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    Richard Liston

    Thanks all for the get well wishes. I am recovering, slowly. I’ve not ridden since Sunday. When I got home my shoulder blew up and the pain/swelling spread to my neck (Jo, that slight swelling you spotted on my shoulder grew and grew).
    I almost have full range of movement back now with only a residue of pain remaining. I plan to test things out at the coaching day at the Cyclo Park on Saturday, where I will difinitely be playing wingman to Lee.

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    Denis Moriarty

    As Mick said, big struggle for me in the heat on Sunday, so much so that my Garmin auto paused on Bayleys I was going that slow!!! Huge thanks to the group for waiting and particularly those that dragged me up most of the hills on the ride. Note to self when its that hot go to the beach.


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    Michael Coulton

    A good turnout for G3 on this very hot ride with 14 riders at the G. We split into two groups of seven the first group Dennis M,
    Keith C, Simon P, Shubnash C, Joe S, TonyL, and myself. Second group led by Claire C with Jim N,Alan E, Phil H, Andrew S, Richard L and his friend Anitan. A very enjoyable ride out getting caught up in the Hever triathlon where we were cheered on offered drinks energy bars shouts of encouragement and waves by people watching. Quite a lumpy ride out with a nice steady pace and well riden by all. Unfortunately Richard came off on loose gravel in the second group and got the train home with his friend at East Grinstead.
    Hope your ok Richard and soon back on the bike. Everyone said they had not seen the Llamas at the park so I asked the boss if we could meet some after our lunch. So afer lunch he brought out two Llamas for a G3 group shot.On the return journey Dennis was struggling with the heat so we nursed him back home with Bayleys hill to round of the lumps. Keith ran out of water again so he asked at Larkins Brewery to fill his bottle with water not Ale. I really enjoyed this ride with a great group and good riding all round. The second group came past while we were waiting for Dennis to have a breather. Thanks to all for a great ride.
    60 miles 15.5 av 4500ft climbs
    group Llama pic attached.

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      Claire Clarke

      Thanks Mick for a lovely route, and arranging the special appearance of the llamas! Thanks also to my part of the group, good riding in hot conditions. Richard-hope you’re recovering. Cheers, Claire

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    G4 to West Malling via Ightham, Basted and Crouch proved an interesting alternative than Trottiscliffe and Addington. Sandra’s friend (John?) punctured at the bottom of Basted Hill, 4 Inner tubes but no tyre leavers. Steve Chivers entered the affray with skill and knowledge we were soon on our way. When reaching our destination we struggled to get all 8 of us seated. “High Dave” came a familiar voice from a table of swimmer cyclists, Danny (hardman) Hardcastle made an impromptue appearence after many years of non show. He rode London to Edinburgh non stop a few years ago. Our return journey was almost uneventful until Jenny came off her bike due to a patch of gravel at the bottom of Basted Hill.” No sweat “she announced brushing off the gravel from her arm. At the far end of Pilgrims Way we had lost Dave, despite sending out a search party, he arrived with only one pedal, his other, complete with crank in his pocket. Steve again came to the rescue, leaving us to finish the ride in tact. 45 miles,13+ mph,1500ft climbing 15 minutes behind schedule, no socialising this week.

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    jo stephens-smith

    Richard, glad to hear you got home OK. Hope you are feeling better today and you heal quickly.

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    Richard Liston

    Hi Steve. Definitely no TT for me on Tuesday. Sadly. Enitan really enjoyed it and commented that we are a really great bunch. He did struggle on the hills though.

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      Steve Rodgers

      Speedy recovery then – take care!
      Enitan – he’s a big, strong rider – looks perfect for track!
      He’s got to be good on the flat too – TT potential? 🙂

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    Steve Rodgers

    Today’s G2 dirty half-dozen was Sam, Chris, Russ, Sean, William and myself.
    Lots of folk away and lots of folk out early to avoid the heat.
    I took us around a modified version of our original G1 open day route in an attempt to avoid traffic and chase the shade.
    I’m still roasting hot at home on the sofa with a beer.
    Mega-hot sun was a real drain, but lovely breeze and shade raised the spirits nicely.
    Hills-a-plenty, but nothing too severe, other than the mighty Birling Hill.
    We were all out of water by the time we got to the top.
    I started the climb slowly – drained by the heat – and caught up with the others near the top.
    William had shot off quickly and taken a break near the top – it’s a toughie.
    I decided to forego the Speedgate stop, and we stopped at the local shops at Vigo – very classy – but very convenient with cold water and drinks to cool us down in the shade before heading on.

    We skirted around Brands and with a little misunderstanding I turned left and the others turned right.
    By the time I realised they hadn’t come with me I turned around and was only able to see them speeding away down the A20 towards Farningham.

    100km ride 25.6km/h 1400m climbing
    Thanks for the company and efforts today all!

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    Richard Liston

    I cashed, falling foul to gravel on a fast corner. Bruised and battered and very sore down my left side, but fine now home and rested, and he bike is ok too. Thanks to Claire and Phil for nursing me through to the Llama Park, and for Andrew, Claire and Enitan for coming to my aid after the SoS went out. Tain home from East Grinstead.

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      Claire Clarke

      Hi Richard. Thanks for letting us know you made it home ok. I hope you’re ok, a few days of rest and I’m sure you’ll be back to normal. Cheers, Claire.

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      Steve Rodgers

      Sorry to hear about the crash, Richard!
      I guess that means no TT for you on Tuesday?
      Hope there’s not too much road rash and you can get moving again quickly.
      How did your trackie mate get on today?

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    Nick Patow

    and England into the semi’s weekend 🙂

    A lovely morning presented itself for the early Saturday ride along with thirteen riders , all slightly sweaty from the modest efforts of getting to the start. It was going to be a hot one.

    The split today saw a group of ten set off happy to push on at a slightly faster pace, whilst Mick C and Dave H were content to take things a little slower.

    Having failed to restart my garmin at the G my efforts up Cudham Lane were to be lost forever, before we dropped down to the A25 and then onto Chart Lane to climb to the top of Toys Hill.

    A quick regroup just over the top of Toys brought us back together, before we headed out to Hever and up to Mark Beech. Bananas were taken at the top, with the smart members opting for the shady side of the street.

    After a small delay when Keith parted from his sunglasses briefly, we continued to our furthest point from home, Chiddingstone Hoath, with all riding well despite the rising temperatures.

    Back through Chiddingstone village, before on to the creep up to Bailey’s we became nine, as Keith made the call to plot his own (more direct) route home. For the hill itself, I was nicely positioned miles off the back, but Strava tells me Gary P took honours.
    After the extended rest I was kind enough to facilitate for the group we got moving again, but this time not straight back to the G via Polhill. Today, it was down to Riverhead, before turning for Otford, with the sneaky cut through to dodge the “ever present” traffic lights at Dunton Green causing a bit of concern in the peloton for the minute or so we were off the route.
    The top of Shoreham High Street again presented something new, with a right for once to take us up the first bonus hill, Cockerhurst Road. The second saw us break off Rock Hill and up Firmongers Road, before rolling round and up to Chelsfield and on to the finish.

    In the end six sat down for coffee, where we discovered the Belmondos Iced Coffee, a very nice alternative to the regular hot types on a day like today.

    Thanks to all for the great company today as well as the efforts up front, and to Claire who bought my coffee.
    With my Garmin error, I’m claiming the ride stats from Grant’s ride……65km @ 24.4kph with 926m of enjoyable downhill.

    Come on England !!

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