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    Michael Coulton

    My turn to lead G3 this week , after a big hug from Dave B at the G saying how pleased he was with the lady’s T shirt I had supplied him ( a good start to my joint kit managers role ) will sort out soon Dave!
    There were eight riders for G3 Simon P, Claire C, Alan E, Ian S, Tony Lv, Aide C, Toby B and myself. As we headed of towards Pratts bottom there seemed to be a new crater in the road what was shouted out but Simon unfortunately hit and punctured. So an early stop for repair, G4 waved past. Off again on what seemed a fairly tough ride into the strong headwinds from the east and dodging the small lakes in the lanes. After stopping for fuel at Horley we started the ride home with a nice tailwind, which im sure soon turned on us half way back. Alan and Toby turned early Ian didn’t fancy Hogtrough so went up Pollhill.As the remaining 5 started the climb up Hogtrough im sure my legs shouted ” whos idea was this! Mine i replied so shut up and get on with it! Once we were at the top it seemed worthwhile, then a nice run down to Rushmore for a final decent and back to the G.
    54 miles 15.5 av 2600 climbs
    Thanks to everyone for a great ride.

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      Claire Clarke

      Thanks Mick, good ride and company, and we all made it up Hogtrough, despite the moans!

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      Tony Le Vey

      Thanks for leading this one Mick. Good company, a nicely paced ride and a great custard tart at the Horley café…then Hogtrough! Managed to get my heart rate up to 178 on that little gem… must work on my fitness (i.e. lose the ‘winter timber’).

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      Simon Parker

      Great ride Mick – not sure how many friends you had left after Hogtrough!!

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    G4 to Hadlow College Tea rooms did not disappoint. 11 starters, Jenny & Rita turned to an alternative ride as they were feeling the pace.Again the climbing was the same pace as the flat, culminating in a series of stop and goes which were unusual. However this did help Lee Powell to make contact at the cafe, to join us for ” elevenses” With this early start we headed home in fine style,Lee heading the Plaxtol climb (due to his car parked not far away) We therefoe were not stretched out at “Piddlers Gate” allowing yours truly to nip the sprint. Dave in Black took to Polhill (urget lunch appointment) Rosemary did the same, the remainder followed Denis to the Maypole drag, where again some a——e had dumped fence panels and concrete posts under the bridge. We regrouped at the top (I was last) before dividing at The Five Bells to our individual homes. 43miles.

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    Johnnie Owen

    What a fabulous day. Smashing crowd of riders from Avanti meant there were plenty of bodies to shelter behind. Big news…. Dave Bsrker went on the front for 220m and looked no worse for it. Marek ‘I’ve hardly done any riding’ Sasura broke away up Sundridge Hill only to be caught again (due to a wrong turn) in Penshurst. Love to know Mareks W/kg……

    All was going quite well for me until my rear gear cable exploded in the casing. Thankfully it happened just before the coffee stop – so with help from Numbers Grunfeld taking my screws to the limit, he managed to get me off the smallest cog.

    Deciding that I may hold others up during the remaining climbs I set off early with Yvona who herself was feeling a little jaded too.

    Nursing each other along we eventually got to Otford where I waved goodbye, had a hot shower whilst the rest sweated up Star Hill.

    Kudos to Sydenham for organising a great event and thanks to all for a thoroughly enjoyable day.

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    Hamish Brown

    Nice to see the crossers out today too, return of the old skool…
    Ate my body weight in cake afterwards.

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    Steve Rodgers

    Big turnout for G2 at the Sydneham Wheelers Reliability Trial this morning.
    Great value for a tenner – food and drink at the base in Knocklholt and again at the halfway point near Yalding in Hunton.
    Great to see some face out that I haven’t seen in a while – not that I’ve been out a lot lately either.

    Roll-call that I remember:
    Richard B, Gary, Marek, Jo, Russ, Simon C, Hamish, Dave B, Yvona, Rob, Sam, Johnny O, Bill…
    I think that was everyone – sorry if I missed anyone.

    We had a few tos and fros with the group as we had some following the GPX route provided by the organisers online – which didn’t quite match up to the route they described at HQ.
    Nevertheless a fun day out.
    110km at just shy of 27km/h 1400m climbing – hillier than it looks.

    Amazement of the day – picture attached – was an exploding outer gear cable on J2O’s bike.
    Mustn’t have seen any WD40/GT45 all winter.

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