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    Grant Rendle

    With Sunday almost a distant memory I just wanted to chip in by saying thanks to Chris for organising what was a great day. As others have said here, it was good to see so many Avanti colours about.

    I had the pleasure of being pulled round by Rob, who dispite saying he felt tired seemed to go on like the Duracell bunny! Should I really expected anything else?

    With not getting out as much as I’d like it was good to push myself a little, Shame to miss the cake and tea at the end has I had to get home.

    Nice to see a bunch of you on Tuesday down the pub too, but not good see snow!

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    Bill Fitzgerald

    Great turnout from Avanti at the Bexley CC Reliability ride.

    Rumour has it we had around 30 members, it was certainly an impressive site in the club house and in the car park when embarking on the ride.
    With so many riders and others leaving at close intervals we formed quite large groups in the first 5 or so miles, but once the natural split occurred with different group speeds it soon evened out. The front group certainly zipped along at times but overall held together nicely.

    I didn’t record my ride time as it includes my ride there and back, but I think my group completed the 100km in approx 3hrs 40 mins or maybe a bit less.

    I’d like to say thanks to Chris Dines for his uber level of organisation in compiling all of our details and arranging payment. Lining up to register and pay at reliability rides can often take quite a while, so thanks for saving us from that Chris.

    Well done to all that rode. It wasn’t the hardest or easiest of rides, but with Gangers and the long drag up to Godstone it was certainly a good test no matter what.

    Thanks all


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    G4 to Brookside worked according to plan. Two cyclists passed our group along Pilgrims Way, big mistake, we collectively had more power.
    Several overtakes later Steve Chivers gave it the big one to Ightham, with me and several others. Unfortunately we had to stop to regroup at the next junction and bade them farewell.Just before Basted Hill Chris collected a puncture.Following the climb we had problems with a 4×4 down a narrow lane,(what’s new?) then onto the garden centre. We could not believe the queue to the food counter.However Santa’s Grotto was doing a roaring trade. Plaxtol Hill gave our G3 visitor the chance to demonstrate how to climb, with of course two G4’s as passengers. At Polhill we used the safety ascent as the Xmas shoppers were out in full force polluting the atmosphere.42 miles, speed and climbing not recorded.

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    Michael Coulton

    Thanks again to Chris D and the club for sorting our entries for the day. I’m sure Avanti had the biggest club turnout for this event. The G3 group of nine set of shortly passed by the fast group train on the way to Pilgrims who im sure where racing even the traffic! A small breakaway group of Simon L (eager to get 4 hr time) Toby M (turned for home at 4elms) william T and myself.
    when we got to 4 Elms a lost Jo S joined our group also with an old ports rider. We were going pretty well taking front turns William’s turns on the front always 10 meters ahead (maybe trying to stretch our legs a bit more!)
    Stopped for fuel just before Gangers, Simon And Jo suddenly disappeared (eager fo 4 hrs!) So rejoined the main group Then Chris D joined us for a while up an over Gangers on his new Dics equipped winter bike. A headwind back to Horton Kirby for the finish for coffee n cake. The tea ladies had ran out of change so i ended up looking somewhat greedy with cake insted of pound coins for my change but it got eaten in the end with help from others!
    Thanks to all for a great ride.

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    Claire Clarke

    Two amazing days for cycling this weekend. Some new lanes for me on the Sat ride – thanks Nick, great route. Then the Bexley CC RT on Sun – what an amazing Avanti turn out for that. Thanks a lot to Chris D for organising all our entries, and to the club for paying. And thanks to my little group of 5 that formed, I thought we all cycled well together and helped each other out. Lovely route, company and good tea and cake supplied by Bexley CC at the end. That just about got me back home – why did I think it was a good idea to ride to the start and back!! Hope to see some of you at the pub on Tues night – no cycling required!

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    Nick Patow

    Apologies Chris, you did of course join us just after we’d met with Mick and Will 👍

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    Chris Dines

    Brilliant day today – amazing weather for the CC Bexley RT. Used to be held in January – often one of the grimmest rides in the diary!
    Today saw over 30 GS Avanti members taking part, out of a 100 in total.

    I love the route, though forgot about the hill that comes before Gangers – tougher than the latter, which I find harder getting down in one piece.

    I was last leaving the club house at Horton Kirby, having sorted the registration – and then not finding where I’d left my gloves. Cycled without. So, cycled on my own, finally catching Nick’s group at the bottom of Gangers.

    If only all autumn/winter days were like this.

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    Nick Patow

    Two tales to tell this sunny weekend….

    Saturday we had 11 (I think), head off for the 40 miler. Starting up Rushmore with a route across to Old Oxted, accessed by a rarely selected left turn between Oxted (new), and the end of Barrow Green Road. Do you know it ? its worth exploring.

    The ‘new” lanes meandered their way on a slight downhill trajectory towards Edenbridge and back onto more familiar territory. It was nice to ride some new lanes, particularly in the sunshine. Our group split saw Clarie Clarke first off with 5 and my group of 6, and with both leaders riding the following day the pace was nicely under control up front, and dutifully matched roughly 2/300 metres back down the road by my bunch.

    Bananas were taken at Hever castle as we rolled in within a minute of each other before heading upwards to the top of Ide Hill. A particularly good view from the car park on this occasion. Off we set again, and just at the very top, we passed Sam D who was replacing a dropped chain, and waved us on. We didn’t see him again until Sunday morning ! (Although at that point it was confirmed whilst taking longer than expected to sort, he was on his way again after 10 minutes).

    Coffee was taken outside in the sunshine, and whilst enjoyed by all, was restricted to just the one cup due to the underlying temperature settling into our now inactive bodies.

    Sunday, I joined the Bexley Reliability Trial, attended by a massive number of Avanti riders.
    For the most part I was in a group of five with Claire C. Claire W, Simon P, and Adie C we made good progress throughout before collecting Mick C and Will T at a regroup point just short of Gangers Hill.

    A really enjoyable ride today, with brilliant company, and great to see so many Avanti members out enjoying another day of blue skies and sun. It surely cant last much longer can it ? but then again I’ve been thinking that for weeks now !

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