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    Charles Lockwood

    G4 were only 4 in number. Sarah, Peter, Dave B and me. The route was one of Dave’s out to Brookside and was perfect for a beautifull morning. Arrived at the Garden centre just after 11 having seen a large group of Avanti riders going (considerably quicker) in the other direction. Very pleasant break which included an odd conversation on Peter’s experience of the menopuase.

    Return journey was equally enjoyable with the small exception of Peter being stung on the face. Brave soldier carried on……..

    Unfortunately our group was split by the traffic lights at Seal. Dave was away up the road and can’t have been aware we were going to go up Star Hill rather than Polhil. In hindsight Polhil would have been a better call as we were stopped by temporary traffic lights on the steep section and had to unclip. My attempts to clip back in were frankly comical. Hopefully all the car drivers I kept waiting were entertained. More practice required. 45 miles at 13.5 with 2800ft of up.

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    Richard Bingham

    Combined G1/2 Basted Leffe in the sun ride. With Chris D succumbing to illness and technical problems uploading the route, we had little alternative other than to combine groups. What a cracking route this is with lovely hidden valleys. Great weather and a coffee stop at the Plough Ivy Hatch where some members also succumbed but this time to a cold Leffe. Felt like we could’ve been in Nice!

    The riders were Jim, Nolan, Gary, John, Johnny, Hamish, Stewart, Tim, Sam, Toby and me. Apologies to anyone I’ve forgotten. I had 57 miles, ave 16mph with 3,700ft

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      Ian Soper

      G3 had a good turnout of 9 riders for a ride out to the Isle of Grain to try out a new cafe by Cliffe lakes. Usually when i lead the club out to East Kent i am the only one who knows where they are for most of the ride but today we were joined by old member Ade, who now lives in Gravesend but has rejoined the club. This meant that i had a lot of help leading, and as this was going to be my longest ride for many months this was much appreciated.
      We took the usual rout out through Eynesford, over Speedgate, around New Ash Green, over longfield hill and on through Meopham and Cobham before dropping down onto the marshes. We took the scenic route around the lanes to Cooling castle and then through the village of Cliffe before finding the cafe down a side road. The gravel approach road to the cafe was a challenge for all except Steve, who, ever looking to make club rides just that little bit harder, was out on his new CX bike, complete with 32mm knobbly tyres. he was suddenly in his element and shot down the descent with ease.
      The cafe staff were very welcoming and some of us had the dish of the day, a bap with pulled pork, coldslaw and salad. As it was a wonderfully sunny day we sat outside and enjoyed the view across the lakes. The lakes are used for dry and wet suit diving and it is rumoured that at the bottom of the lake is a hunter jet fighter, a double decker bus and other assorted vehicles for the divers to enjoy.
      The ride back was at a steady pace as for some of us it was the longest ride for some months.
      Ride length: 65 miles.
      Average speed: 14.7 mph.
      Climbing total: 3009 ft.

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    Sam :D

    I joined the G1/2 ride that headed out East- it seemed to be a nice route that I haven’t done before and will have to go that way again!
    I had to be back for 11:30 so turned after only a hour and a half. Unfortunately my bike had an existential crisis just after I’d started to climb up to Pilgrims which sent me somersaulting over the bars (or at least where the bars should have been)
    Amazingly I escaped with some small patches of road rash and an impressive bruise, and a couple of riders coming the other way stopped to make sure I was OK.

    After that I shouldered what remained of the bike and made my way to the Chequers Inn (it was still closed-circuit d’oh!!) to wait for my housemate to pick me up. I could even fold the bike into the boot of the car without taking seats down!

    If anyone has a spare fork they could lend me, or a 52-54cm bike for the next couple of weeks (hill climb weekends!!!!) I’d be very grateful!

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      Steve Rodgers

      As mentioned on Facebook – you can borrow the from The Shadow – a very nice Spin full-carbon job – similar to the Enve forks.
      I’ve sent you pics and I’ll measure the steerer that’s on it.
      You’re also welcome to borrow that bike – it’s a 55cm – although I wouldn’t use it for longer rides.
      I’m retiring it – stripping the parts off the frame (winter bike) as the chain stay suffered some serious rub when a spoke broke.
      I rode it quite a bit after that but I figure it’s come to the end of its life.
      The frame itself is as light as my Kinesis Aithein.

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      Simon Clarke

      Hi Sam, That sounds like a nasty one. And could have been a lot worse for you. Anyway i have a spare fork, but it has a tapered steerer. 1.125 to 1.25 inches. It has come from my old Ridley Damocles which was a great bike, but I killed the frame when out with the club one weekend.So, if the fork fits it’s yours. And I might have a headset too.

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      Chris Dines

      Sam – really sorry to hear that The Trek presumably? Glad your OK – let’s see if we can a bike sorted!

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    Nick Patow

    A big Saturday turnout today, twelve attendees as follows…… Graham C, Dave B, Lyle P, Simon P, Simon C, John C, Russ K, Steve B, Martin D, Lee S, Alistair D plus Me. A two group strategy was established, and off we set as a couple of pairs of six towards Rushmore then over to Ide Hill. Our climb of choice to the summit of Ide was Back Lane, where Steve B fresh from his hill reps on Mt Ventoux set the pace.

    The long descent down Ide Hill and run down to Bough Beech brought us unexpectedly right into the middle of the Hever Castle triathlon. Little did we know we were to enjoy their company for pretty much all of the next 20km of our ride. They cut a corner, but we picked them up again just before Penshurst where a choir was singing us all along, whilst others were offering the chance to snatch refreshments at the “ride through” refuelling station (GC took advantage of this before anyone could spot he wasn’t competing as I understand it !). That said, the Avanti competitive instinct had already shown itself………….

    Having regrouped just before we came across the triathlon, it didn’t take long (about 300 metres in fact), for the Avanti big guns to glide to the front and then into the distance to show those boys and girls in their trunks how this cycling business is done. The three providing the 20km lesson to the triathletes were Graham, Dave and Russ, and weren’t seen again until just after the turn for Bayley’s.
    The nine of us who regrouped at the top of the hill at Mark Beech, rode together as best we could in and amongst the range of abilities making their way round to their run. With our regrouping at a number of points, we found ourselves overtaking the same people again and again, so I’m sure they were quite pleased when we turned off for Bayley’s to leave them to it.
    Now with three waiting here, we were twelve on the road, but the lane was quiet so it wasn’t a problem to stay as a group before the climb itself stretched us out again. Regroups here and at the top of Polhill set us up for the final flurry down to Belmondos, where we were lucky enough to enjoy some late morning sunshine with our coffee.

    A lovely morning for a quiet ride in the lanes, possibly spoilt a little bit by the Hever triathlon organisers not checking their route with me before putting their sign’s out! I’m sure they’ll be a bit more considerate next year 😉

    Thanks to all today for the good company, both on and off the bike. Good to see Martin again after quite while away from the Saturday ride, and nice to see Mick C, Dave H and Sam D stopping off from their respective rides to join us for coffee.
    My numbers today were 67km, at 26.9kph with 864m up.
    Enjoy your rides tomorrow, and see a dozen or so of you next weekend for the Whitstable adventure.

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