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    Bill Fitzgerald

    Saturday’s ride to Dymchurch was the second of last week to that location.
    Wednesday was lovely warm and relatively calm with a nice (albeit a bit of a long) food stop at a local pub.
    Saturday’s ride was much windier/cooler with a quicker stop at a local Pie and Mash cafe as we arrived earlier than most food places opened.
    After some cake, baguettes and coffee had been consumed we headed back into the healthy headwind which made things a bit harder on the way back.
    After a quick refill and mars bar at the Headcorn petrol station we continued home.

    The group rode well, taking turns especially on the way back.

    Saturday ride 122 miles ave 17.2mph
    Wednesday ride 128 miles ave 17.3mph

    Flanders here we come.

    Cheers all


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    Russ K

    I haven’t commented on the forum for months, so it’s about time! I have been lucky enough to join the ‘Marek and Graham Seaside Cycle Tours’ express train twice in the past 2 weeks…first out to Camber (Marek, Graham, Ian, Johnny E and me) and then, on Saturday, out to Dymchurch (Marek, Graham, Bill, Ian, Chris M and me). Each time, the pace has been high, but consistent, making for a tight group: 105 miles for me at 18mph for the Camber ride, and 107 miles for me at 17.5mph for the Dymchurch ride (man, that was windy on the way back!) I’m not going to Flanders this year, but I think I might have fooled my legs into thinking I’m training for it! Ha! In between those two rides, I had a great ride last week with a friendly group lead by Claire C…Combine all this with the crazily-hilly Kentish Killer taster ride, and it’s been an awesome few weeks on two wheels! Looking forward to riding with everyone this Spring! Russ

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      Chris Dines

      Super stuff Russ. As it happens there might be a spare place for Flanders this year. It’s all set up – interested?
      I’ll do a wider note round when I get a chance.

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    Chris Dines

    Other commitments and work meant I could only get out Saturday morning – and I’m glad I did! At short notice I decided to lead whatever Saturday group was there at 8am. I wasn’t really expecting more than Martin Dean (who had registered) given that a group of regulars were about to commence a heroic ride (and beer stop :-)) AND it was raining before 8am.
    As it happens there was quite a crowd (8 riders?) including Subhesh and Ollie – both prospective members. Before getting there I did a 45km ride on my own, going past the super quick looking Marek, Graham and Bill on their way to Dymchurch and back.
    I made up the Saturday ride as we went along, but by the time we got to the top of Ide Hill I asked Sam to push on with the rest of the Group (apologies and thanks Sam!), leaving me to give Subhesh a guided tour round Knowle Park, Ightham and other beauty spots. Subhesh has just arrived from Singapore and needs to get used to the damp, wind and rubbish roads (Singapore is flat with perfect roads!). I really enjoyed myself, and Subhesh is great company – will be a good rider once he adjusts!
    After that, I again did my own thing back to home – all in about 110km at a wide variety of paces. Over 4,000ft of ascent though!

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    Nolan Wilkens

    I haven’t been out on Sunday for a few weeks due to various trips away, but it was good to get out and test my legs after a recent cycle holiday. Stewart set the early pace up the A21 and Ide Hill, Rob G and Patrick also headed up the peloton for some long turns and did some ‘fruity’ pace setting. Hills kept coming thick and fast, each was supposed to be the last one according to Patrick before the fabled long flat section only for one more to loom in the foreground. The group shed riders one by one. What started as 13 had whittled down to 4, perhaps more regrouping next time! Apologies for not taking my fair share of turns upfront. I was doing my best to hang on to wheels and not disappear myself. This turned to 3 when we past Seal to drop off P, then I lost G and new guy Adam at some lights near Sevenoaks to make the final bit home solo. Tough and windy ride but loads of fun, and personally chuffed I held on to the end (almost). 66.5 miles shy of 18mph ave.

    Roll on Flanders ๐Ÿ™‚

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      Chris Dines

      Sounds like some great training efforts there – as you say, roll on Flanders! However, anyone reading about the club (or new to the club) might be asking whether this was a “Group” club ride or not. Golden rule is we don’t drop and lose people – always agree before splitting up in to different paced groups.

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    Simon Heaton

    There have been some herculean performances this weekend, chapeau particularly to all who road down to the coast and back through the headwinds. Was a muted performance on my part today, cracking route down to Bewl and back but last night’s excesses caught up with me a tad. Lost the group at Groombridge and didn’t know the route so was looking at a bleak solo ride back from Frant had Steve not come past and guided/dragged me round from there. Cheers Steve, enjoyed the conversation more than the riding today!

