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    Phil Gray

    I really enjoy reading these write ups. Great that you take the time to write them! Phil

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    G4 were only four after Dave and Rita split to G3, and Jenny did her own thing. With a flat route divided into two halves if necessary to accommodate a 30 mile ride to Oxted and back, plus an extra 16 mile loop. Fortunately all of us made the longer route. Dave B arrived at Nero’s Cafe Oxted at 11 o’clock, expecting to see one or two Avanti members on their second cup of coffee, lounging in the leather armchairs, but no ! all was quiet on the western front.After 30 minutes he rang to find out where we were, to no avail. Fearing we could be anywhere he sensibly sat it out to midday, then allowed the westerly breeze to blow him home. Lingfield was our destination Dave. Trust the pint of cool nectar when you got home for lunch with Jenny, made up for your disappointment. 46 miles, buckets of sweat. Dave Scudder.

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    Bill Fitzgerald

    First of all, sorry about my typo in the forum heading.
    G1 ride summary.

    G1 & G2 met at the G for the published rides. With only Tony and Andrew out of those expected for G2 we decided to merge groups.

    The group stayed together on the outbound journey via Otford, Kemsing, Ightam then on via Gracious Lane and Baileys (descent).
    After Baileys a gentleman’s agreement saw the groups split with G1 heading off with G2 very close behind.

    G1 reached the garden ctr in good form with a good pace up through Fordcombe and Friars Gate.

    Much coffee, cake and conversation was had at the coffee stop between G’s 1,2 & 3 before we departed.

    We were tapping along at a decent pace across the top of Ashdown when a few cars came too close and with a touch of front/rear wheels Graham Channon took a tumble to the left, but thankfully onto the large grass verge. With a few bruises and undergrowth lodged in this cleats he was ready to go. Dave Barker also needed to make some adjustments and release his lodged chain. G3 passed us during this bit, then we were quickly on our way.

    We made our way home in the intense heat via Hartfield, Cowden, Edenbridge. Graham, Dave and Matt Whale took the Toys route with myself and Chris Moss opting for the slightly longer but more gradual gradient of Ide Hill.

    My ride – 79 miles – 4hrs 44mins – 4,600 ft – Ave speed 16.8 mph

    Hope you all had a good ride


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      Claire Clarke

      Good to see you all at the G1/2 cafe stop yesterday. To avoid the actual G3 group being very confused, we werenโ€™t the ‘real’ G3, we were doing a ‘special’ Pyrenean training ride! Claire

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    Alan Else

    Six riders turned out for another G3 hot ride in the lanes of Kent and Sussex.We set off towards Ide Hill, with Dave B joining us for the first part.A swoop down and around Bough Beech reservoir took us on a pretty route ( pretty hilly!) to Penshurst, Smarts Hill and the back lane, and shady route, to Groombridge.Then skirting the edge of Ashdown Forest, and with beautiful views towards the Weald, we followed a strangely quiet B2110 to Hartfield and the Perry hall farm shop cafe, where we shared a lovely lemon drizzle 🍰. It’s all downhill now ( to the next climb) was the good news for the return trip via Penshurst and Ide Hill. Alan, Phil, Dennis,Sadie, Ken and Rita all kept together in a smooth compact group all day to enjoy a super day out on the bike, with some useful training miles in the legs for Sadie’s upcoming half iron man event. Congratulations too to Rita, upgrading from G4 to fit in well with this group. 86 Kms and 1200m of climbing ( equivalent to riding up Alpe d’Huez from Blurb D’Oisans) at an average of 24.3kph.

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    Chris Dines

    I’ve not been around for a few weeks – Pyrenees (cycling), Italy (site seeing) and Belgium (work, sort of). Over this weekend I’ve been out on my TT bike in the Flemish heatwave – just the same as here, if not higher temps. Fantastic cycling conditions, with traffic free canal side roads, with a beer cafe every few miles. Doesn’t matter how many miles I put in, always put on some weight in Belgium!

    On 8/9/10 of September we have the supported trip to Flanders – will take in the canals, cobbles, bergs and beers. Hope to see plenty in the club giving it a go!

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    Nick Patow

    Having ridden to Rye with Claire Clarke and Mick Coulton on Friday, including 100km or so in the rain, it was on to official Avanti business on Saturday morning, where 17 (I think) were waiting at the G.

    Three groups set off round the route to Shampan, Gangers, Tanddridge, Lingfield, Hever, Ide and Polhill
    As far as Saturday rides go, this is a flat one and therefore a faster one.
    My group of Simon C, Clare C, Paul B, Jim, Yvona V, and Simon Parker scampered round at a sprightly 27kph over the 68km’s with just the 760m of downhill to enjoy.
    We met most of the other riders back at Belmondos, where all enjoyed a well earned coffee in the sunshine.

    Today some Pyrenean training took Claire C, Yvona V, Paul A and Me off to the Ashdown Forest to ride a lovely hilly route at a steady effort/pace. Thanks to Alan Else for the route.
    At just shy of 80km into our ride we were a few hundred yards from the G1/G2 coffee stop, so headed there for lunch.
    The guys were there, and having said hello we headed round the corner to find the shade.
    Before the G’s were leaving, Andrew Spencer and Tony Le Vey jumped ship to push our number for the return journey to six.
    It seemed the lure of our gentle pace and controlled effort was too much to resist after the earlier efforts with G1/G2.

    In the end I didn’t get to finish the official ride, as with time ticking I headed for the most direct route home from the top of Baileys, with Tony and Paul coming too. The not quite fully completed route I rode came out at 131km with 1720m up at the nice and calm rate of just over 23kph.

    Thanks to the Clarke’s for their efforts on the front, Simon on Saturday , Claire today, and to all for the good company throughout a busy weekend (for me), on the bike.

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      Chris Dines

      When are you guys off to the mountains Nick? Hope you are all in good shape, as you can’t blame the weather for any lack of training!

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        Nick Patow

        Hi Chris,
        We’re flying out on the 18th August. I’m sure everyone has been doing the training, but as a mountain debutant myself I’m just hoping that what I’ve done and still got planned will be enough to get me from beach to beach. It doesn’t sound too bad when you think of it as five days to ride from one beach to the next one does it ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Bill Fitzgerald

    Hi all.
    Please let us know how your weekend rides went.


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