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    Charles Lockwood

    G4 had 5 riders. Brian, Peter and myself plus Lee and Ken from G3 who’d missed their earlier start. Our destination was the Hilden Golf centre via Back Lane.

    Bit of excitement going down Polhil where we came a across a fresh car accident. A car coming up the hill seemed to have run across the road and collided with another coming down. There was a cyclist sitting on the crash barrier but no idea if she was involved. Fortunately no-one appeared injured so we carried on on our way just ahead of the police arriving.

    Lots of cyclists about around Ide Hill; most on their way to the hill climb no doubt. Lee was also keen to see this and at one stage suggested he’d do a couple of reps of Ide Hill and then go off and watch. Fortunately, we managed to talk him out of such foolishness and we all carried on to the cafe.

    Very pleaseant stop at the golf course. It was a struggle to leave the comfy confines of the conservatory.

    Again very nice ride on the way back with no incidents save from Peter shipping his chain. Back via Plaxtol and Star Hill (see above!). Sadly I have no idea who took the honours on either of these as, like the best military leaders, I was a considerable way from the front.

    40 miles at 14 mph with 2700 ft of climbs.

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    Hamish Brown

    Nice G1/2 group today organised by mighty Richard Bingham, we were in good time to get to the right end of York Hill to see Sam giving his teeth up the final few yards, sounds like he’s had more broken bike parts that anyone, give him a clean ride and who knows how many more seconds he’ll shave. We were quick to surround him for a group selfie whilst he was too out of breath to fight back in the hope that in years to come historians will think that we had all raced up together.
    Not being man enough to hang around in the cold at the top of Yorks coupled With the coffee van queue snaking around the block, we wished Dan Pink good luck and beat it to the Cafe at the top of Ide to eat cake and discuss the merits of low rider weight and hill climbing – one or two looked lighter than their bikes…
    As if the ride thus far wasn’t enough we headed over to Chalk Pit Lane for our own Hill Climbing Championship, where I put the rest of the field out of sight, and as my 9 year old would say, I totally crushed them. The second half of the previous sentence is a downright lie. They did however wait patiently at the top warming the old bones in the sunshine whilst I watched my Garmin flick from 10% to the wrong side of 20. We were passed at the top by Mrs Smith and Stewart heading the other way in the sunshine – proof that this year we were really there and hadn’t just ridden via the 20% sign at the top for another group selfie. I even stayed upright on double patch of gravel (one for each wheel) so today the Cycling God’s were smiling.
    It also appears to be our Chairman’s birthday today (Facebook is an incredible mine of information) proving that one can grow old with good grace and distinction, I’d like to wish you Happy Birthday Mr Chris Dines !!! May someone buy Palace a goal in your honour.
    I actually only came on here to mention the “I’m attending or Maybe” Buttons on the club website but the monotony of the international break has given my idle hands excess time.
    Today was good fun.

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    Nick Patow

    WATCH OUT FOR THE MUDDY LANES THIS WEEKEND. A little bit of rain on the compacted mud makes them very slippery.

    The early Saturday ride headed out West and it proved to be quite an eventful one, with roads full of cars, lanes with skip lorries, other riders and loads of people out riding their horses !

    Taking on these challenges today were Simon P, Lyle P, John C and Martin D plus me, on a ride which confirmed Autumn has well and truly arrived – A chilly start, and a hint of rain for most of our 40 mile lap. In an attempt to prolong the summer I’d optimistically kept to the shorts (I was alone in this respect), whilst a mix of jerseys and jackets were back out for the first time since spring.

    Old Hill got us going as we set off via Downe towards Keston, where we settled in at the back of a bunch of Big Footers. Creeping up towards Tatsfield we had a second bunch of them come through, and each group had an Avanti rider within their midst (can’t name them I’m afraid – one in an Avanti shirt visible through a rain jacket, the other recognised by Martin).
    Having popped out near the top of Gangers, we set off down to Warlingham to find the 25% downhill to the A22.  An adjustment to his lights meant we lost Lyle, and resulted in Simon riding back up the hill (Succumb’s), to see if he could find him. An admirable but wasted effort in the end as it took a phone call to get us back together at the bottom with Lyle arriving from a different direction.
    The push West into the wind continued to the 20 mile mark, until we reached the A23, before we then turned onto some quieter roads to make a wind assisted return via Merstham, Tandridge Lane, Oxted and Limpsfield to get to Pilgrims Way.

    It wasn’t long before Pilgrim’s Way got muddy, and just at the first farm the bike gods that sent Simon up Succumbs Hill earlier, had another surprise for him. This time though it was a rather painful slide to the muddy ground as the front wheel went from under him. Luckily there was no serious damage to rider or bike. (That’s not to say it wasn’t painful)
    However, after we’d got going again and pretty much wheel spun our way up the next rise it was apparent firstly that Simon had gear problems, and secondly it really wasn’t sensible to carry on on this road surface. Thus the route was changed and we left Pilgrims Way to head up to the “less rural” road surfaces offered on a route over to Shampan and down to Belmondos via Cudham.

    The good news was Simon was able to enjoy his coffee, although the bruising had started to take effect by the time we left. Thanks to Lyle for buying the coffees today, and thanks to all for the company on what was a busy and hilly ride with lots of cars, bikes and horse riders for company. Sorry you took a tumble today Simon, I hope the bruises heal quickly, and You Tube offers the necessary tutorials to get those gears fixed without a trip to the bike shop.

    If you’re out tomorrow, I’d suggest steering clear of those lanes that might have had farm vehicles on them, especially if it’s wet.

    Keep safe and enjoy your rides.

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