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    G4 Welcomed Jenny back as ride leader after many months of injuries and struggling to get fit. Most group members behaved well,Dave Haines had to turn for home at Ide Hill. Meanwhile Charles took us down from the Wheatsheaf Pub to Hilden Golf. After a beautiful sunny sit down under the sunshade, who needs Majorca ? Again, Jenny went on the front until the top of Plaxtol where she finally had had enough. Chapeau Jenny ! Charles and I took over to “Piddlers Gate” Charles taking the sprint. As Master of Wilderness Road I unlocked the two gates before we all headed home to Polhill. We split into two groups for safety sake (plus moderate heat exhaustion ) Again we were earlier than expected, more socialising.40 miles, 13+ mph, 2,250 ft climbing.Another warm one next week ?

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    Steve Rodgers

    I was dripping in sweat by the time I arrived at The G for today’s G2 ride.
    I sat in the shade of the car park to wait for the others to arrive whilst I cooled down.
    It just got hotter and hotter as the day went on!
    Avg 26C, max 32C!
    We had Bill, Martin, Gary, John, Neale, Russ and Chris Dines at The G, and picked up Richard Bingham en-route.
    (Richard just magically appeared about 30mins after Chris had turned for home).
    65 miles, 17mph, 5000ft climbing were the stats in old money.
    I had to make a route adjustment last night after checking out reports of gravel on the ridge – thankfully puncture free and mostly incident free – Gary’s electronic front mech gave up the ghost mid-ride – but it didn’t seem to slow him down any!

    Great company, everyone kept together nicely, decent pace, and cracking scenery. Even the system at the cafe at 4 Elms has changed for the better – now you pay as you order.
    All in all a brilliant day out – thanks to everyone for efforts, chat and company.
    Looking forward to more rides like this this Summer.

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      Chris Dines

      Lovely ride – thanks for leading Steve. Sorry not to see Richard, as I obviously headed home before he joined up.

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    Bill Fitzgerald

    G2 Col De Trevereux loop today.
    Firstly, chapeau Chris Dines for turning out for a couple of hours after a 16 hours return journey from you trip last week.
    A good group formed at the G and set off for today’s epic hot/lumpy ride.
    All riding well and a handily almost empty cafe at 4 Elms made the stop a little smoother than previous visits.
    Col De Trevereux definitely proved a challenge in today’s heat, but all conquered it with ease.
    Gary’s front derailleur stopped working so he did the rest of the ride inc Baileys in the big ring, chapeau.

    Great to be out on a day like today and well done all.

    My ride – 68 miles – 4 hours – 17mph ave – 3,858ft climbed.


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    Neale Napier

    As Nick said, I had the pleasure of “leading” the other Saturday group (Adam, Simon, Alistair, Grant, Russ and me). It was quite a spirited group 🙂 I led for a bit, then was more than happy for other people to take turns, in fact everyone took turns on the front.

    Nothing much to report really except that Simon and I arrived at Belmondos first, which was odd being that we returned to retrieve some hand lotion (Ester Lauder I think) that had fallen out of Russ’s pocket unbeknown to him on the way down Warren Road. They took the left just after Chelsfield station and we carried on. After waiting at Belmondos (and ordering coffee and cake of course) they finally turned up. They had double backed to check we were ok, oopps 🙂

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    Nick Patow

    Early Saturday Ride…..

    Thirteen people rolled into the G this week for the rolling route that promised to avoid any of the big hills.

    Adam, Simon, Alistair, Neale, Grant, and Russ set off first, with Claire W, Sadie, Rob G, Simon K, Tony LV and Keith D and Me making up the second group.

    Before the steady creep uphill towards Shampan there was the immediate challenge of going over Old Hill. Once completed we settled into a steady pace as we made our way up, and on to Tatsfield.

    Here, we had our only incident of note with the cars today as a passenger in a white van complained they couldn’t get past as they overtook us ?

    Out along Gangers and down to Oxted we went, before turning back towards Lingfield.
    Up to Pilgrims Way and along to Chevening was next where our team effort delivered Rob G
    to the foot of the mighty “Dragons Climb” for an assault on the PB up there. Sadly it was not to be today however. A disappointment for us all after our hard work to get him there in prime position, but taken very badly by poor Tony, who admitted it spoiled his whole ride 🙂

    Shoreham, Eynsford, and then Crockenhill sailed by as we progressed in the lovely sunshine, before the final set of ups and downs to and then through Chelsfield brought us towards the Belmondos finish line.

    Rob G was unfortunate enough to suffer what must be the closest puncture to the finish of a ride when he pulled up 100 yards short of the coffee shop, after we’d turned out of Warren Road.
    We continued without him, but with his blessing (and his order for coffee).

    A very enjoyable ride today, at a steady pace with good company, followed by coffee in the sunshine. Thanks to All, and special thanks to Tony who paid for coffee at the end.

    My ride (including 5km getting to and from the start/finish), was 70km @ 24.8kph with 800m of uphill.

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    Nick Patow

    Tell your tales here

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