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    Neale Napier

    Thanks for the ride Nick and crew and thanks for organising even though you’re still getting over a cold. I’ll make the most of the one off experience of not being towed along by you the whole way 🙂

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    Richard Bingham

    G2 Frant: With persistent rain and breezy conditions we cut it short. Turned at Tudeley and made our way back via Tonbridge, Leigh and Ide (enjoyable coffee stop at Ide Hill village stores). Riders out: Graham, Dave B, Hamish, Russ (Part) and me. 55 miles 3,300ft

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    Nick Patow

    The “New Year’s Eve” eve ride brought seven to the G on Saturday morning, John C , Steve B, Lee S, Neale N, Julian S, and Kate a recent joiner to the club.
    The surprisingly hilly flat route (to avoid the big hills), was our ride and after the shock of going over Old Hill within a matter of metres of the start, it settles into the gentle creep upwards to Shampan and over to Tatsfield.

    With yours truly and Kate suffering from the lingering effects of colds, the honours on the front fell largely to others, with JC earning the nickname “Duracell John” from those riding behind him.
    The wind across the top of Tatsfield towards Gangers was really strong, but with a downhill to the A25 and then a return with our backs to it to come we pushed on. Tandridge Lane was pretty mucky on the way down even before we had to negotiate the rubbish the delightful fly tippers had chosen to eject from their moving vehicle along its length. Some people really are a disgrace.

    With wind power now working with us we breezed back across to Pilgrims, where the slight downhill effect and a group of riders ahead proved too much for those still holding a strong charge in their “leg batteries”, and off they went in pursuit. Kate and I, with our own energy sources feeling like they’d lasted as well as a set of batteries from the pound shop, made our way along at a slightly more sedate pace.
    A regroup at the end of Pilgrims proceeded a slow pedal through the biggest puddle I’ve ridden through, spread right across the road and at least 30 yards long. Lee took some photos so maybe proof will emerge ?

    Kate chose to head home at Chevening, as the rest headed over to Dunton Green, then Shoreham, Eynsford, and Crockenhill.
    The final drag uphill started with Neale’s burst of energy,but sadly by his own admission the running out of John’s “Duracells”.
    Up in Chelsfield , all that was left was to close in and overtake a bunch from Big Foot, and then do our best to stay ahead of them down Warren Road before heading for coffee.

    Having said our goodbyes (and Happy New Year), to Julian all that was left was to head to Belmondos.
    Problem, He was shut !
    A bit of deliberating ended with us in the Crescent and taking coffee in the “Cafe with No name”, all very nice in the end.

    An enjoyable ride on a clear but windy morning, thanks to all for their efforts on the front throughout my “mid to back of the pack” ride ! 69km at roughly 23.5kph, with 850m of flat uphill 🙂

    Happy New Year to one and all.

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