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    Steven Butler

    Saturday morning saw the super six pack with myself as virtual leader raring to go for the inaugural Saturday group run to the near coastal resort of Rye. We set off just after 8 with a mission to return in time for the rugby, encouraged by the rather surprising number of Saturday riders at the G. Hombres John C, Nick P, Paul C, Hugh, Roy and myself took off on the established Avanti trail with a bit of a tail wind to assist our efforts to remain in close formation all the way to the Quayside Cafe at Rye Harbour, in which we found ourselves sitting down for tea and bacon sarnies at about 11:30 hrs after only a couple of short natural breaks. A small victory for us to maintain 17.5 mph av rolling speed. We did arrive at Hartley to witness the aftermath of a nasty accident with a John Lewis truck dislodging half of a village shop and the front of a Land Rover Discovery in its path. Everyone was feeling quite confident and felt that the extra Lydd loop would be possible, but the Grand Master Hugh managed to contain the petulant youthful enthusiasm of our chief Garmin navigator Paul C and we opted for a blast down military road to Appledore… My early lead soon became a continuous pursuivant of the tight peloton as we hit the headwind all the way home. The super six split at Yalding with Hugh and Roy pushing on for home with no break – chapeau! The three amigos headed off for coffee at tea pot island, the forth that is me without the shackles of Garmin took the wrong turn at the bridge for a little detour around the town but eventually regrouped with the Yalding teapot party. The rest off the way back to the G was a grind against the unforgiving headwinds. Being the ‘ Saturdays’and enjoying a certain old school Bon vivant, we indulged in a swift Al fresco celebratory beer of our 110 mile round trip at the Queens Head. Average rolling speed had dropped on the return leg but not by much and so we had time to spare. Great effort and comraderie made for a really enjoyable day and we made it back for the rugby – target met!

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    Denis Moriarty

    Today’s published ride to Four Elms was G4 distance at G3 pace. With no G3 ride today 11 left the Green with Sandra out on her first club ride (very accomplished rider) and Subash who had done a couple of Saturday’s but having just arrived from Singapore is getting used to Kents hills and Britains cooler weather. Also along for the ride Steve C, Claire W, Lee P, Dave S, Ken, Brian, Phil and Pete B. We left the G and headed into the wind taking Watercroft Road up to Knockholt, before heading across to Tatsfield. We then followed the ridge and dropped down to Tandridge, before heading off towards Lingfield. Here we turned left and finding the wind behind us so some of the group took advantage to stretch their legs on the road to Edenbridge. Arriving at Four Elms we pretty much filled the Cafe up grabbing the last available tables. After some much need sustenance we headed for home climbing Bayleys and then onto Polhil. all in all a good ride with great company and thanks for the help into the wind.
    42 miles at 15’s

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    Steve Rodgers

    13 riders at the G this morning including Adam Daniel – a new potential member who seemed to fit in well.
    We had Ash, Alex, SimonL, SimonH, RobG, Nolan, Tony, Gregg, Patrick, RichardS and Stu.
    We had a big group and it had spread out up Ide Hill, regrouped fine on the flat but then it spread out again on the rolling uphill bits up to Groombridge.
    I tried my best to keep things together – and by that point we had a couple of riders decide to make it home themselves via the more familiar Hartfield route.
    I set off trying to catch the group but they had been putting in some fast miles – I met SimonH towards Frant – who had spoke to me before Groombridge and had lost the group and didn’t know the route. (Also had a few performance enhancing Guinness the night before).
    We set off together to Bewl – checked the cafe – nobody there – so we turned round and made chase again – never really expecting to see the group.
    It was good to get home early – and the slogging for hours into the wind made for great training – who needs a group to shelter behind? ๐Ÿ™‚
    Good riding today – and cheers to Heato for the company on the way back.

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    Nick Patow

    Iโ€™ll get the ball rolling with a quick note on our efforts, as Steve is our authorised scribe this week.
    I rode my first 100 mile ride today (as did John), and was delighted to have done it in the company of Saturday regulars John C, Steve B and Paul B. After all the early Saturday starts and Belmondos coffeeโ€™s we’ve shared I could not have wished for better companions today. Thanks to you, as well as Roy and Hugh for making the day so enjoyable. Brilliant ๐Ÿ™‚

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      Steve Rodgers

      Well done guys – your first century is a great achievement!
      Now you realise you can keep fuelling and drinking and go on forever ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Steve Rodgers

    Watching the Milan San Remo on the telly – I imagine we should have our plucky G to the coast riders returning about now.
    I look forward to hearing how their ride went – not that much shorter than MSR!

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