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      Steve Rodgers

      Just echoing what everyone else has said – well organised event and a great turnout by all Avanti groups.
      Thanks to Tony for arranging – and hope to see the SFA pics of the club at the feed stop.
      The bread-pudding at the stop was some of the best I’ve tasted!

      With the big queue at the start of the event and some delayed riders Chrisses Dines, Moss and myself set out on a 3-up to the halfway feed stop.
      Cracking route – fast and mostly free of traffic – bar a couple of dodgy junctions.
      Glad to have a bigger group for the return once the late lot turned up – made for a lively ride back with a few more friendly digs and higher intensity efforts all round.

      Top day out!

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      Dave Barker

      For the San Fairy Ann Sportive the last starting Avanti group on the day comprised MartinR, HamishB, MattW, Jomo, Darren and yours truly. Just warm enough for bibshorts and jerseys, off we went into the Marden countryside. Plenty of chat and through and off riding got us down to the feed stop in double quick time. We did have one or two dangerous moments with cars pulling out across our paths at junctions and Hamish being sandwiched by a slow moving caravan at one point, but we made it through safely.

      Stonking spread of cakes at the feedstop with tea, bananas and other treats meant it was tough to drag ourselves away and get going again. Could easily have spent the afternoon there chatting amongst the assembled masses of Avanti riders. After a group Avanti photo by our San Fairy Ann hosts we joined up with messrs Dines, Rodgers and Moss and kicked off on our homeward leg. Seemed longer on the way home not surprisingly with the extra loop that brought us back into Tenterden a second time, but the views and terrain were well worth the extra mileage. I have to admit I was very tempted to go back into the feed stop a second time and get more lemon drizzle cake.

      Last bit of fun for the day was MartinR trying a solo breakaway in the last couple of miles, a bold move that he made stick with the peloton bearing down on him. All great fun on the day and plenty of social.

      71.2 miles, 19.9mph average.

      A really enjoyable event and a big thank you to TonyL for organising.

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      Charles Lockwood

      A contingent from G4 put in an appearance at the SFA ride. Bit of a dodgy build up as Chris managed to leave his helmet and glasses on the platform at Orpington Station. Fortunately a very helpful ticket collector on our train phoned Orpington and arranged for them to pop it on the next train to Marden. However………….all his good work was nearly undone by a less than helpful guard on the next train. Seems he had a hissy fit and was just about to dump said helmet into lost property. Fortunately a couple of Avanti riders making their way to Marden (sorry didn’t get your names) overheard the commotion and pleaded for the helmet to carry on its journey. It arrived safe and sound and Chris could ride.

      Anyway, the 3 of us (Sandra, Chris and me) started off ahead of the rest of Avanti but as you’d guess this didn’t last long and we were passed, at speed, by two separate trains. Bit of a reality check as we thought we were doing well! We arrived at the food stop with an average of 15mph which we were pleased with. I agree with Tony that the cakes at the stop were good. Our particular favourite was the lemon drizzle.

      The distance of 70 miles is a bit further that we’re used to and this took its toll on the second leg when I ran out of gas and was dragged home by Chris and Sandra who did all the work on the front. Thank you.

      A really enjoyable event. Nice route that was well signed. Looking forward to doing it again next year.

      Final numbers were 71 miles at 14.5.

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      Tony Le Vey

      San Fairy Ann Sportive: GSA had thirty or so participants, broken up into various groupetto courtesy of the three minute starting gaps. I tagged along with Ashley and Colin Pearson, Claire Watson and Rob Grunfeld, Simon Clarke, Alan Else and Paul Allen. Setting off with us, but soon disappearing up the road were messrs. Moss, Dines and Rodgers… The pace was high from the start, with some strong engines on the front (Rob G, Colin P and Simon C) and the drink stop at Tenterden (next to a massive funfair) was reached in 19’s. A great selection of cakes was laid on here (very good bread pudding)… The pace did not abate after that (Richard Liston and Alistair Drysdale joined us along the way…), so much so that the banana I picked up at the food stop stayed in the pocket all the way to the finish… no time to peel that…

      After a loop down through Stone in Oxney, Appledore and Woodchurch, we arrived back at Tenterden, where the traffic caused some confusion – I thought I had missed the group’s departure and set off down the road hoping for a chance to get back in (at a red traffic light / junction). Turns out I was in front and was mercilessly hunted down by the pack on the leg through Cranbrook and Goudhurst, but managed to stay on board to the finish.

      On what was not the warmest of May days, I recorded 71.1 miles at 18.6mph with 3,300 ft of lumps… from the results it looks as if a lot of people did around these times…. chapeau to all! Thanks to my group for the great company and relentless pace! Really good to see so many Avanti out there for this great little event…

      Special mention to Rob G and Claire W who decided to ride down to the start and back again, making it a 129 mile epic.
      In amongst all that, Claire also picked up the QOM award for the sportive – Chapeau!

      Link to the results:

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      Bill Fitzgerald

      G2 Sunday ride
      With most of G2 riding Monday’s sportive three of us being Richard Bingham, Nolan Wilkens and I took in our ever popular Tulley’s farm circuit. It was a case of be careful what you ask for, as my published fast ride was exactly what we got straight off up Cudham Lane. With lungs trying to warm up I hung onto the guys wheels and finally warmed up before we reached Tandridge.
      From then on with 3 of us working well we reached Tulleys in about 1hr 25 mins.
      With a quick coffee and cake stop we returned in the same formation and equal pushing on the front.
      Meeting Simon Vaughan at the Ide Hill cafe carpark we descended to RiverHill and up Polhill and a final push along the A22.
      Great work guys, awesome efforts.

      My ride – 60 miles – 3hrs 10mins – ave 18.8mph.

      Cheers Bill.

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      G4 with a loop was all that was promised. However at The Plough Inn I jokingly promised the group of 7 riders more than a sweety when we undertook the LOOP. As we descended down the long hill past Ightham Moat we were engulfed by 70 tractors going on a 2 hour tour in the lanes of Kent. Mesmerized, we past perhaps up to 30 modern and ancient farm vehicles well driven by farmers, some with families in trailers, all headind to their destination into a very large farm. We bid them farewell and progressed to Hadlow via Claygate and Golden Green thanks to Dave in black taking up the reins as we trod old routes to the College Cafe. After our refreshments we took the usual route home via Plaxtol, Wilderness, Batten Ball, Dunton Green and finally Polhill, where we split into two groups to lessen the danger ascending the climb. 45 Miles, 13.3mph, over 3,000 ft of climbing. (I snapped/broke the 16 tooth rear cassette cog pushing so much power through the pedals. Ha Ha !) Anyone experienced this problem before ?

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      Bill Fitzgerald

      Please post reviews of your rides.

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