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    Sarah Cvjetan

    Thanks for a great ride Ian. Hills are good for us😀

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    Tony Le Vey

    Quite an eventful ride for G3 Gruppo Due: Claire W, Sadie B, Alethea L, Simon P, Phil H, Denis M and me… One of those days…

    After setting out from a slightly chilly G just a few minutes after G3 Gruppo Uno, we progressed at a steady tempo through Knockholt, Brasted and up through Brasted Chart to Ide Hill… layers came off as the temperature rose… luckily for me I was wearing my summer short sleeved top. Unfortunately, I had the deep winter thermal underneath it!… so far so good…

    Past a very picturesque Bough Beech and on we went, with the heat gently rising. Just near Fordcombe (Hedge Barton?), Phil ‘the puncture’ Hookway hit his stride… Puncture #1. Luckily, he was ably assisted by Denis ‘cycle repairman’ Moriarty, who seemed to have more tools in his pockets that I have in my shed! Job done… on we go…

    Across and down the ‘Col de Groombridge’ to puncture #2 near Groombridge Place, courtesy of Alethea. Denis again to the fore, ably assisted by Simon P with encouragement from the rest of the group. First tube in… doesn’t inflate… (counts as #3), second tube in… everyone happy and on we go.

    After a slight split, with the lead party heading off course, we re-grouped before Hartfield, just in time for puncture #4 – Denis himself… one mile from the tea stop. A slight hole in the tyre was patched on the inside, tube in and off for a cuppa… not before we’d waved the G2 KK testing faction on their way.

    The other G3 group had already left. A good tea-stop as Claire reported… one we should use again when we go down that neck of the woods…

    Considering what had gone before, the return leg was just a normal, uneventful, ride home via Chiddingstone and Baileys Hill, regrouping along the way. A group effort up and over Polhill saw us home in time for a slightly late lunch and a well-earned beer (for me anyway).

    According to my Garmin, I finished at the top of Baileys… others in the group had roughly 58 miles, 4400’ish ft of climbing at just under 14’s… not too shabby all in all…

    Fantastic weather, fantastic company, good banter and a great route by the way…

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    Claire Clarke

    Sun G3 – amazing turn out at the ‘G’ this morning, funny what a bit of sunshine does! I think we had about 12 G3 riders, too many for my brain to remember all the names, sorry. Luckily a few other volunteers stepped forward to lead a second group so we split into two smaller groups of 6. Thanks very much to Claire W etc for leading the other group. My group had a lovely ride in some awesome sunshine, if slightly chilly to start with. We headed out to Groombridge and Hartfield using some lovely quiet lanes, before stopping at the Orchard tearooms, part of Perryhill garden centre I think. I’d never been here before, definitely worth a visit; good food, service and very bike friendly. We headed back home via Chiddingstone and Baileys Hill. Unfortunately the 2nd group were held up with rather a lot of punctures so we never saw them again after the start-sorry all.
    Don’t forget, KK next weekend, if you haven’t volunteered to help it’s not too late, we could still really do with some extra helpers. Either comment on here or email me at and I will pass your name on. Thanks.

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      Ian Soper

      i left home in thick fog but as i drove to the Green I left the fog behind and arrived at a very crowded pub car park. I was leading G4 to the cyclopark and 12 of us set off in sunny but cool conditions. i took my usual route out via the back lanes to Eynesford, then up to Speedgate and on via New Ash green and further back lanes to the top of longfield Hill.We stayed high through Meopham and Cobham before taking the A2 cycle path down to the cyclopark for lunch. It was at this point that some of the G4 regulars told me that when Dave B takes them to the cyclopark he has a much flatter route, but no=-one could remember the route!
      After a lunch sitting out side in the warming sunshine I took my usual route home via Southfleet, Longfield, South Darenth, Crockenhill and more back lanes back to Orpington.
      Sorry for the hilly route and if anyone knows Dave’s route please let me know for the future.
      Distance: 43 miles.
      Speed: 13.2 mph.
      Total climbing; 2231 ft.

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    Claire Clarke

    The ‘other’ in the 2nd group was Jim N! Thanks for the route Nick and glad to hear your 4 made it back OK, bad luck with the punctures. Thanks to my group for a great ride especially those who took big turns on the front. The sun eventually appeared as we were on our way back!

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    Neale Napier

    Brilliant write up Nick and very true about the coffee. Revenge is a dish best served hot it appears 🙁

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    Nick Patow

    The Early Saturday Ride attracted 16 riders this morning, drawn to the G by the flattish route and the promise of some early Spring sunshine no doubt.

    Group One – John C, Andy Mc, Simon V, Russ K, Neale N, Julian S, Ed W and Me

    Group Two – Steve B, Tom S, Claire W, Claire C, Jamie L, Grant R, Rob G (Briefly I understand ?), and one other ??? (sorry, can’t remember who !)

    We set off up Cudham Lane before making our way across to Shampan and on to Tatsfield and into the fog.
    Down a mucky Tandridge Hill Lane didn’t deliver us to a place beyond the fog, and after a stupid overtake attempt in that said fog, we split to two groups of four for safety reasons.

    In continuing as fours, approximately 100/200 yards apart, we made our way down to Lingfield then on towards Hever. However before we got there my four riding as the second bunch suddenly was only two. Simon and I stopped and retraced our steps as the four ahead carried on totally unaware. We found Andy and Russ hard at work fixing Andy’s puncture. A few minutes later the second bunch cruised past as well, and continued with our blessing having checked we were ok.

    So back on the road, the four of us pushed on thinking we might catch the others at the usual banana stop in the Hever Castle car park. No luck there. No luck two minutes further down the road either, as Simon punctured !

    Consigned to our fate we got rolling again, with the revised goal of making it to Belmondo’s before everyone else had left. This time however we were in luck, with four waiting to greet us in the sunshine.

    Amusingly for us they hadn’t actually been served, but soon after our arrival that was remedied. Poor Neale having been there all this time then had to watch as coffees arrived for all us late arrivals before he finally got to sip his own.

    Despite the punctures it was a very enjoyable ride, thanks to all for the good company today.

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