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    Neale Napier

    For the G2 ride, pictures speak louder the words. The first pic, the vote to abandon!

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    Simon Parker

    G3 / G4 Combo

    Due to the weather (and lose of G4 leader) we decided to combine G3 & G4 for a steady foreshortened ride out to Speedgate. We started with a hardy group of 10 including Claire W, Rita, Alethea, Tony LV, Richard L, Ian S, Dave M, Jo S, “New boy” Ian and myself.

    With the rain pouring out of the skys and the wind howling, I managed to encourage everyone out from under the yawning at Central Tyres to confront the elements head-on.

    We headed off up the A21 and out to Shacklands for the decent into Shoreham and then along the A225 to Pilgrims Way, by which time we had lost Dave M to the elements. We then headed directly to Old Terry’s, rather than take the longer route out to Plaxtol and back. We regrouped at the top of Old Terry’s before rolling along the rather unpleasant pot holed lane towards the top of Tinker Pot.

    We arrived at Speedgate, having circled round the back of Brands Hatch, cold and wet to a warm welcome from the Speedgate Ladies.

    Having refuelled and drunk copious amounts of hot coffee, it was decided to take the direct route back to the G via Horton Kirby, Farningham and Crockenhill. It took a fair while to get warm again, vindicating the decision to take the direct route back.

    Despite the weather the company was great and i am sure that my fellow riders are now sat at home all snuggled up, feeling pleased with themselves for braving the elements and getting some fresh air in their lungs.

    Strava Stats: 28 miles, 1,893ft of climbing at a steady 13.2mph

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    Neale Napier

    11 people were eager to make the most of the dry spell on Saturday morning. My group was Colin P, Simon V, Daryl, Russ and new member Ian. The other group was led by John C (sorry didn’t get all the names).

    It was a fairly evenly matched bunch with Colin and Simon helping a lot with the leading duties. This was much appreciated in the windy conditions. With hindsight we should have agreed to keep in constant rotation.

    Nothing much to report except the wind. The only thing that did make Simon and me laugh was watching Russ desperately trying to get a banana out of his pocket whilst cycling. It really was a total fail. Simon couldn’t take it anymore and lent over to get it out of Russ’s pocket for him 🙂 This was his 3rd banana and we weren’t even halfway! We decided that he needs to invest in a banana bandolier.

    We were at Belmondos well before 11:00 for well earned coffees.

    Strava reported avg speed of 15.8 mph.

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