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    Keith Cooper

    G3 ride was to four Elms lead by myself. Well mostly really we were six I and Philip H. Alan E . Sadie B. Clair W. Denis M.
    The morning weather was more than reasonable for the time of year. And mild. So there was a few bikes without Mudguards.. but later on in the day we was wishing that they was on. As we got further into the lanes with the early for and it must of been spitting with rain . We had a few complaints.. we haven’t got Mudguards..whoops
    They were right.. anyways after riding one of Alan Eles’ s routes which we thank him for it was just perfect for the time of year. Not to long I did turn right to soon at one point and the group just sailed past .. lol the cafe was mostly cyclists
    With just enough space for us.. On the return journey we come back via The lovely Bayleys how could I forget.
    And managed to go to the top without braking my Clavicle
    Not a cab ride home to do.. was an enjoyable ride with plenty of banter.. about some little blue pills.. yes I have no idea.. . Shame about the accident in G2.. hope it all go’s well with recovery and bike of course.

    Elev was 4150

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    Determined to make a start after suffering a harsh cough and mucas attacks Jenny and I did a short non stop to Biggin Hill. Unfortunately the fog at the top of Westerham Hill was really thick. Despite front lights both cyclists and cars mistook us for Pheasants (not the glorius 12th you know) Return to base was our desired intention. Good shout Jenny ! Came back and watched the proper winter sport, Biathlon Now there’s a thought, cyclists with rifles on their backs. Happy New Year to all AVANTI MEMBERS.

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    Dave Barker

    The G2 ride to Leybourne Lake was led by Neale and promised (or was that threatened) to blow away any cobwebs and help shed a few pounds put on over Christmas. Up for the ride rocked Neale, Graham, Gary, Martin, Hamish, Colin, Vinnie and yours truly.

    A climb straight out up Vine Road and the Windsor Drive woke us all up and set the theme for the day: hills and more hills. Continuing up Well Hill, then Fackenden, then Tinkerpot, then … well you get the idea. All pretty social and lots of chat all the way to the lake in Snodland. Roads were damp, lots of gravel and tree debris in the lanes so pace was suitably slow to take account of the conditions.

    All was going well until the last descent down Birling Hill. A particularly slippery bit of tarmac on the inside had a few riders fish tailing, and ultimately Martin’s bike slid out from underneath him triggering those following to find alternative lines to avoid joining Martin sliding down the hill. Colin was 20 yards back from this and while trying to brake to avoid the carnage unfolding in front of him also went down. After patching up Martin’s bike as best we could we made it down the rest of the hill to a local garage with a costa coffee to decide what to do next.

    Martin’s knee wasn’t in good shape after trying to use it to keep himself upright (think MotoGP stylee) and with a damaged wrist it was a phone call to his missus to be picked up. Colin was already sporting purple bruising but being a tough Scot elected to ride on. I suspect if his leg was hanging off he would have still continued. We climbed back up Birling on the way home, all 1.6 miles of it, and then a few more hills till we got to Row Dow where we split. Graham, Gary, Vinnie, Hamish and me continued down the hill to Pilgrims Way with a view to avoiding any more treacherous descents. Neale and Colin didn’t follow down the hill so guessing they wanted to stick to the planned route for the last few miles and retrace the route out.

    Great route but in hindsight was probably more suited to better weather and road conditions than we had this weekend.

    Wishing Martin and Colin a speedy recovery and if you see them out at any New Year’s parties please be kind and don’t laugh at their dancing, let’s pretend it’s their injuries.

    Happy new year to everyone!

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      Hamish Brown

      Nice write up Dave B !
      Happy New Year Y’all…

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    Charles Lockwood

    G4 Sunday. 6 riders waiting at the Green (Alethea, Rita, Chris, Steve, Dave and me). After exchanging completely valid seasonal excuses (over ate, drunk too much, recovering from a cold, not been out for weeks etc etc) we set off for Brookside. The roads were pretty greasy but quite quiet and we made good time along Pilgrims Way to Ightham and up Basted Lane. Plough Hill certainly warmed us up but we stayed together well. We arrived at fairly quiet Brookside in time for breakfast. You could still go to the Grotto (no Santa) for only £2 but we didn’t have any takers.

    After a good chat and refreshed we headed home via Plaxtol and Polhill. A little bit strung out due to Christmas excesses but all finished in one piece. Nice way to finish 2018.

    I clocked 48 miles at 13.5 mph and 2700 ft of up.

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    Grant Rendle

    Thanks Nick for being a great Saturday leader. Thanks for all your effort in 2018.

    Happy New year to you and all the Saturday gang.


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    Nick Patow

    The Saturday rides finished 2018 with a re-run of a route first ridden on NYE 2016. It’s a hilly adventure, but still 12 arrived at the G keen to tackle it (and the extra kilo or two round now sitting around the waistband).

    Additionally, a second Saturday ride was meeting, with Claire W, Mick C, David H plus Mr S and Mrs S Parker heading out for a leisurely

    With me for the published route were Adam D, Simon V, Julian S and Russ K.

    The “slower” group was Neale N , John C, Steve B, Alistair D, Andy Mc, Grant R and Tom S.
    I say slower group based on the reluctance to join the first group away, with seven, not six holding back claiming the need to take things easy.

    With me on the front of our five however, it proved never really to be enough to get away from the “easy riding” magnificent seven !

    We first had them catch us at the bottom of Bower Lane, where they were gracious enough not to overtake us ! After the steep bit a little bit of pressure was applied at the front, but they were still with us at the top.

    Next time we looked back they weren’t there, so content in the belief we’d “broken them” with our push on the latter stages of Bower’s, we continued happy, without the pressure of an imminent fly past from the seven.

    Along Pilgrims, up Bates, and over to the Snail pub/restaurant we headed before Simon’s bottle came flying off, and a convenient banana stop presented itself. As Simon joined us, we learned the cage had actually fallen to bits ! Needless to say it wasn’t long before those taking it easy rolled up to us, so determining we had to get going again !

    Across to Ide Hill, down to Sunridge, and up Star Hill to Cudham would bring us home, and down to coffee, taken today in Poppy’s due to the Christmas closure of Belmondo’s. Maybe it was the venue, maybe the effort on the road, or maybe even the conditioning of “eating loads” our bodies have settled into over the last week, but a lot more food was consumed this morning than the regular post ride stop ??

    Well done to everyone, across both groups for what was a pair of very similarly paced rides, and thanks to those in my group for the good company once again. It was great to meet up with Claire’s group in Poppy’s too.

    For the record, I had just short of 72km, @ 24.9kph with 990m of climbing.

    Have a great New Years celebration and see you all in 2019.

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