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    G4 took to the road despite the difficulties of weather and no ride leader. Only Sarah turned up, so the two of us headed out after saying fairwell to a small group of G3. As we approached Halsted the rain had stopped but the roads were flooded in places. Mind you the biting wind didn’t help the temperature ! We rode steadily until the bottom of Titsey Hill, then the heavens opened up, coupled with the icy wind we were really suffering as we neared Oxted. Feeling like a Greek tragedy, and not being tied to the mast we agreed Cafe Nero was the place to be. Cold everywhere we took our coffee and cake and did the best we could to look cheerful.Suddenly the Oxted Cyling Club appeared in great numbers, filling all remaining seats and warning us of a bike theft from outside the cafe the previous week.
    Our journey home was a mixed bag of sunshine and showers, however we agreed it was worth the attempt, Lingfield will have to wait another day.
    30 miles 2,00ft climbing, speed (rather slow) Trust the weather will be better next week.

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    Ian Soper

    This ride we go down in GSA folklore as the G3 puncture fest!!!
    5 riders braved the wet conditions, Claire, Phil, Dennis, Keith and Me (Ian), and as the “light drizzle” forecast was actually steady and persistent rain we decided that the Isle of Grain was a ride too far and we opted for a shorter ride to Gravesend Cyclopark instead. We headed out via Eynesford and climbed the back roads past Speedgate before going through New Ash Green heading for Longfield Hill. The back road out of New Ash green was really muddy and critty and, sure enough, i punctured as we passed through Hartley Bottom. After changing the inner tube we set off and immediately Dennis noticed that he too had a puncture. Dennis was hoping to use his super new tyre remover tool but couldn’t find it so used the old tyre leaver method. He had trouble getting the tyre off and back on and managed to pinch the new tube. The second attempt was much improved as he found that he did have new super tool with him and it certainly proved its worth, we all vowed to also buy one!
    By this time we were very wet and cold and Claire suggested that we head back for Speedgate as at least it was on the way home! No-one dis-agreed with her so we headed back the way we had come. Things got worse as entering Fawlkham Green I hit a pot hole cunningly disguised as a puddle and punctured again. My second inner tube was fitted using Dennis’s new tool and we pressed on for a quick tea and cake stop at Speedgate.
    As we left the sun came out so the ride back looked more inviting but, sure enough, as we began the climb up to Crockenhill my tyre deflated again!
    Phil loaned me an inner tube as i’d used up both of mine. I also found the flint which had probably caused the first puncture and, using the Dennis super tool again, the 5th and hopefully final puncture of the day was fixed. All these punctures also put our various mini pumps to the test and mine was found wanting so I used pumps borrowed from Keith and Phil. Something else to go on the Christmas list along with what will forever be known as “the Dennis super tool”!
    The stats for the days ride were embarrassingly slow but considering the many delays and road conditions at least we got a ride in!
    Distance: 33 miles
    Average speed: 13.5 mph.
    Total climbmng: 1900 ft.

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    Graham Channon

    Well done to Claire, JK and Neale for braving the weather and venturing out on the planned G2 ride … just call me Fletcher but I led a bunch of mutineers on a shortened ride to a cafe opposite the Boathouse near Yalding (?) … it proved to be the right decision as no sooner had we left the warmth of the cafe we were hit but a deluge of rain. Great company was the best medicine for such appalling weather 🙂

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    Nick Patow

    It’sounds like a good weekend to have missed.
    I’m sure It’ll be back to glorious sunshine by this Saturday despite the forecast !

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    Claire Clarke

    Sat ride – winter has landed! Rather chilly start to the ride, but turned into a beautiful day. 14 turned up at the ‘G’: Adam D, Grant R, Graham C, Simon V and Rich W formed one slightly quicker group, couldn’t persuade anyone else to go with them! Leaving: Steve B, John C, Mick C, Simon P, Tom S, Neale N, Daryl H, Jim N and me to form the second, possibly slightly slower group. We warmed up quickly as we headed over Old Hill and up to Downe, over to Tatsfield, down to Westerham followed by a nice climb up Hosey Hill, just in case anyone had got cold on the descent to Westerham! We carried on to Four-Elms, then a nice loop via Chiddingstone and Penshurst before climbing back up via Baileys and home via Bessels Green and Polhill. A very welcome coffee at Belmondos, where despite the sun I wasn’t sitting outside! Thanks everyone for a great ride, but a huge big apology to Daryl who we managed to lose after Hosey Hill. Hope you’ll forgive me and be back next week!

    Sun G2 – the weather was not as kind as Sat, and 7 possible G2’ers appeared at the ‘G’ all wrapped up in various layers to ward off the cold and rain. I think Graham won the prize for the most clothes! John K was the ride leader today and did an outstanding job of towing Neale N and me around a lovely 60mile route. The other 4 wimped out at the start and went to Teapot-I think Graham has shares in that place!! A huge thanks to John for keeping the pace enjoyable and buying us all tea and cake at the lovely Chiddingstone cafe, and for a great route.

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      Neale Napier

      Yes big thanks to John for the great route and excellent stop. I seem to remember leading for at least 50m! 🙂 The weather, whilst far from ideal, was bearable as long as you kept cycling, it’s a pity I had a puncture. I think Claire was close to doing star jumps to keep warm. The sun did come out towards the end. However 5 mins before reaching my front door, hailstones!

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    Claire Clarke

    Write up your weekend jaunts here!

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