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    David Haines

    Decided to have a go at the Saturday ride after last Sundays G4 ride with Dave B.Rode with Mick C to the G this turned out in total to be a gathering of 17 riders for Neales intro as ride leader.We split into 2 groups and headed out up Cudham Lane my legs found a bit of an ask, Mick dropped back to pull me up at the top at which point various routes to get to Pilgrems Lane as some did not fancy the Westerham Hill decent and righr hand turn.Into Pilgrems Lane Mick gave the call to get me round at a slighly slower pace and met the rest at Hever car park, nice ride round at a resonable pace we got to Hever only just missing the group a quick drink and refuel we were on our way again untill i got to Ide Hill only my second attempt will get the legs one day.On we rode up Pollhill and back to Belmondos fer a well earnded coffee did treat Mick to a sausage bagutte for dragging me round ,and we were not to far behind the second group .On a personal note did get some prs so not all bad just need to get the legs stronger.This did turn out to be a fairly incedent free ride by Micks standards as he seems to attract the wrong sort of attention from some of his previous outings

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    With a no start from the designated ride leader, we had sufficient talent and riding prowess to head for Alysbury Prior without him. 8 in total was soon reduced to 7 when Jenny turned back at Kemsing after not feeling very well. With Steve Chivers mostly on the front shortly after, we made good progress until the “New Bridge” at St Peters. Confusion reigned until the two Daves remembered ECCLES (Not the Goon Show character ) where we headed along a brand new road up a gradient, and back onto the old Medway Bridge Route. Steve did well on the front, his spin class training OK for the 1st mile, but a sneakey old timer took the chequered flag. G2 were finishing off there refreshment break in the very warm sunshine, where we settled down for a pleasant hour. The standard route home was uneventful, until an unannounced comfort break about 10 miles from home meant the group split slightly with 3 stronger bladders going on at a slower pace, until we all regrouped at Otford. We stayed in that format to the top of Polhil. No sooner had we dismounted, when Gillian Else arrived for a chat, followed by G3 who joined the Avanti party. 53 miles 13.6 mph. No elevation recorded until my refurbished Garmin is returned.

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    Keith Cooper

    G3 today was a fun ride lead by Claire Clark that turned into a longer ride than I thought.. but the weather is just how you like it.. And we stayed together thro the potholes with out tyre damage.. we was all pleased to see Dijo cafe in front of us.. The return trip showed no sign of punches.. I did go on later on and went over star hill.. as I needed to get on as I have 10 miles to do after the G… great ride Thanks Claire

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    Chris Dines

    G2 Rides

    A big Sunday turnout – about 20 riders. We split groups, with Martin leading a slightly faster group. My lot were firmly sticking to my G2 pace in the heat. Great group with me – Bill, Simon L, Nick, Jim, Russ (arriving as we made our way up the A21!), Neale, Mick, and new joiner William. William is a really strong rider – like to see him do some Time trialling!
    We had a great route put together, thanks to Graham. We headed out via a series of mystery lanes and lots of short climbs through to Cuxton. We had a little off road section which was fun (well, we carried out bikes). The good thing was that it took us out on to an amazing, 5 mile, downhill valley road. Amazing views. We crossed the new bridge near Snodland, and them on the Priory – a couple of minutes after the first group. We also met Dave’s G4 group there. I think the Priory is a great stop by the way.
    We picked the pace up on the way home – Bill and I swapping at the front, with a serious pace all along Pilgrims and also down from Poll hill. Several puncture stops were the only problem.
    Mick, Simon and Neale were all moving up from G3 in terms of pace, and fitted in very well. Good to see a fit Simon Lumsdon bowling along on the flat stuff, and Neale and Mick have really developed their fitness. The four of us had a Beer at the Green, cheering in Avanti G3 and G4 riders!
    I hope all those doing TT’s TOCs and everything else had a great day!
    A few pictures below.
    My ride – from home and return – 112km, 1,315m ascent and average 26kph.

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      Simon Lumsdon

      Big thanks to Chris for leading an enjoyable ride, was nervous about stepping up to G2 but all went well, looking forward to doing a few more now

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      Neale Napier

      Cheers Chris et al. Was a very nice ride and not too lumpy (except the offroad bit) πŸ™‚ Great day out and a very welcome cold beer after a hot day day in the saddle.

