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    Denis Moriarty

    8 of us were at the Green on this Sunday’s damp but mild morning. As Alan and Ken were the only G3 riders it was decided that both the 3’s and 4’s would ride the G4 route.
    The Bumps is a route that I grew up with at Avanti and is one that appears to have been rarely ridden in recent times. We set off heading over to Chipstead soon following Back Lane to the top of Ide Hill. Turning left we followed the undulating road with ‘no name’ from the top of Yorks Hill to the top of Bayleys. Only Lee P screamed his disapproval at this point shouting a very audible ‘18%’ on the third bump after looking at his Garmin.
    Once Lee had got over the shock we headed across to Heaverham picking up our next challenge ‘Old Terrys Lodge’. We re-grouped at the top and head off to Speedgate for well earned coffee and some large all in breakfast baps.
    All in all, a very good ride with good company and without incident despite the weather and mucky lanes. Thanks to those mentioned together with Charles, Brian, Dave S, Pete.
    Circa 40 miles at 13.5mph, 2900 feet

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    Marek Sasura

    Saturday Ride – Gary, Julian, Simon (a new member) and Marek. SimonH missed us by a couple of minutes.

    We followed a route designed by Nick which took us to familiar places via roads and lanes I had never seen before.

    En route we bumped several times into Johnnie Owen and Guy riding in a renegade group including a blistering attack which lasted about 35 seconds until traffic lights put a stop to it. It was good to see them (Johnnie and Guy, not the traffic lights).

    A very chilled ride, lots of chatting and a bit of racing up Ide Hill.

    Thanks to all for a company, Gary for leading and Nick for the route.

    My stats are 87km, 27.3km/h, 1000m, 132bpm, 240W, 2700cal, 8C.

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    Steve Rodgers

    Sounds like I missed a great weekend – glad the inaugural Tour de Whitstable went well – despite the flustered start at the G.
    Well done everyone!

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    Nick Patow

    Tour de Whitstable.

    Stage 1. The hills are alive to the sound of music.

    The sun was shining, and the days forecast was much better than expected, a great start.
    The 9:30 meet brought most to the G in good time to load their bags and get ready for the 10am Grand Depart. Russ however, rolled into the car park at just about 10, and rushed around to get ready in time for the starters photograph. (Can we get a copy posted ?). Picture duly taken, thoughts turned to the honour of leading us out. In the end it was unexpectedly bestowed on Russ’s phone and wallet, which set off in the direction of Whitstable ahead of us all by virtue of being left on the roof of the car that had just brought him to the G. Panic ensued before a pedal crank had turned !

    The peloton set off with Russ’s approval, and Mrs K called back to the G, and we weren’t to see him again until our lunch stop in Lenham some 40 miles down the road.
    Between leaving Russ and meeting again, a new ride option was introduced by Graham in the form of mobile music, so with a heavy base theme to ride to and share with the Kent countryside, we pushed for our food stop. On arrival, the good news was quickly shared that Russ, his wallet and his phone were now travelling together once more ;-).
    Over lunch we were to hear the items were reclaimed a stones throw from the start on the Green Street roundabout. Quite lucky, but at least a happy outcome. Lunch was taken in Pippa’s Tea Rooms, a quirky shop dating back to the 13th century. Large portions were enjoyed by all, with a couple of double portions consumed on my table. No names mentioned.

    40 miles done and 25 to go it took a while to get the legs going again, not helped by the regular uphill sections as we made our way “down” to the coast. With Angus providing excellent support, we were now riding as a complete touring party, regrouping regularly whilst not pushing the pace. A moment of stupidity by a corsa driver nearly caused a big accident as it begun its overtake without any hope of finishing it before the bend. Needless to say it came face to face with a transit van, who needed to steer into the verge to avoid an impact, whilst Colin and the others at the front our our line had the car cutting back across at them with inches to spare.

    The surprisingly mountainous descent to sea level had us going up and down pretty much all the way into the hotel car park. I had a starva restart problem, but an average of our data puts us at about 112km, 1350m of up and just shy of 14mph.
    Showers next, and a 7pm regroup for dinner was agreed. The spare time was ours to enjoy as we saw fit, with rumours of GC being on his third pint at 6:45 filtering through. 7pm arrived, and we made our way to the Ship Tavern down in town for our pre-booked food – a massive lasagne accompanied by buckets of chips, salad and bread to be shared amongst the hungry bunch. The ride and the the carb count took its toll, and across the board early nights ensued, but not until agreement was made to breakfast in the hotel due to the weather forecast.

    Stage 2 : A day for the breakaway……

    Breakfast brought us together for our first look at the murky conditions we were going to enjoy until close to Yalding, two thirds of the way home. Bags went in the van, rain jackets went on and we were ready for getting wet. What we had to deal with also was a head wind all the way home, which made this a tough ride.

    Wet within a mile of the start we suffered two punctures in the first 10 miles (Russ and Colin), and even with our support van they seemed to take an age to fix (probably because we were waiting in the drizzle). One fixed, but Colin’s hand went up almost immediately after the restart and brought us to a stop less than a mile along the road from the first.  Simon L who was at the front after the first puncture restart “attacked” the peloton as it came to a stop to wait as it does for it’s “yellow jersey”, and wasn’t seen again until Yalding.

    As with the first day, we had a interesting route taking us down many a quiet lane, some where the grass in the middle of the road could do with a more regular cut !
    With the weather and the rural nature of our terrain today we were getting pretty mucky. Eventually the lanes brought the 11 strong group to a short stop, and some time with the van where the collective decision, based on time and general wetness was made to skip lunch. Some changes of clothes, restocking of bottles and take on of food supplies set us up for the push all the way home.

    Collecting Mr L as we crossed the bridge in Yalding brought the touring party back up to 12, although a cat and mouse game seemed then to ensue as Simon skipped the regroup stops to push home for his family commitments. (hopefully fulfilled). So after 104km into the wind, with 1000m uphill at 24kph, but with a hefty 5:45 hours elapsed time we made it back to the G. A tough but enjoyable day.

    I’ve seen an email chain forming this afternoon/evening, and it’s fair to say everyone has really enjoyed their weekend. Firstly, Many thanks to Tony and Graham for all their work in bringing this together, and to Angus for the fantastic support. Secondly thanks to all for the great company on and off the bike throughout, as well as the turns on the front in the wind today and the support of each other right through the group. It was great to be part of a large mixed ability group riding so well together and for each other. Looking forward to the next Tour, although I’d suggest booking one with two sunny days next time !!!

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