
      Last week I managed a 90k ride with friends and whilst it was fun – the last third after the cafe stop was a slog home – racing against the sunset.
      I had no idea how my legs would be today – but after a nice Friday afternoon lunchtime ride, a cx race on Saturday that for the first time this season – felt pretty good, I set out carefully.
      With nobody at the start committing to a G2 ride I set out with the massed Avanti numbers that were aiming for a G3 pace.
      It was great to see some familiar faces I hadn’t seen in a while – shame that Russ had to drop off early due to drivetrain issues.
      After starting out with the main gang – led by Claire – Nolan and I rode most of the route together after Ide Hill – and had some company by Keith Walker from Wigmore CC – who was super-quick up the hills. Cheers Nolan!
      Carters was a slog – but every bit of vaguely flat road was a treat after that.
      Bacon rolls were so tempting back at HQ – but I did not succumb – I wouldn’t have made it home. I couldn’t risk getting warm and cosy 🙂
      Solo back home via Knatts Valley and then an afternoon on the sofa watching the CX and recovering with a few beers.
      Looking back at previous years – this was my quickest WKRT – covering the 75km in just over 2.5 hours.
      Despite grovelling up Carters Hill…
      Mind you – the weather was the most pleasant from all the years I’ve done this before.
      Good stuff – bodes well for the year. Also pleasantly surprised that my CX bike (1x gearing) with road tyres can cope with a hilly club ride without too much hassle – makes for a great winter bike.
      Colin and Sean rolled in not long after we got to the HQ – clearly going well too. I think the others weren’t too far behind either – good riding, all!
      No local CX next weekend – hope to see more of you next Sunday!

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      Simon Lumsdon

      West Kent RT had a fantastic club turnout with Tony kindly managing the subsidised entry (thank you Avanti). Started out with Claire and the G3 posse but things started fast and by Shacklands i was feeling it. Anyway, caught up with Colin and Simon and then Ide Hill which i do like. Plan was to wait at the top but Colin and Simon rolled on and so did i. Colin disappeared and Simon was tired from Saturday racing so i plugged on solo and soon found myself alone, i think i did nearly 20 miles without seeing another cyclist which was weird, started to worry whether i was on the wrong route but the too of Mark Beech had a gaggle of old boys taking a rest. Kept going and saw a bunch of Old Ports (i think) in front who i eventually passed at the top of Carters. Over Seal, Kemsing, Pilgrims way and soon through Eynsford and back to the cricket club for tea and bacon sandwiches. Made great time and enjoyed the solo effort, a good early season test. Everyone enjoyed it and good to see so many club members out (we had passed G3 and G2 earlier in the ride and they looked to have a good turnout also). Happy new year Avanti

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        Claire Clarke

        Thanks Simon. Great ride today at the West Kent RT-good conditions, not too cold and the roads were the most dry I’ve seen them in ages. After a bit of a split in the G3 group me, Ian G and Tony LeV formed a nice group and managed to ride round the route together at a decent pace, considering it wasn’t the flattest of routes. Nice to see G3 and G4 zooming down Shacklands as we struggled up it! Thanks to my fellow riders for a great ride.

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      Alastair Wood

      9 of us met at the G fully expecting it to be frosty and cold, 4-6 degrees were forecast and potentially overcast. It turned out to be much warmer and a number of us were feeling overdressed, but we set off as one group agreeing to stay together but to put a gap on the narrower lanes for cars to overtake. We followed the same route as 7 December down Polhill, Pilgrims to Kemsing and down to Plaxtol, a loop around Hadlow and East Peckham, back through Plaxtol then A25 then through Riverhead and home. Despite agreeing not to have a fast and slow(er) group 1/2 or A/B it became clear as we approached Plaxtol that group B was not going at the pace that group A wanted so we agreed to split, group A consisted of GrantR, JohnC, Andy Mc, NealeN and AdamD, and as we looked ahead, Grant was disappearing into the distance on a bit of a push, we remained in sight for a bit then they disappeared. Group B ClaireC, SteveB, JulianS and myself still cracked on at a reasonable pace, swapping at the front quite alot which kept things going and enjoying the fast downs, and flat terrain in the Medway valley. On the return there was some discussion of hill climbing and maintaining a steady pace and cadence, Claire appreciated following Julian through PLaxtol on the return trip. After a brief stop at the Plough in Ivy Hatch, we made it back Belmondos not far behind the others in 2 1/2 hours almost to the minute. A thoroughly enjoyable ride on a sunny and not too cold morning.

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        Claire Clarke

        Thanks Alastair for the Sat write up, and thanks to Steve, Julian and Alastair for forming a great group-very enjoyable ride at a good pace that meant I managed to ride again today without struggling!

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      Neale Napier

      Add your write-ups here…

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