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    G4 were down to 2 riders, the second time in recent weeks! The weather was dry and warm, the sun was out, the stiff wind was drying many of the roads.If members want to ride in perfect conditions, start saving for your air fare.Charles and I set off with Andy and colleague who were chasing after their G3 group who had left a few minutes earlier. DID THEY CATCH UP ?. Apart from the flood at Noahs Ark,( very deep giving us both cold wet feet) We rode on without problems, apart from my calf muscles refusing to operate properly.We decided that our feet discomfort rquired attendance, a reduced mileage to Hadlow College did the trick, especially the dry warm socks that were on sale.Fully refreshed we set off for home. Bill Fitzgerald passed us up Polhill with a cheery encouragement. 36 miles 12.5mph (cold wet feet speed)

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    Michael Coulton

    G3 Lingfield
    Cheers Claire for leading and the rest of the group for a great ride. Glad to be back out on the bike enjoying the rides. Hopefully see a good turnout at the Bexley RT next Sunday. Need to keep it going now for the Hell of the Ashdown in February !

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    Neale Napier

    Sounds like a great Saturday ride and lucky with the weather 🙂

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    Claire Clarke

    G3 to Lingfield: the threat of some very mixed weather didn’t put off the tough G3’ers. Today we had: Mick C, Simon P, Simon L, SadieB, Phil H, Keith C, Alex N and me! Despite the rain I watched from the warmth and dry of my front room at 8 o’clock this morning we headed off on our ride in some lovely sunshine. Lingfield and the Red Rum cafe was our destination, via Otford, Pilgrims Way, Noah’s Ark, Ightham Mote, Hildenborough, Hever Castle and Lingfield. A short shower got us as we headed up Pillar Box Lane, but otherwise we had a great ride in some lovely sunshine. We got more wet from a few rather flooded sections of road, one in particular just after Noah’s Ark where we could have done with the “Ark”. A few of us intrepid riders ventured through, others took the more sensible (or boring!) option of walking round the soggy grass at the side. If I say there was a car stranded in the middle of the flood further down the road, that’s how deep it was!! The usual nice welcome and good service was received at the cafe despite it being busy after the local remembrance parade. Alan Else had kindly arrived at the cafe before us and saved us a table-thanks Alan. Our route home was via Tandridge Lane, Oxted and Pilgrims Way. Thanks to all for a great ride and for all taking turns on the front. Sorry to Alex if we went on without you, some confusion as to if you had turned for home or not, and thanks to Simon L for fixing my puncture! Also, thanks to all for stopping to mark the 2min silence at 11am, sorry it was just at the side of the road!

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    Nick Patow

    Like a rose between two thorns a Saturday ride bathed in sunshine squeezed itself in-between some serious rain overnight and this afternoon. Enjoying the good weather today were Claire C, John C, Lee S, Daryl H, Steve B, Claire W, Andy Mc, Grant W, Roy and Me.

    Whilst having been fortunate enough to dodge the rain, we did however have to contend with some pretty mucky roads (one of which included a 15m puddle/flood right across it), and presumably quite a few sponges, hoses and cleaning brushes when we all got home.

    We’d split into two groups to go up Cudham Lane as far as the Blacksmiths Arms to give the cars a chance, only to find the road quiet due to a couple of non too convincing “Road closed” signs – not stopping all the cars, but certainly quieter. The plan at the G was to ride together once we left Cudham Lane, but my five forgot about that, and carried on in our smaller group. It was only up in Tatsfield that John C mused over whether a rider in group 2 would actually have the route !
    The conclusion was Claire Clarke would, so guilt was put aside, and we continued across to Gangers and down to the A25.

    We meandered our way through to Edenbridge, and on to Hever for the short refuel stop in the car park at the castle, and were joined shortly after our arrival by the second group, complete with an observation about riding together from Cudham ? Whoops sorry.

    The good news was they were all smiling and enjoying the sunshine, helped no doubt by the fact they’d not been any real hill to ride up. That was about to change, as indeed was the two group strategy.

    Whilst the first group left Hever before the second group, a minor mechanical for Andy Mc on the foothills of Chartwell was to bring us all back together before the final climb of the morning. Initially Roy and I had stopped for Andy, and after a short wait we found him coming along with the second group. So the eight of us set off after the two man breakaway of Steve and John, who themselves had stopped at the very top of Hosey Hill.

    United as a ten, we headed through Westerham and along Pilgrims to the popular final climb of Sunridge Hill. A regroup at the top and some complimentary comments about the route having such a nice hill to finish with, brought us all together once more for the roll down to Belmondos, and the well earned coffee.

    Well done to all today, a very enjoyable ride in some pleasant late Autumn sunshine.

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    Nick Patow

    Post your riding stories here…

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