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    Steve Rodgers

    Round 2 of the summer cyclocross series was held on Thursday 19th July at Frylands Scout camp.

    Having missed round 1 i was not granted a place on the start grid and found myself back on row 3. This may not sound too bad but due to  the narrow and technical nature of the Frylands course, it left me with a bit of a challnge to get passed riders and up to the sharp end of the race.The whistle went and i manged to clip straight in, which i seldom do, stuck my elbows out, put my head down and charged forward. I had done 2.5 laps of the course before the race and had a good mental map of where i could get passed, and i took full advantage of this. Within a third of a lap i had managed to get passed the riders i needed to and was on the wheels of the people  that i knew would be battling it out for the podium. Game on! I then got embroiled in a battle with a rider from Crawley Wheelers and a guy racing from Sigma Sports. Unbeknown to me at the time, a Vicious Velo rider was off the front and gone. Within the next 2 laps it became apparent where our strengths and weaknesses lay. With 2 laps to go i attacked into a loose, technical section and got a gap on my 2 rivals. I held this until the infamous long, uphill drag, where much to my surprise, both the Crawley and Sigma sports rider passed me. I then messed up a dismount/remount and found myself distanced. After half a lap of hard chasing i managed to get back on. At that very moment the Crawley rider sustained a puncture and dropped out. This left just myself and the Sigma rider with a lap to go. Unfortunately, i lost contact on the long climb and never managed to close the gap.

    Dan, the Sigma Sports rider, and myself shook hands and with dusty faces and dry mouths began the post race banter. It was unclear at the time exactly where we had finished (cross is like that), but we knew it was either 2nd and 3rd or 3rd and 4th. When the results where posted we had indeed came 2nd and 3rd. Though i am kicking myself for being dropped on a climb, i am very happy to finish on the podium.

    Sadly, i also picked up an injury which has now lead to piriformus syndrome and i am not sure if i will be able to make round 3 or even round 4. Very frustrating indeed.

    If a miracle does occur, i hope to see a few more GS Avanti guys at round 3 and/or 4. Cross is a fantastic sport, and the summer series is a great place to dip your toe in. Your ability level does not matter as you will end up in a small group of riders just like you and that is where your race will be. If you have children, then there will also be a category for them too.

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    Simon Clarke

    It seems so early to be thinking about cyclocross, but I’ll put news of races and anything else up on this forum thread. All questions and contributions welcome.

    First up – SUMMER CROSS
    There’s a four race series series on Thursday nights starting on 5th July at Leyton Jubilee Park, then moving closer to us for the next three races. This little series feels like it started out a few years ago with a a bunch of folk turning up in a field for racing and good times. Now it is organised by the wonderful folk at Beastway and got chip timing and all the rest. But it still retains its have-a-go vibe. I might not be able to make the first race, but will try my damnedest to get there. MTBs welcome. More details:

    If the Thursday evening time trials are not your bag, then this just might be.

    Looking at the website, I really fancy their Tour Of The Cornfields too…

    Proper cross looks like it kicks off on 9th September. More news to come as we get it.

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