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    Marek Sasura

    I like the unintentional title of this forum “Cub Runs” – in last weekend’s weather it did feel like we were at the mercy of the elements, just like young cubs in the nature…

    G2 was a band of semi-brothers consisting of Dave, Martin, Hamish, Gary and myself. We had a late start at 9.30 to avoid the worst of the morning rain and for an extra “beauty sleep” (as one of us put it).

    It took us about 5 seconds to agree on the destination – Teapot.

    Despite a later start, it was wet, cold & windy. Almost a madness to go out in such a weather but none of us had been to Teapot since Xmas until yesterday and withdrawal syndromes had been building up.

    It is a great route because it is not very busy and roads are typically in a good shape with no debris or mud from the fields.

    No muffins yesterday though, we upgraded to an apple crumble with custard (courtesy of Mr Dave Rapha).

    Crazy weather but a strangely pleasant day on the bike. Thanks all for a company!

    My ride was 95km, 26.7km/h average and 1000m of elevation, or something like that.

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    Claire Clarke

    Sun G3 – Claire W was unfortunately not well enough to lead today but kindly posted a route for us to follow. Weather wasn’t the best, but it ended up being a lot drier than I thought it would be. I was surprised to see 4 other G3’ers sheltering under the cover of the garage at the ‘G’. We had: Simon P, Ian G, Phil H, Sadie B and me. Straight up Stonehouse Lane soon had us warmed up before heading over to Otford, Seal, Godden Green and Stone Street. Then a loop through Plaxtol, Dunks Green and Yopps Green on some very mucky lanes. We were all pleased to make it onto better roads in Ightham and then headed back to Pilgrims Way and up Old Terry’s Lodge. Riding from the top of here to our cafe stop of the day at Speedgate saw us encounter a few obstacles. Nice hole in the road and mud bath where we had to carry the bikes to get round, then a few minutes later a tree across the road! We battled through and soon after made it to nice warm cups of tea at Speedgate. The downside of this is the downhill after Speedgate in the cold! And the fact that poor Phil suffered 2 punctures within about a minute of each other. Simon P did his best to keep Sadie and me warm while Phil fixed the punctures, I think Ian was jealous!! Last blast home through Farningham and Crockenhill. Thanks very much all for coming out in not the best conditions, hope all the bikes are nice and shiny clean again, mine isn’t! Get well soon Claire W-we missed you today.

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    Neale Napier

    What Nick said for the group I was in 🙂 The scary part was not so much the uphills, but some of the faster downhill sections with gusty side winds. Really unnerving. I for one was tip toeing down some of them.

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      Ian Soper

      G4 had 5 riders out on what was predicted to be a horrible day, Sandra, Sarah, Chris, Charles and Ian. I was leading a run out to the Spadeworks cafe at Offham and with the light drizzle I suggested we took the most direct route along the Pilgrims way via Wrotham Heath. As none of us had been out on the road much over the last few weeks we kept the pace steady but still managed to average 13.6 mph on the ride out. The light rain seemed to be easing and we even saw a brief moment of week sunshine but the roads were mucky and clean bikes were all a shade of grey by the time we reached the cafe.
      We were the first customers at Spadeworks and our first orders broke the till so they had to revert to the old-fashioned method of putting the orders on a bit of paper.
      We set off home and the light rain continued and we realised why we had set such a good pace on the way out. We had to ride home back along the Pilgrims way into a strong headwind but Charles lead for much of the way, so i just sat on his wheel (no change there I hear you say!)
      The average speed dropped to 12.7 mph by the time we reached the top of Polhill but we had covered 37 miles and climbed 1925 feet. A good day out and worth the effort as the weather was much better than forecast.

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    Nick Patow

    The early Saturday ride riders were not put off by the wind or the hilly route this week, with 12 arriving.

    Group selection was fought over to be in a slow group or a slower group, with the attendees split as follows…..

    Neale N, Dave B, Chris M, Will T, Simon V, Jamie L

    Ashley P, Darryl H, John C, Steve B, Tom S and myself

    In the end there was not much in it between the groups over a time consuming ride, with fairly gentle riding between the regular hills. Conditions in the lanes were pretty rotten with loads of debris washed across the roads, so caution was the order of the day.

    The route in being the KK shorter route (plus getting onto it) offered up Stonehouse lane, RowDow, Tinkerpot, Bates, Carters, Hubbards, Ide and Sundridge Hills to amuse the attendees. A mix of gradients and lengths, so undoubtedly something there to please everyone at one stage or another along the way ?

    The pace was right for the conditions and the hills, but coupled with a slightly longer than regulation 40 miles to take in Ide Hill, caused a somewhat late arrival back at Belmondo’s. So late were we that some even had to ride straight past to get home, whilst the others could only grab a quick single cup of coffee. sort about that.

    Well done to all who rode this week, I’m sure you’ll all be feeling the benefit by now !
    The good news is by my calculations the average gradient this week was more than that round the HOTA. It’s just the extra 20 miles that’ll hurt next week 🙂

    For the record I had 76km’s with 1275m of vertical @ 22kph.

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