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      Simon Lumsdon

      G3 ride was listed for Aylesford, officially ‘’The Friars’, a large group so Alan decided to split into two groups of 6. Alan’s group was halted on Pilgrims way when IanG had a puncture. Took a while to fix and inevitably the second group soon passed us. A windy start with wet roads to start but progress was good and Aylesford soon arrived where the second group where struggling with another tyre issue. Tubeless tyre technology was much discussed. The return journey was a bit brighter with some sun showing through. All in all a good run for January with a great turnout

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      Sam :D

      The G2 ride headed down to the Llama Park at the top of the Ashdown this morning. We had Henry, Russ, Giles and myself in the group, which worked well given the route down to the cafe stop. The hills weren’t exactly ‘rolling’ on the way out as the profile plan suggests, more horrribly jagged with narrow, twisty, potholed roads so you can’t conserve momentum down the lumps. It didn’t help that we had a reasonable wind blowing across us the whole way, and we were very glad to get to the Llama Park for coffee and food.
      They have changed the layout slightly since I last visited, with a dedicated ‘bike parking’ area by the main front entrance, with the cafe garden now closed with a gate. There’s no bike racks and limited fencing to secure bikes to, and isn’t visible from the cafe so I struggle to recommend going back unless you can get the bikes into the garden area. We did manage to lock out bikes together to the fence which was good, but the next group to come along from another club weren’t so lucky.

      That said, the cafe is nice, and we did seem to struggle to go back out and start back again- my legs certainly stiffened up! Luckily the first thing you do is descend the 1.5mile Ashdown so you have a chance to loosen them up, although it’s not exactly warm!

      The route back felt a lot more pleasant than the outward leg, and also felt a bit shorter- but it could have been because we were on better roads with more forgiving gradients and the breeze more or less at our backs. We still had to take it really easy on the climbs though, it’s still January and not all of us have all our usual stamina…

      All in all it was a good ride, with about 100km and 1400m of climbing, so it is more of a climber’s route.

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      Claire Clarke

      Thanks Neale. GSat 2 consisted of: Steve B, John C, Julian S, Simon C, Ashley P, Tom S, Tony LeV, me and potential new member Ian, nice to meet you Ian and hope you decide to join! I tried to make the route a bit different to usual and introduced a new hill for some, not steep but goes on a bit. Didn’t want to shake things up too much, so we came back via Hever and Baileys! That meant we could stop at one of our regular banana stops, where GSat 1 were just pulling away as we arrived. Thanks to all for good company and those who did big turns on the front, taking the wind. Is anyone available to lead next Sat? Thanks all.

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      Neale Napier

      There was a big turn out for the Saturday ride today in the mild/dry weather. We decided to split into 2 groups. In my group were Adam D, Simon V, Andy Mac, Henry S, Gary P, Grant R and me.

      Thanks to Claire for providing today’s route via Westerham and Edenbridge, then returning on the more familiar roads via Dunton Green. On paper it looked fairly flat in the middle, but it was quite windy and more lumpy than expected, so not so easy.

      Included in the first half of the route, was a nice treat called Goodley Stock Road (just outside of Westerdam). Don’t remember going up here before. It had the feel of the Plaxtol climb, or maybe it was just me or the speed that made it feel hard. On the return, road works down the A21 meant that we had to skip the usual drag race back to Belmondos and take the roads and cycle paths running next to it.

      No major incidents to report, apart from me stopping to re-attach the rear mudguard after the quick fit velcro decided to let go on one side.

      Thanks to Adam and Gary for doing the majority of the work sheltering us at the front, with notable assistance from Simon and Grant. I can safely say that I contributed nothing to the ride leading today, unless you include leading from the back and providing motivation as required 🙂

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