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    Claire Clarke

    G3 ride to Horley. 10 keen riders for my slightly hilly route to Horley today!! We had: Alan E, Paul A, Claire W, Keith C, Ken I, Dave C, Andy S, Simon P and Amet (sorry if this is wrong spelling), and me! A great day to be on the bike, so off we headed to Ide Hill, Chiddingstone Hoath, Cowden, along a lovely quiet lane to Dormansland and Lingfield, before some slightly busier roads to Horley. Everyone was suitably fed and watered and we set off on our return. We retraced our steps (well wheels I suppose!) to Lingfield then worked our way to Tandridge, Oxted and the final run along the Pilgrims Way and Polhill. Everyone was riding well and I only heard a few mutterings about the hills, but it couldn’t have been too bad as Alan still managed to be first up Polhill! Good to see the G4 crew at the top of Polhill and then some of the G2 crew cheered us through Green St Green, from the pub! Thanks everyone for some good riding and hope the legs aren’t too tired now. Stats: 105km at 25km/hr and 1200m of up, (that’s 65.5 miles at 15.5mph av and 3900’ of up). I hope Dave and Keith got home ok; Keith went ahead and Dave took a different way home from Pilgrims I think. Cheers all, Claire

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      Andrew Spencer

      Great G3 ride on out Sunday lead by Claire. Lovely weather, beautiful scenery coupled with great company. Was a REALLY enjoyable route even with the less than favourable road conditions. We did manage to find a few smooth bits. No mechanicals / incidents made for a solid pace. Great riding by Ahmed, completing, I believe, his 1st 100km ride. After a pleasant coffee stop we headed back via more familiar roads. In preparation for my attack of the King of Downs on the 10th I opted to venture up Titsey hill to see what I have in store. Gulp is all I can say. Met up with the others at the top of Polhill where G4 cheered us in. Missed the G2 crowd as I returned home via Old hill and Shire lane to get a few extra miles in. Legs are still thanking me today.
      See you all in a couple of weeks.

      Stats: 77m – 15.8mph – 4389ft or 123.9km – 25.4kmh – 1337.7m

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    Nick Patow

    Well done to Neale today. A tough introduction when you arrive for your first lead and find 17 riders !
    Delighted you enjoyed the experience and looking forward to your next ride. I had a nice sociable ride today as I got to spend time in both groups, and it was smiles all the way round, not least at Belmondos where we filled all the outside seating for a well earned coffee 😊

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    Neale Napier

    My first Avanti lead and how many people turn-up!!?? A lot! Ok my stab at who attended… Nick, Claire C, Steve B, Adam D, Paul?, Andy, Mick, Russ, Devan, William (new member), David H, Simon V, Grant R, Keith ? and me. Plus I’m sure I missed some πŸ™

    Cards on the table, it was Nick’s route πŸ™‚ Oxted, Godstone, Lingfield and Belmondos. Designed to avoid recent debris from the rain and keep those nice shiny bikes clean. I’ll keep my top secret route for when the roads are cleaner.

    We decided to go with 2 groups (Claire leading the other) and Nick riding shotgun as required to keep people from becoming detached.

    As far as my group went (the dream team) it all seemed to go ok. There was a minor incident where Keith decided to eject his water bottle and returned to retrieve.

    Steve did the lion’s share on the front. We kept a nice gap between the other group, just keeping them in sight, ready to pull the trigger at any moment πŸ™‚ Polhil was fun as always with a few battles up there. Simon turned on the after burners, just when I thought I had his wheel. Simon pointed out some obstacle as we were heading up. It was a rather deceased looking squirrel on the racing line. I did point out after that I was rather disappointed that he did know the correct cycle signal for dead squirrel on road. We opted for the quieter way to the Green and missed out on the drag race past the Garden centre and down the A21.

    We missed Duracell John on the ride today. He claims it was his son’s 18th, but I’ve since heard that he’s run out of batteries. We missed his relentless pace!

    Oh and the drivers all seemed friendly today, weird…

    Hope new member William enjoyed the ride.

    Scores on the doors – AVG 15.9 MPH, 2,539 ft, 41.7 Miles.

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      Claire Clarke

      Well done Neale for leading, and great write-up. To be fair, Nick did most of the leading of our group (thanks Nick), I just suggested a slight change to the route near the beginning to avoid the right had turn onto Pilgrims Way, which seemed to confuse Russ who ended up with us!! Thanks to Adam and Devan for doing big turns on the front around the flat Tandridge/Lingfield section, that was fast!

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    Nick Patow

    Summers here, please share your stories of Avanti adventures……

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