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    G4 to Tulley’s Farm, Turners Hill was a pleasure to lead. With mixed abilities we resolved the pace differential by sharing the escort duties between the faster riders, who stopped at prearranged points en route. With a strong headwind on the way out the escort’s legs were tested as if riding your turbo trainer, (no freewheeling down hills) Steady progress was made, all arriving on time before the masses. After a nice lunch in the sunshine The return journey allowed us all to hoist the sail and speed home. The dash along Gatwick Road and Pilgrims Way was particularly exciting. My Garmin was malfunctioning, but 65 miles at 13+ mph, with some recording 14+ with 2,575 feet climbing keeping all participants happy with the ride. Dave B.

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    Johnnie Owen

    In the words of Simon Clarke, “I had a weekend of bike” – don’t know how I pulled it off domestically, but Louise is still speaking to me.
    Saturday’s ride was a very pretty loop with gorgeous weather and very good company. New fella, Andrey had to dig in over quite a lot of climbing; he’s just getting back into it and Saturdays route was full of lumps. Most of us took turns keeping him company up those climbs but by Baileys it was every man for himself. Thanks for a great route/ride Steve.

    On Sunday I pootled up for a G2 run out only to find that it was just myself and Jim so we joined G1. Needless to say it was a great opportunity to practice my wheel-sucking! Great to meet Richard Bingham whose name is often whispered in hushed tones around the club – can’t believe he’s 55…he’s all watts that man.
    Smashing route and good company once again – thanks to the two Richards for leading.

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    Richard Bingham

    After a bit of discussion about G1 or G2 this morning, 7 riders set off for Aylesford. A21,down Shacklands and up the Shoreham valley to Horton Kirby. Then Speedgate, up to Ash before the lovely Hartley Bottom Road to Longfield and onto Cobham. The cracking descent to Cuxton did not disappoint. Some riders had turned up on new wheels and a lot of the early chat was on the virtues of tubeless. With plenty of glass around the entry and exit points for the M2 bridge this was soon tested. Amazingly only Ian D punctured but as he had sealant in his tubes just a bit of replacement air did the job. Nice stop in the sun at the Priory where we met up with Lee who advised the level crossing was out and he’d had to go off road! We decided to go back via the new bridge. The choice was then to go back up the A228 to Cuxton or down to Birling and pick up the route at West Malling. We went for the latter but either way a horrible bit of road. The riders were: Ian, Richard S, Jim, Tim, Johnnie, Bill and me with Lee joining us for the return. I had 63 miles,18mph with 3700ft.

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    Simon Lumsdon

    G3 was nine of us, Ash, Sandra, Tony, Mick, Simon, Lee, Ian, Greg and myself. We headed out via Polhill where we picked up Toby, swiftly over Ide and through Penshurst and Fordcombe. A puncture at Groomnridge was swiftly fixed by Toby whilst suffering abuse from myself. Onwards to Frant and nice lanes took us the the cafe in the lane behind Bewl water. We had arrived in the no mans land between breakfast and lunch so had to put up with carrot cake which was actually very nice, although there were mutterings in the ranks regards portion size. Weather was nice but a bit cloudy,, encouraged us to leave and be on our way again. Swiftly back via lamberhurst, claygate, yalding and plaxtol with Mick, Sandra and Toby all taking good turns at the front. We arrived at the top of polhill with 67 miles despatched at 15.8 mph and unamimous agreement of a good route. Thanks to all for great company and a strong ride

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    Steven Butler

    Eleven fully charged hombres: Dave B, Guy M, John C, Simon C, Lee S, Johnie O, Gary P, Colin, Martin and new G2 prospect Andrey met promptly at the G with a cool unpromising start to the day weather wise, which soon became a glorious sunny morning, perfect for a mystery tour of West Kent countryside with no pre- ride route details posted and garmin free. There was a lot of horsepower there but fortunately for me as rostered leader, it was easier to contain group under Saturday regrouping rules with the super fast boys not knowing which way to turn when blasting off…(cunning eh).
    We split into two groups, but within sight of each other for safety reasons and soon became strung out over Cudham Lane and then onto Brasted Chart/Toys Hill to four Elms and sped up to the Larkin Brewery, spun back to Chiddingstone Castle and on towards Cowden then Fordcombe direction but a fast switching back to Penshurst Place. The Avanti Peloton moved swiftly along Hale Oak Farm Road to the Weald where the atmosphere was authentically enhanced with a low circling Helicopter that we clearly thought was filming us for the Tour de Kent. Col de Baileys clearly proved far too much for Guy and Johnie who scampered back off (exhausted and broken men) to Sevenoaks claiming that they lived there, leaving the nine hardy souls for a clear run home without the shackles of the G1 brake!
    We split again with approximate routes to the G agreed and Simon C led the breakaway group of Lee, Andrey and Martin with Dave B as paceman back on the slightly flatter route home. We all sailed through Chipstead at the same time and had various near misses due to traffic and poor road surfaces to name a few of the hazards in the infamous Chipstead triangle. Gary, John, Colin and I opted for Star Hill as a final test, only to find out later over too much coffee at Belmondos that Dave B had already done (allegedly, whilst gibbering insanely) a couple of hill reps here mmmm what was in that second Latte? Apparently, a Chocuccino doesn’t exist, despite Lee’s remonstrations with the proprietor who robustly defended his menu contents – is this yet more fake news and products? I don’t know, I am just COVFEFE the days ride. You will have to draw your own conclusions: very unfair, bad, good, whatever.

    But seriously folks: I believe it was 42 miles, a shade under 3000ft of elevation at av speed of 15.8 mph in old money.

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      Steven Butler

      Slight oversight in the report penned today – it applies to Saturday 3rd

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    Simon Clarke

    I thought I’d start this off.

    So, a quick note from me to say thanks to Steve for leading a great little route that cunningly joined up many of our favourite lanes, but in an order that I don’t think I had done before. As I set off this morning I looked at the stormy looking clouds wondering if we would get a soaking, but the sun came out and turned the day into one that was perfect for a social ride. Good to meet Andrey too as a potential new rider – he did well jumping up from his recent limit of 20 mile rides to our 40 milers.

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