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    G4 to Hadlow College proved ideal, after I carpeted the over enthusiastic ! With the tail wind everyone could keep a nice tight bunch, arriving early enough to select premier seating.Nice refreshment and good coffee we set off into the very cold headwind. The chosen route home gave us good wind protection due to high hedges. I lead a resonable charge up Plaxtol, (fortunately Greg had turned for home on the way to Hadlow )
    Four of us climbed Star Hill, the remaning two(Charles and Kate) chose Polhill. Foertunately they survived the traffic as we met up again along the A244 at Knockholt RAB. 43 miles at 13’s .

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    Simon Lumsdon

    Cheers Mick, good run

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    Michael Coulton

    Hi all firstly sorry for the late post and not fulfilling my role as ride leader doing a write up ! The Sunday G3 ride saw a big turnout of 14 riders on this damp and cold morning . My decision to split the group into 2 groups was firstly overruled ? So we set of to Aylesford priory up to the mount and down Shacklands to Shoreham then onto Pilgrims where we met Toby M . Simon L needed a comfort brake so we pulled over to hear the words ” Mick i think we should split the group cars are taking chances to get past “.I said that at the G i said ! So we split the groups A n B now formed . A was Toby m , Simon L , Tim B ,Sandra S , Sadie B , new member Yovvona and me . B was lead by Ian soper with Tony L , Simon P , phil H ,Claire C , Andrew S and new member Marko , Phew I remembered everyone , i hope . Group A set of first , along pilgrims we past the G1/2 boys who were fixing a puncture. Onto Wrotham heading for Snodland , all was going well apart from my argument with my Garmin which was telling me to do a u turn ? but i new we were on track ??? All were riding well with Sandra s getting strava KOM’S through the new bridge sections ! We arrived before 11 o clock and sat in the warm with our coffe etc. Cheers to Toby for treating me to coffee n flapjack ,nice . The return journey was quite tough as the cold winds seemd to be blasting into our faces . Through the Autumn lanes we pressed on . I think ive sussed the Polhill tactics as i sat on the front pulling the group along through Otford up that horrible drag under the bridge to Polhill Simon and Tim atacked along with Sandra and Sadie up Polhill my legs were feeling it so sat at my own pace with Yovvona . A great ride no mishaps or mechanicals enjoyed by all i hope. Thanks to Ian Soper for the route i rode with him before.
    53 miles 3250 ft climbs 15.8 mph av
    Cheers everyone for a good ride Mick C .

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